Create Your Own Chic Wedding App with Appy Couple + Free Code for TKB Readers!

I had waaay too much fun putting that graphic together.  Sometimes I get carried away, you know me.  But that Bambino *ecofriendlyness badge of honor* up there?  I think I may I keep that one, for the future.

So, random story — Honey and I were on the phone earlier because he needed to know my social security number so, naturally, I asked him if he was being held at gunpoint, like all responsible identity-theft-paranoid people do.  He said we should think of a *safe word* for if that ever actually happens to one of us one day.  So after a couple seconds he said, “I got it: Wiss-can-zin.”

You guys… I was totally thinking “Minnuh-soootah.”  How weird is that?!!  What are the chances!?!

Ok, so you know what’s even weirder than THAT?  Just HOW MUCH you may not realize you need this wedding app I’m featuring today.  BING BANG BOOM SEGUE SKILLZ IN EFFECT.

The app’s name is Appy Couple, and it’s pretty much the perfect name for it because no joke, a happy couple it makes of you and your future Mr. or Mrs.  I am being completely serious you guys; this app has some of the best, coolest and most useful qualities you could imagine, if you were imagining what qualities and capabilities would be the most awesome to roll into an app made for a couple currently planning and/or about to celebrate their wedding.

Let’s start with possibly the coolest part, actually.  As a gift, we are giving away Appy Couple to TKB readers fo’ freeeeeeeeeee!  (There is a limited quantities of free signups, so you might want to get over there with the quickness and make sure you get yours.)  Just go to Appy Couple (<– click the link), and after you’ve chosen your design and saved it, enter the code KBSP1 and you’ll get Appy Couple free.  Not to mention, a free coordinating wedding website!  Wheeee!  I just love it when we get to give things away!  Especially cool things that are essential to keeping things streamlined during the sometimes (read: very often if not constantly) insane process of planning a wedding!

So, what makes a (wedding) app actually worth getting?  It’s a question I certainly ask myself every time I consider getting an app.  So here’s how it’s answered:

Appy Couple is the first truly easy AND stylish way to create and publish your own mobile wedding app to share with friends, family and guests.  And my very own favorite aspect is the fact that you can create and publish a completely personalized version for your wedding.  You’re bound to find something that reflects your wedding theme and style because there are just SO MANY designs from which you have to choose!

Cool, right?   Here’s just one of so many different paths you can take with your design (and fyi, this screenshot below is not even close to all the options you’ll have):

If you ask me, choice in design is pretty key to an app maintaining my interest.

Check out just a handful of different ways you can design it:

Here’s a quick list of just some of the things this easy-to-download little app can handle:

  • you can share your engagement photos, and keep track of other’s photos!
  • you can share event deets like travel info, hotels, your color palette, theme, etc!
  • you can private message with people invited!
  • you can run custom polls about pretty much anything <– how rad!
  • you can share links to your registry with ease!

Those of your guests who have smart phones will totally appreciate being able to upload their own photos in real-time, and right from their phones.  Not to mention they’ll be able to map their way to your wedding on the go.  AND you can save paper and stamps by RSVP-ing right in the app.  I love that.  If you’re into keeping things super green and don’t hate the idea of actually *being able* to keep proper track of which guests are going to come or not, that is.  ;)  The app can also share info regarding your chosen dress code, so no one shows up in rustic garb when they should have dressed formal, and vice versa and all other scenarios.  I was making a little joke there but actually that’s totally a legit concern I’m realizing, so I’m thinking this app’s a serious godsend!

Oh, and for the guests who don’t have smart phones?  You get a free, coordinating wedding website, as well as emails you can use to invite people to join your app, and to send out your save-the-dates, if you so choose.

Best thing ever, overall?  The fact that you won’t have to hike the full extent of the internet to track down guests’ photos from your wedding, because you’ll have them in your Appy Couple app and on your website.  (<–This is HUGE, people.)

I’m always on my phone, like always.  And I have a feeling most of your guests are, too.  DOY, this is 2012 we’re walking around in.  My parents are among the last people on Earth not to have smart phones yet.  (They’re resisting it but I can tell they are dying for their own; I’m *this close* to breaking them down and just showering them in a flurry of iPads and iPods and iPhones and iThis and iThats.)  So, for people not in the stone age, it just seems perfect to give your guests access to all the information they need and want about your wedding, right where they’ll be able to see it anytime they want (and in the most stylish way you can deliver it with an app).

So tell me, are you as impressed by this app as I am?  And of course don’t forget that Appy Couple is giving TKB readers the chance to get the app for free, plus a free matching website!  Again, limited quantities, so I think you should go there like right now.  I’m not even kidding.  (Reminder of how to get your freebie: after you’ve created your design over at Appy Couple, use code KBSP1 after you’ve created an account and voila!  Totes free.  How bomb is that!

Hope you enjoy it thoroughly, you guys. :)

xoxo  - Alison

P.S. – That pic up there is just too small.  Here’s the original:

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Love all of this...


  1. Amanda on May 3, 2012

    First off, I saw the appycouple app on the wonderful Pinterest and loved it so this is an amazing Thursday night gift, thank you!! Also, I love that your SSN “safe word” is wiss-can-zin…because that is my lovely home state :)
    Thanks again for the appycouple promo!

  2. francine on May 4, 2012

    how fun!!! i just signed up for appy couple!! so now i have exactly one thing done for my wedding that’s maybe in three months (or maybe five, lol)

  3. Dina on May 4, 2012

    I love this! It’s like the perfect app for weddings in every way. And anything Bambino-approved is undoubtedly something i want, haha :)

  4. Kelli on May 4, 2012

    You had me at ” keep track of other’s photos!” and on the go mapping. I was not not not looking forward to bugging people to send me their pictures or having people bug me DAY OF MY WEDDING for directions!! This is perfection. THANK YOU for telling us about this!

  5. nora on May 8, 2012


  6. Thirty Three and a Third on May 8, 2012

    wow!! what app is perfectly amazing!

  7. Andrew Cresswell on May 9, 2012

    What a great app, must tell all my brides about this – THANK YOU :)

  8. Carmen on May 9, 2012

    Darn! Just tried to use the code and it said it was expired or invalid. :(

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