3 DIY Projects Using Crafter’s Clay Letters | Table Setting, Cake Topper, Pretty Tags | By DIY Bloggista Allison!

Hey everybody, it’s me, Alison.  Happy Friday!  Ok SO!  First point of business is that there’s a GIVEAWAY, next week, right here.  So obviously be here if you like cool free stuff that’s very on trend or whatever.  

Brand new second point of business added more recently: since I’m in the business of responding to needs, somebody asked for it so I added a BambinoFACE to this post.  Scroll down for your fix.

Ok, now for the main event: howsabout another cool DIY project, eh?  Please do enjoy, while I continue working on Ye Olde Bachelorette Recap That Got Attacked By The Evils of TiVo’s Faulty Recording System, Therefore Requiring Me To Wade Through Screenshots of the Show On Los Internettados Which Is the Same as Being Shanked Repeatedly in a Prison Yard.  Also, DIY projects are hella fun and the other Allison’s back with another easy + pretty one… make that THREE. :)  Do give the gal some love.  Take it away, A!

Allison here!  This week’s crafty DIY comes from a little Martha Stewart inspiration. When I don’t have a wedding to craft for, I pursue the craft aisles to discover new products. This week I found “Crafter’s Clay”. I bought a few supplies and got to crafting.

Here is what you need:

Crafter’s Clay ($7.99 at Michael’s)

Silicon Mold ($7.99 a Michael’s)

Cards, shipping tags, etc. Any paper will do.

Stamp. ($4.95 from Paper Source)

Step one is to decide what you want to make. I started with a small eat sign that is perfect for a place setting. I put the crafter’s clay in the mold and let it dry.

Once the letters dry (wait at least a few hours) the fun starts. You can paint, them, arrange them, and do just about anything you want with these letters. Here is a photo of me playing around with a few different ideas, including painting the letters (which I wasn’t good at!)

I glued the letters at the bottom and stamped my handy silverware set on the top. Tie them to the silverware and you have yourself an awesome place setting piece!

I wanted to try a few other things so I got a little creative and glued the letters to some Baker’s Twine. Check out this small sign I created. Perfect for a cake topper.

And just for fun, here are some tags I made including the letters I tried painting. As I said above, the painting didn’t work too well in my favor, but I will get better at it one of these days. I wanted to show this photo just to give an idea of all the different ways you could use crafter’s clay letters!

And there you have it! Enjoy this fun little DIY. Next week I’ll be back with a way to make your tea light candles POP!

Anybody else enjoy working with crafter’s clay? Make anything with it recently? I’d love to hear. :)

xoxo  - Allison, Engaged & Inspired

Alison here again… by special request in the comments section, here’s a Moment in the Life of The Pantster…

Hope you enjoyed :)  Now, any other tricks anybody wants me to turn?  Not *those* kinds of tricks.  Ew.  

- Alison


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  1. Hey, where is the picture of Bambino at the bottom?

  2. My Love Wedding Ring on June 22, 2012

    What a really neat idea! Love it!!

  3. bridal girl on June 24, 2012

    Very interesting. I love the color.

  4. Megan Dandeles on June 25, 2012

    Such unique ideas! I love the tag on the utensils! :)

  5. LisaV on July 5, 2012

    I love do it yourself projects! These look like fun. Great idea.

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