‘ALISON LOVES’ SPOTLIGHT: Honeymoon Pixie = My New Favorite Registry Idea, HANDS DOWN.

Ummmm.  This thing I’m about to blog about below, is sort of exactly the kind of thing the wedding world needs.  In my humble opinion.

Well here, lemme ask YOU: what do you think you need more of… rolling pins, or a vacation?

If you say ‘rolling pins’ in the comments and you’re not someone who uses a rolling pin only once and then throws it away therefore requiring an infinite supply of rolling pins, well then I’m going to assume you’re being a devil’s advocate.  Because that’s just nonsense, and we talk *sense* here.  On The Knotty Bride.

Anyway, I’m really excited to have the opportunity to share this business with y’all today.  The name is Honeymoon Pixie, and it’s my new best friend.  Aaaaand you might wanna consider making it yours. :)

Here’s how it works: you want to go somewhere with your soon-to-be-spouse.  You do not want to pay for what you do on your trip.  So… who’s gonna pay for what you do on your trip?  Yo’ wedding guests, THAT’s who.  yayYUH!  It’s free, it takes two minutes to set yourself up, and voila — you’re well on your way to getting your dream vacation bought and paid for.  DOY.  No seriously, this is a no brainer.  Trust me.

I think it’s the perfect alternative for couples who have lived on their own, and who already have most of the household items they would be getting through a typical wedding registry setup.

Here’s my favorite part of it all: there’s a certain beauty to having your family and friends pay into a fund to send you on a vacation that’s going to be spent far, far away from any and all of them.

The fact that it’s super simple means that I give it 5 out of a total 5 possible *Even Bambino Can Do It* Stars.

The whole idea is very similar to a traditional registry, however guests purchase fun activities for you to enjoy during your honeymoon… instead of toasters.  You see how this is awesome, yes?

FYI, if you’re not quick to sign up for things you’re not too familiar with, no worries — Honeymoon Pixie consistently receives 5-Star ratings from newlyweds.  So you can trust this site.  And I really dig the convenience of their “One-Click” method.  For example, it’s “one-click” to:

  • Print announcement cards
  • Print Thank You lists
  • Send out pre-written emails
  • Implement Facebook integration
  • Upload unlimited photos
  • Select a beautiful registry theme
  • Use a Pre-built Honeymoon Gift Registry
  • Redeem your gift funds at anytime

I suggest you start pondering what YOUR dream vacation is comprised of… and if you care to, share it below!  I actually really would like some ideas, so I’m very interested in piggybacking off of your ideal getaways for inspiration.  If you’re down for that I mean.  By the way, I’m easy– I like beaches and water.  Beaches near the water, ideally, but that’s not to say I’m above sitting in a bathtub, splashing around and calling it Bali.

You guys, I’d love to know your thoughts!  Would you rock a honeymoon registry?  It’s already decided in my house.

xoxo!  - Alison

Honeymoon Pixie is member of TKB’s Vendor Love.  Learn more about Honeymoon Pixie by visiting Vendor Love.

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Love all of this...


  1. Sharon Naylor on May 24, 2012

    Yes, absolutely! Especially given all of these fabulous extra details you mention here…and guests would far rather give you an *experience* instead of a potato ricer or a duvet cover. This is brilliant…

    • Alison on May 24, 2012

      Sharon, I think that’s very true about the guests – excellent point!

  2. Brittany - the Home Ground on May 24, 2012

    My husband and I signed up for a (different) honeymoon registry in addition to our Amazon registry and we were immensely glad we did. It was ridiculously awesome! We spent our wedding day and honeymoon in Kauai, HI and couldn’t have done everything we did without the registry. Helicopter tour of the entire island? Check. Coffee & breakfast at our favorite local cafe every morning? Check. Romantic sunset cruise down the Na Pali Coast? Check!

    Seriously. Honeymoon registries are super amazing.


    • Alison on May 24, 2012

      Kauai, HI??!!!! I am in LOVE with your taste in honeymoons. Honey and I went to Maui a couple of years ago for a vacation and we very seriously considered moving there, permanently.

      We didn’t move there, but we really, really, REALLY SUPER SERIOUSLY considered it. LOVE!

  3. Marit on May 24, 2012

    Honeymoon registries are genius! We did not do one…which might be why we have been married over 6 months and have yet to take one.

    • Alison on May 24, 2012

      Yup, that’ll do it. ;) I’m like dying over how great an idea this is.

  4. I really like weddings on May 24, 2012

    All the weddings I’m attending this year have a honeymoon fund! I think it’s a great idea :)

    • Alison on May 24, 2012


      you clearly have some very smart friends :)

  5. Jessica on May 24, 2012

    this. is. great.

    … and once again my friend we are so on the same page, you just wait and see :)

  6. Kelsey on May 24, 2012

    Me and my honey are also doing a honeymoon fund and we’re very excited!!!! We have lived together for four years so we really didn’t need anything. My ONLY concern is the bridal shower. I’m sure there’s a super chic way to do it, I’ve just yet to see it done. The whole point of a shower is to be showered with gifts after all. Let me know if you come up with any ideas!

  7. Kat on May 24, 2012

    AND they just so happen to newly be part of Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book…just sayin’

  8. Melissa on May 25, 2012

    I, too, love the idea of honeymoon registries and we’re doing one through a different company. We’ll be heading to the Yucatan Peninsula! We fly into Cancun, but we aren’t the touristy, springbreakwoohoo type, so we’ll be staying in some smaller towns along the coast and venturing inland when we want a change of scenery.

  9. Lena on May 25, 2012

    There is a certain beauty to having your family and friends pay to send you on a vacation that’s going to be spent far, far away from them–and for saying it so beautifully. Hope you and Rhi have a fabulous time together–color me green with envy!

  10. chandra ~ Oh Lovely Day on May 26, 2012

    I did a honeymoon registry and LOVED it. One of the best decisions we made hands down.

  11. Christy Harper on May 29, 2012

    fun stuff!! I love the collage effect :) Thanks for sharing

  12. Love this!! Wish we would have done this when we got married. Hector and I already lived together so we were in that same situation where we already had most household items. So our registry was pretty much appliances that we didn’t have and 4 years later, hardly ever use.

  13. Chesa on June 3, 2012

    We are ToatsMcGoats doing this! And I’ve been looking into different websites, thanks for this one. After living together in sin for 5 years, we are tying the knot and in no need of more towels. A trip to Ireland is in our future. :)

  14. My Love Wedding Ring on June 15, 2012

    Such a fabulous idea and so much more memorable than some china and bed linen!!


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