RUSTIC BOHEMIAN PICNIC WEDDING | A Veritable Where’s Waldo for Cat Lovers! Plus, Muscle-Bound Bambino. | By Love Light Images

Happy Friday eeeeeeeeevuhningk, munchkinos!  Before you start reading i just wanna make sure I note here that things got really out of hand in this post and I apologize.  I think the no heat/no hot water situation forced my body into survival mode and resources that are typically so in abundance, instead became luxuries.  Like for example, a sufficient quantity of blood, getting pumped like clockwork into my brain.  Ok WE BEGIN, armed with that knowledge.

So how’d your day go?  Very well, I hope?  Ohh what’s that [undetermined number of people reading who identify with this statement about workplaces]?  Wait… was it–did it not go so well, your day?  Did your boss catch you staring at a wedding blog/his ass/her ass/your own ass/a magazine/Ryan Gosling’s ass/french bulldogs/your nails/the floor?  I’m very sorry to hear that.  Now, take your answer, and apply: *I have not had any hot water or heat since last night* and then tell me what your answer is.  Ahh but I complain, I complain.  But I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t.   I don’t make the big bucks just to sit here and complain (… well, at least excessively so).

So I’ll just tell you through my dog.

You see that cuddles snake?  Bambino usually violently swINNNGS its body around with only the tight, tight, tight tight tight grip of his adorable teeth which can kill.  He finds immense joy in sending it 6 feet under every day.

Ohhh but not today.

For TODAY, we had no heat or hot water.  So you know what Bambo did?

Bambo – as if about to swaddle him, Rhi – delicately carried the snake’s lifeless carcass over to the WALL-TO-WALL-HEATING-VENT-THAT-IS-SO-HIDEOUS-AND-I-HATE-BECAUSE-IT-RUINS-EVERY-PHOTO-I-TAKE-OF-THINGS-ON-THE-FLOOR and proceeded to snuggle his face into the balled up snake’s body, which was pushed rightupagainst the not functioning heating vent.  And what happened next?

Bambino slept snuggled, face first, into the warmth of what until today we’ve all referred to only as….

a cold-blooded reptile.  And that is the story of the snake who had a heart.

*This was a liberal adaptation of the concept of Beauty and the Beast, the commercials for which I’ve been seeing lately on ma television.  So, let it be a lesson to us all: Don’t trust snakes, even if their warmth is enticing and tells you you’re beautiful and it needs a place to stay.  And don’t trust gargantuan animal beasts who blindfold you and ask you to trust and follow them to a different location. 

Hello and welcome to the legitimate beginning of this blog post.  We have a lovely wedding to share with you today, which was submitted my Marisa, of the fantastic Love Light Images.  She’s the bomb diggity and it ain’t no lie.  Enjoy!  And count the cats if you want to be prepared for Question numero dos at the bottom!

Sorry.  I just saw his face, and this is a bridal blog… and… Princess Bride references aren’t exactly a long way off ever, in my mind.

Why do all these cats looks angry?  I don’t have cats; is that just like, a cat thing?  Along with eye-clawing and cheezburger-hasing?

Here’s the lovely rundown from our beautiful bride:

Our Bohemian Picnic wedding was a day dedicated to LOVE. So, what’s behind the wedding theme you ask? Some of the most wonderful days Jason and I have spent together include Sundays picnicking in the park. We’ve always found that picnicking in the park allows us to connect with each other and appreciate how truly beautiful life is. We wanted to create that for our wedding day too! That’s how we chose our theme: Bohemian Picnic.

Since Jason and I met while we were students at Cal Poly, in San Luis Obispo, we decided that we would get married in San Luis Obispo. My mother, Pam, helped us all along the way planning the wedding. Her involvement started with scheduling us appointments for San Luis Obispo venues. When we arrived at the See Canyon Fruit Ranch, we were engulfed by the most beautiful trees. It just felt like the right place for us. After helping us select the venue, Pam put her green thumbs to work creating beautiful succulent garden centerpieces for the tables. She also surprised us with homemade colorful banners that brought even more energy to the already beautiful venue. Jason’s mother, Kim, created my unique and fun up-do that I loved! Jason’s father, Mack, and mother, Kim, also made a delicious rehearsal dinner that fueled the family and wedding party for the next day. My parents, Pam and Jeff, had wedding guests over to their home after the wedding for a post-wedding party.

My creative and artistic then fiancé, now husband, Jason also made simple, yet lovely invitations. Most importantly, Jason made sure that everyone knew that a Soul Train Line would be following the ceremony by putting that information in the invitation.

Since we love to dance so much, having good music was important to us. Jason chose all the songs for the wedding (with a little help from me). So, every song had special meaning to us. I walked down the aisle to “Marry Me” by Train and every time I’ve heard the song since, the tears start to roll. That song will always remind me of being filled with love, feeling supported, and feeling incredibly excited about getting to live each day with Jason in my life. Both Jason and I were so lucky to have our grandparents attending the wedding. My Uncle Clarke and Aunt Carole, who are in their 80s, were even rocking it on the dance floor. We had so much fun dancing at the reception! Our amazing friend, Scott, kept the music flowing like a pro. Our photographer, Marisa, at Love Light Images, captured the emotions of the day with her artistic eye and got some great dancing shots too!

Our dear friend, Wendy Lucas, served as our Officiant. Her kindness and generosity of spirit made our ceremony even more wonderful than anything we had envisioned. Becca and Rachel, Wendy’s daughters, greeted everyone before the ceremony. Our friend Charlie did an amazing job of keeping the energy and excitement flowing as our wedding day emcee. Our siblings and wedding party were so supportive, just pitching in everywhere with odds and ends without even being asked.

Mama’s Meatball provided a beautiful and delicious picnic dinner. Our friend, Janice’s cake delighted our taste buds. Lara at Harbor Floral not only created gorgeous flower arrangements but also did a wonderful job coordinating our wedding day. And lastly, my bridesmaid’s jewelry were all custom hand made by a friend from Song in the Stone.

And now, your Friday Fix of A Day in the Life of Bambino McPuppyPants…

“Hey so you like how I look like this, right Mom?”

“Ok, well, I uhhh, I mean I was thinking — ya know, maybe my all-nakey all the time look is kinda getting a little, I dunno, a little stale maybe?

Well…….. how d’ya like me now?

As, Bambino “EVEN MY GUNS HAVE GUNS” McPupson (I had to change my last name, Mom, you screwed me in that department.  How’m I s’posed to get b!tches with a last name like that?!”  Huh?!  You tell me.)

By the way I know I look a little shy and like I’m totally hating it, but that’s because someone’s got a treat over to my right and I cannot. take. my silly little eye off of it.  Off of that treat.  No matter how much Mommy begs me in photo after photo.  

No no no wait, what?  What’d you say?  You don’t–

aww MAAAAHHHHHHMMMMM, YOU DON’T LIKE MY MUSCLE TEE?!?!!!!  WHUUUUT?!!  How you gonna be like that, you know these are my awkward years.  Wait where are the tissues I’m gonna cry.

… and he proceeded to cry Icky.  Slimy.  Little.  Strings.  of eye boogies.  all over our sheets.

So, my dears, would delight in hearing your response to any or none of the following….

1) Have I truly lost my mind at this point? with the Bambino stories-in-pictures?

2) How many cats are there in this wedding?  No seriously.  (Not in like the processional; just all over the grounds and stuff.)  (Also this is a fake question unless you like indulging/playing along with me.)

3) Do you love succulents involved in weddings as much as I do?

4) Are you proud of me for posting today despite our total lack of heat/hot water, about which I needed to call our management company 40+ times to even get someone to work on it, and they finally told me it turned out they ran out of oil like silly billies, and everything didn’t get restored until just over an hour ago?

5) You can ignore question 4.  I just needed to VENT.

6) Do you love me as much as I love you?  Don’t know if that’s possible, fyi.

xoxo!  - Alison

Photography: Love Light Images / Submitted via Two Bright Lights / Caterer: Mama’s Meatball Catering / Floral Designer: Harbor Floral / Ceremony and Reception Venue: See Canyon Fruit Ranch / Cake Designer: Creating Designs / Jewelry Design: Song in the Stone / Cinematography: Gregg Cobarr

Label(s): Mr. McPuppyPants, {Real Weddings}

Love all of this...


  1. Rhiannon Nicole {Hey Gorg} on January 6, 2012


    1) Yes. Cats always have that smug look on their faces. Luckily for myself, as a cat owner, it can mean a variety of different things. Like “Mom I love you” or “Mom I just farted” Yes. Cats fart. Who knew.

    2) What type of material do you use to swaddle Bambino?

    3) That bout makes me happy.

    4) You make me happy.

  2. Casey on January 6, 2012

    Here’s a comment to stave off pre-shark week tears!! What a crappy day without heat, I feel ya. Also, I really like this wedding – I love when flowers look like freshly picked wildflowers. But then again, I rarely meet a wedding described as “rustic” that I don’t love!!

  3. Courtney Dellafiora on January 6, 2012

    This is a beautiful wedding!!! Love it

  4. Bambo the Rambo! Love his muscle tee. As for the wedding, I love the rustic chicness, but those cats are creepy!

  5. chandra ~ Oh Lovely Day on January 6, 2012

    OMG the kittehs! Love me some kittehs. We used to have one, but my husband is allergic, so after my sweet kitteh died he refuses to get another. Something about how he doesn’t want to take allergy medicine every single day. Whatevs. I even more love the kitteh/princess bride reference. Add the mention of Gosling and it is like you wrote this post just for me :)

    Also love this wedding. Seriously gorg! Like, SERIOUSLY. Love succulents, love yellow, love the rustic vintage DIY chicness that is this wedding.

    And sorry bout your luck with the no heat biz. That’s some BS. I think someone (I would if I knew how) needs to knit Bam a sweater and some leg warmers!

  6. Kristina Juarbe on January 6, 2012

    Beautiful wedding and pictures! Love it. And the How do you like me now picture literally made me lol .

  7. Maire on January 6, 2012

    The Princess Bride reference made my day. No, my weekend. It was as fabulously placed as the featured wedding was splendid.

  8. Koru Kate {Koru Wedding} on January 6, 2012

    I love pretty kittens & cute puppies & beautiful weddings- the combo is perfection. It might be my fav post ever if not for the little detail of your no-heat situation. Sending you warm thoughts~

  9. Lena on January 7, 2012

    Not only do I love this post, I lurrrrrv Rhi’s comment. It’s all so good, but not quite as good as all those creepin’ gatos. Or Bambs in a muscle tee. I hope you’ve got a very talented doggie therapist in the wings thought, because obviously curling up with the snake in front of the heating vent is a red flag.

    Or you could send him to live with me! I’m a licensed doggie therapist, didn’t you know?!

  10. Love these kitty pictures!! This is so weird because instead of doing pour regular boudoir photos for our blog we did an awesome cat blog with our three Pixie Bob cats! If you have never seen a Pixie please come see ours, they are some of the strangest acting cats I have ever known, and they are so beautiful, (at least I think so, their my babies!) You can see them here taken in my studio in Washington state:

  11. Sofia {Brancoprata} on January 9, 2012

    Such a beautiful wedding!! I particularly love the color scheme! But i have to say may favorite part of this post is that puppy of yours!!! ;)

  12. beautiful photos, greta coliurs and light

  13. Libby on January 9, 2012

    I counted six cats!

  14. Kelly on January 10, 2012

    Woooooo!!! So cuteeeeeeee Bambino!! Love you love you!!!!!!!!!Cuteeeeee! And love this post!!!! Beautiful wedding!!I love the vibrant yellow theme!!!So shine!!!:D

  15. Wedding Entrance Songs on January 10, 2012

    What amazing photographs – I love how the wedding was rustic yet SO chic! The splashes of yellow throughout the wedding gave such a freshness to it all and I just loved the cats! hehe Thank you for sharing with us all.

    Webmaster of Wedding Entrance Songs

  16. Ann on January 17, 2012

    Well it certainly made us happy to see your shout-out today!

  17. Tim Duncan on January 18, 2012

    Beautiful wedding photos! :)

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