The Five-Year Engagement + $1000 Gift Card! | Also, what’s your engagement story?

Happy Thursday, party people.  Ok everybody, real quick: put your hands in the air if you’re engaged to be married, were engaged at one time and have since gotten married, plan on someday getting engaged, or at least know a best friend, acquaintance or frenemy who knows someone who knows the guy at the bike shop whose friend from college just proposed to his girlfriend.

K, I totally saw the vast majority of you put your hands up just now.  AWESOME!  You’re gonna like this post, I can feel it.  Oh and hopefully you like the chance to win a $1000 gift card, too?  YEAH?  Ok, this is going very well.

Now you guys, I truly love hearing couples’ engagement stories.  You could go on forever about how you met your sweetheart and got engaged and I would probably start trying to escape only after like, the *third* hour of you talking about it.  That’s REAL INTEREST!  And I love them all; the simple ones, the long-planned ones, the so-quick-they-seem-spontaneous ones, and even televised ones on occasion.  Somehow, they all manage to be so unique from each other.  Each one is one of a kind, and that’s what makes it so special, isn’t it?  Oh, and there’s the two-people-committing-to-a-life-together part, too.  That is also special. ;)

But here’s where it gets weird; people tend to have an *interesting* reaction to engagements that they perceive as having gone on too long, no matter the reasons or choices going on in that couple’s personal relationship.  Society has made it a touchy subject, but the truth is, it happens more often than we think.  Honey and I have actually been engaged for a while, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that – and I find that I keep trying to get my butt in gear to get the planning going, since we both know roughly what we want in our nuptials, but then not surprisingly, life and work TOTALLY get in the way.  It’s a vicious cycle of having no time!  But the thing is, I know we’re not alone.  You know what else I know?  I know that it’s always a good idea to see other people experiencing something similar, especially when it’s in movie-form!  Which is why, when Universal Pictures contacted me about their new comedy The Five-Year Engagement, which hits theaters on April 27, I was like LET’S DO THIS.

You guys, I am seriously overflowing with excitement and toddler-like patience to see this movie already, I must tell you.  April 27 can’t come soon enough.  Did you know the director and writer/star of the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall + the producer of Bridesmaids = WHO/WHAT’S BEHIND THIS MOVIE?  So seriously, is it my birthday?  Because that’s essentially what I’ve wished for, for the past couple of birthdays, in addition to more french bulldogs and pajama jeans.  Y’see, it’s not every day a movie like this comes out, that’s so guaranteed actually to be funny.  For one, we’ve got the comedy stylings of one Jason Segel, then we’ve got the hot’n'funny Emily Blunt, we’ve got an engagement that defies the space-time continuum in its persistence (I don’t even know what that means), we’ve got something mutually pleasing for you and your behbeh to do on date night, AND we’ve got a $1000 gift card OH RIGHT THE GIFT CARD I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!  Just kidding.  It is impossible to forget a prize this furiously amazing…

The Five-Year Engagement Save the Date Sweepstakes 

So, to celebrate the release of The Five-Year Engagement, Universal Pictures has joined with just over a handful of wedding bloggers to give away a crrraaaazy amount of $$$$ in the form of that Amazon gift card.  I know, niiiiiiiiiiice.

Here’s the lowdown on how to enter the giveaway!

The journey between popping the question and tying the knot doesn’t always go as planned, and Tom and Violet are no exception to the rule.  They’ve sent out 10 Save the Dates over the past 5 years – 10!! – here’s hoping that #10 is the last one!  To enter their Save the Date sweepstakes, make sure you head over to their Facebook page and visit each of my fellow bridal blogs featured on that page.  Each of our blog posts highlight one of the adorable Save the Dates Tom and Violet sent out between 2008 and 2012.  Simply collect any 4 dates (as shown on the Save the Dates on this and any other participating blogs identified below) and enter those dates into the sweepstakes page for a chance to win that $1000 gift card!  No seriously, it’s that easy.

FYI, The Knotty Bride’s bringing up the caboose on this sweepstakes.  Below you’ll find all the blogs who shared various other Save the Dates earlier in the week before we kicked out the final one here on TKB!

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Ok friendlies, best wishes that it’s one of you who wins that amazing prize!  And then you can make it rain allll over  And then after you win, we can all go see the movie when it comes out April 27 and just gossip the crap out of it for tickles and giggles afterwards!  That actually sounds like a GREAT IDEA.  But anyway…

On another note, if you’re down with sharing it, I’m curious to know… what’s your engagement story?  Remember, I love hearing about all of them, from the outrageous and well-planned, to the short and sweet.  I’d really love to hear your stories, especially after I kinda awkwardly came clean about the fact that Honey and I have been engaged for like, EVER.  Kinda embarrassing, in a way.  Bleh.

xoxo!  - Alison

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  1. Cris on April 12, 2012

    OMG. Seriously – ours is SO bad and SO unromantic and SO unworksafe. I have to post a link (really, it involves middle-aged foreplay):

    P.S. Thanks for the chance to win! Love your dirty tweets!

  2. Katie on April 12, 2012

    Life too short to be rushing through it! I think you have to enjoy each phase of life as much as humanly possible. Because you can’t go back! So I fully support long engagements, why not!?! I know being engaged for some reason feels like you are in limbo but shouldn’t it be one of the better times in life? You got it in the bag, no worries about if he’s the one or not, but still new and exciting? You get to be married forever (literally!), what’s the hurry!
    All of this from someone who is ready to just do this wedding business already!!! Sounds like I should take my own advice………meh :)
    Love your blog Alison!

  3. Lena on April 12, 2012

    This is adorable. And painfully appropriate in my life right now. I think John’s mom calls once a week to ask if we’ve decided to get married yet. For real. We’re in no rush, but it seems like everyone else is…

  4. Leah on April 12, 2012

    I have to agree with you; this is definitely a movie that I can relate to. I got engaged back in December 2010 & we still have a ways to go. We both have chosen to finish school and agree that earning our Master’s degrees will be worth it in the end. I get so tired of people asking me when is the date & people making snide comments about us waiting so long. So what if it’s a four year engagement? We’re both happy & enjoying this time in our lives. When he proposed, it was perfect. We were in NYC for Christmas. I finally got a chance to check off a few things off my bucket list. He proposed in front the Rockefeller Christmas tree (we’re such tourists, oh well) & we got pictures of the whole thing. It was the perfect ring, the perfect time, and the perfect setting for us. When I am finally saying I do, I’ll cherish it that much more. So kudos to you for being engaged for a while. Glad I’m not the only one!!

  5. Rachel on April 12, 2012

    There’s something about you Alison that makes me want to share everything with you! Let me start by saying theres a good chance I wouldn’t go through with the marriage is Jason segel said he would have me :) Okay, gian (pronounced John!) and I have been together for almost five years and our daughter will be two next week (yes, we’ve had pre-marital coitis :)) so we don’t get out much anymore! I play volleyball every Wednesday and he ALWAYS comes to watch my games but said he couldn’t make it the one night because out dog Dulcinea had a vet appointment at 7pm…yes, I now realize I should have questioned her having an appt that late! I call him on my way home from my game and he doesn’t answer. This actually pisses me off because we hadn’t eaten all day and I thought I was going to bring food home!! I walk in my kitchen door, mumbling about things of no importance, and the notice my house is pretty much pitch black and he is not responding to me. I turn around and I see candles, roses and rose petals going from the kitchen, into the living room and surrounding the rug. I look up and see my sweet handsome man standing in front of the christmas tree all dapper in a full suit and tie. As I approached him I noticed he had quando, quando, quando playing (which is my favorite Michael buble song–I’m obsessed) and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was simple, sweet and beautiful. We then popped a bottle of champagne and I called everyone I’ve ever met! I feel like that took my three hours to type, so I hope you didn’t lose interest halfway through!!

  6. Melissa on April 12, 2012

    My fiance proposed while we were swimming in the ocean in Costa Rica! It was unique and romantic and definitely his style. I’m just glad we didn’t lose the ring in the water… it was about three sizes too big for my finger! Ha!

  7. Charlotte Boudoir on April 15, 2012

    What a great giveaway! I can’t wait to see the movie! We are having a bunch of girls go together to see it – most are engaged or on the way to being a knottie.

  8. Rachel on April 15, 2012

    First of all, I just need to tell you that this is my favorite wedding blog EVER. Ever. Ever. And now I think I’ve fallen in love with you even more. My fiance and I got engaged way back in April of 2010. We’re actually celebrating our “engagementversary” by seeing a screening of The Five Year Engagement on Tuesday and I CANNOT wait. When I saw the first preview I was like, “Love, they made a movie about us!” Alison (and the other brides-to-be that have commented!), thank you so much for revealing you and your fiance have been engaged for awhile too! The outside pressure definitely doesn’t make it easy, and I often feel like my fiance and I are the first people in the world to have such a long engagement. We have a handful of reasons we’re waiting and there comes a point where I can’t take people asking me, “have you set a date yet?!” Trust me people, when we have, you’ll know! Despite the annoyance a long engagement can bring, it still can’t take away how sweet his proposal was! He proposed to me on a lovely spring day while we were having a little picnic at one of my favorite parks. He made a mix CD and had a little book that went along with it and he said it was the soundtrack to my relationship. The last song was about a soldier dying in battle (sad, I know, but wait for it), and how he’s happy that he at least got the chance to marry the love of his life…and then my fiance said some sweet little thing that I don’t remember because I was crying and he popped the question.

  9. Brittney on April 18, 2012

    Well ya know I am going to step out of the box a little here. I got engaged April 1 of this year and we are planning the wedding for July 20, 2013. I am beyond excited. We have a complicated story, he dated his ex for 3 1/2 years I was a mess when we met, we only dated for 6 months officially when we got engaged less than a month ago. We just knew and we are still in college. He will graduate next year and I will graduate in May 2014. I know it’s crazy, but I want to take his last name asap. We are young and want to be together now. It is the most amazing feeling I have ever had, he is my best friend, and we just want to be together as soon as possible. I wish I could say I want to wait until after I graduate and pay some college debt off but I don’t! It’s crazy, but we are going to do it :) As for the proposal… he practically drug me out of his house for a “walk” that turned into a trip to a beautiful flower garden where he was down on his knee in front of tons of people. Simple, sweet, and perfect. We are so excited! I respect long engagements… I don’t really respect super short ones! But I do understand the feeling of wanting to be with someone as soon as possible, especially where we are not living together now and not living in the same town, makes it easier for us to want to be official for those things to happen!

    • chantel on November 24, 2012

      ok brit whateva u say………….

  10. Tucson Wedding Photographer on December 13, 2012

    I can’t wait to see this movie!


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