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Second post of the day, puhPOW!  Ok, so you know that inescapable desire lots of us peoplefolk have (myself, included) to look not only our best, but also spectacularly unique, if ohhh I dunnooo… maybe, say, we’re going to be spending 6-10 hours in the vicinity of a photographer whose only mission is to get great images of *the face and body* on one of the biggest, most important days of our lives?  Well, if you ask me, whether it’s on your wedding day, or at your engagement shoot, or wherever – it’s not such a bad thing to want to look amazeballs in every way.  … of course, I’m already getting ahead of myself.  So let’s just get on with it, shall we?  Great.

You all know Bambino.   

pssst Bambino… everybody’s looking… wake up…

MOM WHAT IS THE BIG IDEAoh HI everybody!  Hi!  Hi there.  I’m up.”

Ok.  Well.  See that head?  Sometimes I’ll be looking at Bambino, and then I’ll happen to look away from his monsterface for a minute; you know to do work or whatever.  But then, when I’m close to looking at him again, before I do it I’ll often say to myself, “ok, this next time coming up has got to be that one time I turn around and finally see the *monster* in that precious face.  One of these times it’s going to happen, because objectively speaking?  That face be uglay.”


See this couple below?  It’s Mick and Hayley.  As photographed by the amazing Jennifer Bagwell Photography

Lemme tell you.  Mick, Hayley’s fiance, has never felt that feeling.  In fact, I can guarantee that in all the times he’s turned to stare into Hayley’s eyes, he’s had 100% clean turnarounds; nothing but natural beauty.  Everything on the up and up, face-wise.  I know I know, stop it, I’m embarrassing you Hayley, probably beyond measure.  Sorries.  I’m just a little awestruck FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.

Now, do me a favor.  Look past her punim for just a second, long enough to check out that incredible arrangement of tattoos on her arm.  You see those?  That arm of hers = one of the two ways I’m loving, with regard to effectively rocking a super unique & super gorgeous look for your engagement shoot or on your wedding day.

Ok hollllld your horses.  I’m not telling you to go out and get a tattoo in time for your wedding day in order to make your photos look half-way decent.  That’s not it.  Am I saying that I’ve thought about it, in anticipation of my own wedding?  Who’s to say, really.  Maybe I have.  Maybe I haven’t.  But still again, maybe I (definitely for the last three months) have THAT’S NOT THE POINT THOUGH the point is, I friggin die over fabulous tattoos in submissions, and especially on ma womenfolk.  And Hayley’s rocking one of the most colorful AND beautiful tattoos I’ve ever seen in a submission to TKB, and I love that I’m getting to share how great tats look, regardless of whether or not you’re interested in taking the leap yourself!

BUT FIRST.  Let me share with you the other way.  Remember, there were “2 WAYS” to “get the look?”  Right, now you remember.  Ok here’s the other; and in this one it’s about achieving all the beautiful details of an intricately designed tattoo… except not with the commitment….

Instead, get your heavy dose of unique, intricate detailing in your dress!  These Elie Saab gowns are part of his brand new Couture Collection for 2012, and I am currently staring at a huge bleeding gash in my chest, because they have stolen my heart.

What do you think of those dresses, dearies?  As a sucker for a unique, detailed look, but also a classic shape and bold coloring, I’m really digging the high level of fine tuning that Elie Saab stitched into those babies.  The delicate lace, sheer flowing fabrics, feminine shapes and overall WOW factor… it’s giving me hot flashes just talking about it.  And I’m AT LEAST 30 years out from legit hot flashes, aka the first signs of a lifelong visit from that angry, merciless beast, menopause.  … ok now I’m starting to think I should get that checked.

Ok, ready, are we, for more of that beauty that’s actually (well not in reality, but just for the purposes of executing this turn of phrase) skin-deep?  Because it’s back to that gorgeous shoot I hinted at earlier, that we shall go.

… Says Yoda.  (Seriously why am I talking like this, what is going on.)

Ok, yup, I knew that small shot of the full tat wasn’t going to do…

Ahh.  Much better.  Ok, carry on.

And now, I’d like to finish off strong by sharing this, the sweetly romantic background story on their shoot, her fab clothes, the vibe, and their relationship, written by Hayley herself:

My fiancé and I both have been fortunate enough to grow up in the beautiful wine country. We’ve been blessed to have the breathtaking hills covered in luscious vineyards, to the old rundown victorian farm houses that still allows this town to hold it’s charm. So needless to say it wasn’t too hard to pick a beautiful location for these photos. I was looking for something that was going to have a dreamy romantic feel to it with a twist of vintage inspiration to follow our wedding theme… and that is exactly what I got :)

Location: Months before we were engaged, I had been in search of a location to do hair and make up for a wedding photo shoot to promote my business. In the evenings, I would run a loop in town during the summer time, which is where I found the location. It stopped me in my tracks! The sun was setting, it was gorgeous. So peaceful and quite. All I could hear were the trees blowing in the wind and the birds chirping, but I didn’t stay long, the house also felt spooky and gave me goose bumps. It was perfect, just the feel I was looking for! I was so pumped to get the photo shoot rolling, but shortly after that, Mick asked me to marry him!!! Still running that same loop, now in preparation for our big day, something about that house reminded me of our relationship. Like some, we’ve had our crazy ups and downs and ons and offs. I wanted to make this photo shoot really take us through all the emotions we’ve been through. Happiness, peacefulness, fear of the unknown, finding the beauty in something that looks so broken, all that lead us to where we are now, which is pretty much like heaven on earth :)  

I am also obsessed with my parents old 60′s polaroids. Recently I had pulled out a box of photos to look through for our wedding and found millions of different pictures of them. They had that awesome sepia look. My mom had on a mint green dress and my dad was in some old flannel as they were sitting on some burnt orange velvet chair. I loved the whole look, which helped inspire me, but of course it was a little dated.  I wanted to put our own style into it. The next time I went on a run, I snapped a few photos with my iPhone and used my super cool apps I had down loaded to give it a vintage feel. I was worried the images in my head weren’t going to photograph like I wanted, but they did and they REALLY did on a professional camera! The best part is, I had never met my photographer but we had talked via email, Facebook and of course we’ve been following each other on Pinterest! I had no clue if she was going to see the vision I was seeing for these photos, and man oh man did she! She was on it. She took all those images I had stored in my mind and made them real! I have to say that day was probably one of the best days of my life and made me realize (which I didn’t think was even possible) how much more I love and adore my fiancé! We laughed, we had fun, and we got the chills staring into each other’s eyes the same way we will on our wedding day. That moment is when it really hit us that we were getting married! The feeling of happiness overwhelmed my body.  It gave me goose bumps from my toes to the top of my head. It felt so surreal and I owe it all to my photographer Mrs. Jennifer Bagwell that made us feel so comfortable :)

Clothes: I shop at a local boutique called LIV in Santa Rosa, Ca. They carry my FAVORITE brand Lush. That is the brand of my mint skirt. I was in there 2 days in a row (those poor girls!). I had immediately found the mint skirt and fell in love! The only problem was now I had to  find a top.  After explaining to the girls what I was looking for and showing them my pictures of the location, they were on it! I had so many outfits to choose from and they were all exactly what I had in mind.  My second outfit was inspired by some of the colors in our wedding. I figured they would go good with the sepia tones. I picked all that up at American Eagle Outfitters. I was not expecting to find what I was looking for there, but I did, and at a super reasonable price too :)  I was hoping the head band would make the pictures feel a bit dated or hippie-ish, similar to the ones I mentions of my parents.

Make-Up: My make-up was done by my girlfriend Gavi Pena. She is a professional make-up artist.  I decided to go with dramatic eyes. I wanted something that was really going to make my eyes pop and flow with the mint skirt since I was keeping it simple.

So, here’s what I wanna know…..

1) Do you have a tattoo?  Have you ever thought of getting one?  Also, regardless of your position on tats, do you think it looks as pretty as I think it does on Hayley in this shoot?  And is it just me, or do all of her outfit choices totally match perfectly with the colors on her arm??

2) Same question for the Elie Saab stunners out of Paris.  And, do any particular dresses stand out to you, in terms of kindling in you a desire to kidnap it and wear it to every single worthy event for the remainder of your days?

3) How darling is this shoot, and this couple?

xoxo  - Alison

Hayley + Mick’s e-session: Jennifer Bagwell Photography / Location: Mounts Family Winery / Submitted via Two Bright LightsElie Saab gowns via NYMagStyle

Label(s): {Engagement}, {Fashion}

Love all of this...


  1. Meghan on July 6, 2012

    Oh Bam… he always steals the show! :)

    Beautiful couple, and while I’m not normally a fan of tattoos (probably something to do with having one I don’t like), hers are awesome! Doesn’t help that *she* is a knockout too ;)

    My favourite dress is definitely the very first one – I love nudes!

    As always, great post :)

  2. Shana on July 6, 2012

    Oh your puppy looks like he has had a hard day! Perhaps he was dreaming about puppy tatoos? I am personally not a fan of tatoos but if anyone could pull it off it would be bambino! The dresses in your post …divine! Ill take one of each…please and thank you!

    Xoxo :)

  3. Courtney on July 6, 2012

    *jaw drops*

    that girl is mega hot. i’m incredibly envious of her tat; it is shown beautifully in these photos. SUCH a cute couple.

    as far as the dresses? that last peachy one can find its way to my closet.

    and as always… Bambs is a cutie!

  4. Melissa on July 7, 2012

    I have a half-sleeve tattoo on my right arm, and for a while, I considered covering it up on my wedding day. Then I realized that my tattoo is a part of who I am, and everyone who is going to be at the wedding knows me and loves me. Why hide it? I found a sleeveless dress that I love, and I can’t wait to rock the dress AND my tattoo on my wedding day!

  5. janet on July 7, 2012

    Love the dog! So cute! The dresses are to die for it. It’s gorgeous.

  6. Bambino is too cute! He stole me heart. Great pictures! I’m also a fan of Santa Rosa. :)

  7. I’m in puppy love. Beautiful pictures too. Your friend did a great job with your makeup.

  8. Koby Rennie on July 9, 2012

    I liked those dresses !!!!
    Nice ..

  9. Little Borrowed Dress on July 10, 2012

    What a gorgeous couple! Love, love, love her beautiful tattoo, and how they perfectly match each of her outfits in this shoot. Hayley, you are just adorable!

  10. Sara {Burnett's Boards} on July 10, 2012

    LOVE puppy posts! Just adopted a new kitten myself (his name is Oliver) and he recently made an appearance on my blog too :-D

  11. Annalisa on July 12, 2012

    lovely couple! love her tattoo

  12. Spring on July 12, 2012

    Searched long and hard for my wedding gown, found NOTHING that suited my fancy. In the end designed my own. Although I am still proud and thrilled at the outcome (almost 4 yrs ago), I would have with out a doubt ended my search when finding this Elie Saab collection, esp either of the two nude colored gowns with blue accents. Everything about them is breathtaking, from the shape, bead work, gold belt, down to the blue detail. F***ing perfection.

    ps – bring Bambino to my house to play. Soon. R would love. :)

  13. Crystal Couture on July 16, 2012

    How cute is that dogxx Also not a big fan of tattoos but the one the bride has on her arm is lovely.

  14. promstreet on July 31, 2012

    What a classic wedding, I am a sucker for preppy weddings and they somehow made it simple and fun also. Great colors and style!

  15. Emil on September 17, 2012

    Great couple!

  16. CuriousNoggin on September 18, 2012

    The love you have for each other radiates off the page. Especially in the photograph where you gaze into each other’s eyes on the bridge!

  17. Casamento on September 25, 2012

    Que bonitinho! Gostei!
    ownnnnn What a Beautiful! Liked!

  18. Gina Basin on February 7, 2013

    Love the dog, so cute.
    Great photos.


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