GIRL TALK + FASHION: Are you over the fact that Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend? Great; let’s talk about wedding fashion… wait, unless you’re not over it yet.

Happy weekday, everybody.  Things going well?  Yeah?  Have you gotten around to scheduling your annual physical yet? How about brushing; you brushing?  Remember; not too hard, not too soft.  And underwear – you’re wearing some, right?  Ok I trust you.  

Ok SO!  This post is essentially a decree regarding how I’d like people to show up to my wedding, using what I found after doing hours and hours of *research* on Lulus.  Because sometimes you get carried away.  But first… I’ve at least gotta make a note, of some recent “celebrity” news: I’m assuming you’ve heard by now, that Kristen Stewart apparently cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson, with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, who happens to be a married father of two young kids.

So I would just like to share a few things:


Number 2: hey look, sometime before the scandal hit the news Rupert Sanders went around saying this about KStew: “She played such a good version Bella Swan, people think Kristen Stewart is Bella Swan. She’s not, you know? If you meet Kristen, she’s wildly kind of giggly and vivacious and rebellious and naughty—all things that Bella Swan isn’t.”


Number 3: I wouldn’t have even made mention of this “news” if it weren’t for the fact that there are young children, and a wife, involved.  And at the core of it a man – a smart, older man who knows better.  And who thought nothing of the impact this situation would have on his wife, his kids, and the life of the young starlet he got it on with.  I have trouble finding fault with Kristen Stewart, beyond her allowing herself to act on desires without considering all of the people it would impact.  But it’s hard to feel surprised when you consider how out of touch she is.  It’s obvious she has issues in her life.  I’m not going to assume I know what they are.  All I know is she makes the kinds of faces I used to make when I was a tween, when I was still extremely uncomfortable in my own skin.  She’s young, she’s new, she “had everything going for her” — and now she’s that actress who got it on with an old, married father.  There is something more to this girl that nobody knows and I’m not even sure she does.  Anyway, my two cents.

Ok back to the positive stuff now.

I’ve been thinking about dress codes for a while, and I think I came up with a decent idea, specifically for getting people to show up looking sufficiently fancy pantsy.  (Not yet sure if I’m gonna employ it at my own wedding, ’cause I wanna get your thoughts first.)  So many people struggle with conveying to their guests exactly what’s appropriate/preferred and what’s not.  It’s an unnecessary anguish that I wanna address somehow.  So; what if we start a new thing where you have some sort of Best Dressed Guest award, and the winner gets a prize/can push the bride into the pool at the end of the reception/wins immunity and can remain on the island?  Sorry, I’m being silly, but you get me on this, right?  Anyway is it stupid in your opinion?  Or F**KING GENIUS. ;)  Aright cool, lemme know.

Ok a disclaimer before we get into the meat of this post: One thing you probably already know about me is that I’m in the habit of blogging things I either really love and appreciate, or am desperate to mock.  So just because I may like something or w-evs, it doesn’t mean I’m saying I need you to start liking it or else.  Because DOY.  But also because I am a sincere proponent of people generally doing what they like to do.  The dress code you decide to enforce strictly and without mercy upon family and friends is YOUR business, not mine.  All I can say is dress codes are important if the pictures you’re spending good money for matter to you at all.  Alright we’re done here.  Signed, Captain Obvious.

Here’s a cute thing Bambino and I like to do: sometimes he’ll look up me at my desk, as if to say, “you are a huge bitch, hang out with me more.”  And then I usually drop everything for him.  (Repeat seven times a day.)  Well.  After finding an area of the floor he had not yet covered in his sneeze blasts, Bams and I cuddled up as usual under the sunlight streaming through the blinds I had partially drawn to keep the apartment cool.  (I leave the blinds slightly open though regardless of how hot it is because this frenchie’s favorite thing in the world to do besides sniff other dogs’ asses is sun bathe.)  Here’s the kicker: usually our daydreams are wildly different, which is understandable.  Though on occasion, my mind will drift to thoughts of pee-stained sidewalks or puddles of pee or a tasty intestine-ripping stick and so we’ll dream-merge.

This time, however, was quite different, because out of nowhere we both started thinking about… get this… the fashion element of engagements and weddings.  It was shocking, especially since I was under the impression that this happens only with girl french bulldogs.  Suffice it to say, it was a good afternoon.

The whole thing happened right after I had finished eating my lunch, which I had prepared using the wild mushrooms Bambino had gathered for me on one of our earlier walks.  Anyway here’s what we came up with as paramount:

1.  Finding juuuust the right kind of outfit for your complexion, hair color and body type.  Because not all dresses are made for all women, which is annoying but true.  So– give me a well-tailored slightly playful frock with a sexy pop of color that’ll make my whole situation stand out?  I can’t explain it, but a dress like that has a way of making me feel like I could move mountains.  Like I could do that thing where you “have it all.”  The right way, not that way where you tell people you “have it all,” but in reality you feel like “you have a lot of it, almost all of it, but the effort it takes to have all of it is leaving you too tired to derive true pleasure from any of it.”  You know, that kind.  The one that everybody who goes around telling people “you can have it all” has.

So anyway, that’s exactly the attitude I need going into a photo shoot.  The blind belief that having it all is possible.  Or, in more real life terms, that I feel like a hot piece of ass.  Because ya gotta feel good about how you’re looking, if you wanna look that way, like, in pictures taken of you.

2.  Having everyone at the wedding dressed like they came to party. hearty.  And that doesn’t mean dressing like a sexually frustrated high school valedictorian at her first fraternity party.  It means with your underpants ON, people.

Anyway here, check out my faves (from Lulus), because it’s time.  Because what is a fashion blog post without any fashions (am I right, Dwight?)?

 Icing on the Cake Cream Lace Dress

Lucy Love Monique Ivory Dress

LULUS Exclusive Party Don’t Stop Ivory Dress

Hole in One Ivory Eyelet Lace Dress

Wheel of Fashion Cream Lace Dress

faves (in no particular order; some images not shown): Birthday Party Mint Green Lace DressThat’s a Wrap Long Sleeve Mint Green DressLong Time No Sleeve Blue JumpsuitLULUS Exclusive Party Don’t Stop Black DressSouthern Hospitality Peach Polka Dot DressIris You Were Here Floral Print Shift DressWoodland Frolic Mint Green DressSorbet Course Yellow and Peach DressStripe Back at Ya Coral and Ivory Striped Dress

SOME FUN GOLDEN ARMOR (omg how lame am I to call it “armor.” lol you guys)

Zad Chevron Crossing Cuff BraceletZad All You Need is Love Gold Stacking RingsSkull Days Gold Skull BraceletSpike-r of the House Gold Spike Bracelet

You know that feeling when you see a piece of jewelry, and you go from being this normal person, to being this person who cannot exist without that item of jewelry?  That happened a couple of times today.

Quick Linking Gold Necklace

Last Minute Finish Gold Collar Necklace

Heart of Glass Heart Sunglasses have obvious photo booth potential:

Spike’s Peak Beige and Gold Headband

… because it just seems cool to have one of your guests walking around with spikes coming out of her head.

By the way: these things are usually all wrong for me, so I can’t figure out what it is about this collar full of sequins–oh ok it’s the sequins.

In the interest of setting up boundaries, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t show up in:

This is going to shock Honey, since the colors I often wear to bed have earned me the nickname “Watermelon,” but I am forreals not fond of this little look…

unless the event is one super duper casual affair; in which case, keep the top but kill the pink puff and pair it with something more chill (other than these jean shorts of course-sorry)…

So, in conclusion, I need these gold bracelets:

Love it all or hate it all?  THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN.

Also, any thoughts to share on the Stewart sitch?  Quite a pickle.

xoxo  - Alison

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Love all of this...


  1. Sharon on July 26, 2012

    Shocking news about KStew; that’s the first time I’ve heard of it! Now I’m going to have to look at the entertainment blogs and see what the whole story is. (Or whatever’s been published of it, at least)

    Onto the rest… absolutely in love with that long grey jersey (is that right? That IS jersey) dress. I have so many pieces of clothing in that particular fabric and color. Would a shorter version, say up to knee-length or a bit higher, also do for a rehearsal dinner?

  2. Jenna on July 26, 2012

    I totally want to be in camp ‘she’s 22 and made a mistake’, but I can’t. He has a wife and young kids AND she worked with his wife! All three of those equal an affair about as bad as it could possible get. It’s black and white for me with all that. She did an awful thing and she made a choice to do an awful thing, it’s not just an ‘oh I’m young and still figuring it out’. I like to think the vast majority of society would choose not to sleep with someone married with kids that they also know the wife of.

    Also the dude is obviously far worse because he’s older and those are his kids and his wife.

    Also, I’m legit upset about this because I’ve been team K-Stew since Into the Wild and thought she was an awesome role model for not being too hollywoody and being herself. Now she’s just another awful famous person.

  3. Loe on July 26, 2012

    I diiiiie for half that jewelry (which is now in my amazon wish list haha). its fantastic. I love their dresses- they are super cute, though there are some in which you’re like “errr…k.” my favs are the grey jersey and the chevron one. (then again, i’m obsessed with chevron right now).

    i was pretty shocked about the kstew thing. rob just did a bunch of interviews too talking about how much she made him feel like no one else did. i dont think she can talk her way out of this one- there are pix of moving trucks at their houses (this tells you what the internet calls news).

    also, i’ve seen some of the pix of her and the director. i think the best comment i saw was “what happened to getting a hotel room and calling it a day?”.

  4. Meghan on July 26, 2012

    I am surprised by the Kirsten Stewart story… but at the same time, I’m not. And as much as she’s young and he’s the one who is married with kids, she’s still an adult, who knows damn well what she is doing, not to mention she herself is/was in a committed relationship!

    Onto things that deserve more attention than her – LOVE the white dress with the sheer polka dot sections. And pretty much love all of those dresses. And am now going to go see if they ship to Canada.

    As for the “Don’t”s… I’m soooo with you on those. The sad thing is, even though you may be kind of exaggerating with some of those, there are SO many people out there who NEED TO BE TOLD. I am dumbfounded at the things some people wear to weddings. The unfortunate thing is, they are the type of people (read: UNfashionable) who are unlikely to read your blog!

  5. bridal girl on July 27, 2012

    I love that last green blouse and shorts. Love to have that pair.
    Well, I understand Kristen in a way. She is 22 and even if you say she is an adult, she may still feel sometimes that she just want to try new things. I don’t know. Some people may not understand her, but I do.
    But of course, I am not justifying what she did was right because it is awfully wrong. Just that I do understand her.

  6. Amanda on July 27, 2012

    Loving the dresses! The colors are so fun and bright.

  7. My Love Wedding Ring on July 29, 2012

    Loving the white dresses – so cute!!
    And married men that cheat – soooo not a good look – whatever the rights and wrongs in the Kirsten camp, he was married and had kids….

  8. Nicole on July 30, 2012

    love the dresses, hate the accessories. there, i said it.

    … i’m making an exception for the love stack rings and the chevron bracelet.

  9. Timmy on July 30, 2012

    Kristen Stewart : Not a fan. Never a fan. She can do whatever she wants, I won’t care.

    Those dresses: OMG. Freaking sweet, all of them. Even the “don’t show up like these” ones.

    Or maybe it’s the models?

  10. antique engagement rings on July 31, 2012

    I love the bracelets.. fantastic!

  11. wedding dresses on August 2, 2012

    This is exactly what I need:) Awesome collection of wedding blogs..

  12. Ken Bailey on August 4, 2012

    Poor Robert Pattison – all those adoring fans to choose from and he picks just about the only girl in the world who isn’t obsessed by him to settle down with. Doh! :-)

  13. WifedUp on August 26, 2012

    I absolutely adore the LOVE stacking rings…..oh and that gold headband is hot too…..oh and the heart glasses! I could really go on and on but I’ll stop for now!

  14. kalidna on April 6, 2013

    I absolutely like her,I love this and want to get one.I totally want to be in here.


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