Do You Like the ‘Facebook’ Gown? Plus, Jessica’s Fave Mantilla Veils, Juliet Caps and Bridal Head-Gear!

Happy Monday afternoon, babyloves!  Ok, before I share Jessica’s furious search for the perfect thingie to wear on her head when she gets married, I simply HAVE to touch on the wedding of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his longtime love, the gorgeous Dr. Priscilla Chan.  They wed on May 19th in a private backyard ceremony on his estate in Palo Alto, CA – where he lives with his now wife – and the wedding day was actually a surprise to the guests, since they thought they were attending a party to celebrate Priscilla’s graduation… 

Priscilla’s laser cut floral gown is by none other than Claire Pettibone… and you guys know how I feel about Claire Pettibone, sooo… :)  The gown is adorned with matte sequins, has a silk lining, illusion jewel neckline and signature sheer back.  (And, since I know you guys like to know what you’re dealing with… the gown is priced at $4,700.)

Anyway, I think she looks freaking SENSATIONAL.  What do you think?

Oh and by the way, Mark updated his Facebook timeline about it, naturally.  Cuteness.

K, take it away, Jess!

Hiya, Jessica here! I hope everybody had a great mother’s day last week… that is giving or receiving motherly gratitude. My mother’s day started by being kicked out of bed at 6ish a.m. by my little guy as honey-poo slept blissfully. Who, as I was geting up to use the bathroom, moved into my designated 12 inches of bed space. I then proceded to climb into my daughters bunk bed where I passed out on top of a mound of stuffed animals. I awoke with a neck that is only capable of turning 40 degrees. Yep.

Anyways……….. I’m kind of calling out for help here. Not about my lack of a decent nights sleep, but about head-gear. Bridal head-gear that is. THE CHOICES THE CHOICES!!! I’m losing it… it’s. too. much. I am a girl, after all, who loves to play dress up. And what is your wedding day if not the ultimate dress up opportunity?!?! I do not want to miss that opportunity! I had thought I wanted a long but simple mantilla veil. A modest edging of lace, something complimentary to my dress. Then I started to modify that idea with sort of a juliet cap look, kinda like this:

And then….. I started to fantasize about doing something more dramatic ala Grace Kelly or more recently Kate Moss. Maybe a full blown lace cap or a simpler net cap embellished with a halo, or crown or or or or.. ahhhhh!!!!!! I mean its your wedding day, you should go all out fantasy couture right? When am I ever going to be able to don a golden wreath of orange blossoms over a cathedral length veil and get away with it? But my dress is lace overload.. so I should keep it simple right? You see my dilema.

I’m just so goo-goo for it all. There is so much good fun head fluff out there right now it hurts my fashion bone. Here are a few of my faves, and as you can see I’m all over the place from classic to crazy. help. me.

The above and bellow are from Twigs & Honey a current obsession. And if you don’t know, now yah know   … uhhh now yah know.

A bit more understated from BHLDN and Ruche’s line.

I found the following gems on etsy by Erica Elizabeth Design. The first is my favorite, I love her delicate wax floral wreaths.. eehhh!

Now for a bit of fun.. Louis Mariette. I had the pleasure of trying on a few of their amazingly couture pieces in person and wow if your daring this is the way to go. I had poop luck trying to find good pics so instead here is Moi trying to look Vogue and a fantasy piece. Enjoy.

I bet this whole thing would be a lot easier if I could try all these goodies on with my dress, but alas I can not. I can’t even try ANY veil on with my dress because uhmm… its not “in” yet and uhmm…  its still needs a top (for those of you just joining us I ordered a strapless dress that I’m giving a victorian-esq top, indeed). So no such luck. I do have a pretty good idea what I’m doing with my hair, something perfectly messy and effortlessly chic. Something like this:

I may twist the braid up and pin it if I do a full fledged veil during the ceremony. Yah know, to keep it classy.

I will leave you with this next image as it is perfection and an awesome way to do a head piece with a simple veil.

So, thoughts please…?  not on the photo of me, you can keep those to yourself. But in general, what strikes your fancy? Have I lost my marbles? Do you feel my pain? What did you do? (Can I see pictures?)

Thank you for your time, this was therapeutic :)

xoxoxox, Jessica

(Alison here again!  Jessica is one of our fabulous Real Bride Bloggistas, and she’s planning her Fall 2012 vintage wedding.  Jessica is the coolest, and if you dig her half as much as I do, you can also check her out over at The SoupChic on Facebook.  Note: thoughts expressed in guest posts are not necessarily the opinion of The Knotty Bride.  Simply put, we encourage free speech.)

images from the top: SIBO Designs / next 4 – twigs & honey; images by Elizabeth Messina / top 2 and bottom left bhldn, bottom right ruche / next 3 – Erica Elizabeth Design on Etsy; images by Melinda Kelley & Yuna Leonard / left- me, right Louis Mariette / top right, top left east side bride / bottom left, bottom right / bottom image via vogue

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Love all of this...


  1. Libby on May 21, 2012

    I love the ‘Facebook’ dress! I just wish she was smiling a little more!
    And I love all the veils, but my favorite is that last image from Vogue. I sort of love when long veils get picked up by the wind.

  2. Maria on May 21, 2012

    I love ALL of them, but especially the juliet caps. They’re lovely beyond measure! And you’re beautiful, you can pull off that look. :)

    Good luck deciding it’s going to be tough!!

    • Alison on May 24, 2012

      I know, isn’t she beautiful? I wholeheartedly agree. Jessica YA BYOODEEFUL.

  3. Simply Peachy on May 21, 2012

    Love the one next to the Mark Zuckerberg photo. It’s just so simple yet elegant and romantic.

  4. vestido de noiva on May 21, 2012

    Very good article … I love this wedding

    • jessica on May 22, 2012


  5. gigi on May 21, 2012

    Claire Pettibone gown. Delicious.

  6. Kpoene on May 22, 2012

    Have you seen the headpieces from Violet Bells Bridal? If you like the 1920′s veil style check out their new collection, I’m dying for it.

    • jessica on May 22, 2012

      oh my … no I had not but they are lovely! This decision isn’t getting any easier, ugh.

  7. Wedding Flowers Co on May 22, 2012

    loveeee the last 2 hair do’s amazing ideas and inspiration.

  8. Caribbean Wedding Events on May 22, 2012

    Beautiful collection of head pieces…thank you for sharing!

  9. Lena on May 22, 2012

    I LURVE the “Facebook gown”–it’s drop dead gorgeous, and she looks stunning and serene. And I’m also totally smitten with ALL those gorgeous veil/head options, so I bet Jessica’s really glad she asked all of us.

    • Alison on May 24, 2012

      HAHAHHHAAHAHA ohhhh Lena, Lena you keeeel me.

  10. Sapphire Coast Weddings on May 24, 2012

    I’m a huge fan of those looking to push the boundaries as far as head pieces are concerned. While tradition is important, so is a new modern style. Great article.

  11. Suknie ślubne Kraków on May 30, 2012

    True, so pretty that hurts. The last photo is my dream wedding photo

  12. 4utea on July 5, 2012

    It is your post!

  13. Ling on July 16, 2012

    Great post! The first picture of the veil is amazing but the floral one is even prettier. Great choice with the hair. Fuss free and definitely chic!


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