GOLDEN THREESOME | The Cream Recap Peek, DIY Gold Leaf Lettering + a Golden Surprise for Readers! + Alison Mocks the Ryan Gosling Coloring Book, Because of Course

(Sorry for the absence midweek, much needed brain-detox needed to happen.  Turns out event preparation and home buying are F**KING EXHAUSTING.)

Aright so that’s right, Friday party people.  I just led off with a threesome reference.  And I’m not f**kin around. …aside from the fact that the post has little to do with three people having sex.  Actually, interesting fact: reading this blog post is going to be waaaaay more rewarding and much less physically demanding, as compared to mushing three bodies together and hoping to be the person with the smallest workload.  So what I’m saying is the overall experience of this blog post is much more likely than a threesome to live up to the hype you’ve dreamed up in your head about it.

We should start over.  Let’s start over.   

Golden Thing #1 (of 3):  The fantastics behind The Cream Event we wuz att this past Tuesday sent us the photo coverage from the event and OMGI’MPOSITIVELYSWOONING.  Be here first thing next week, because this blog will be awash in Creamy imagery from the event.  Thanks for bringing such loveliness to mine eyes, Rebecca Hansen.  A teensy taste:

Golden Thing #2:  Tell me… while surfing the internet during a much needed break from whatever work you’re paid to do between the hours of 9 to 6 M thru F, have you ever come across any of those sensational fringed balloons that have been floating around the internet lately (or for the past year or so, is the actual amount of time)?  You know the ones; they tend to be as tremendously fantastic as they are fantastically tremendous.. you’ve seen them, right?  For those of you not already aware, those fringed balloon arrangements (they’re so much more than ‘fringed balloon arrangements,’ forgive me that phrase is NOT doing it justice) are the brainchild of Jihan Zencirli of Geronimo Balloons.

Why am I telling you this?  Well, a fun little tidbit for ya face: our DIY Bloggista Renee Hong works with Jihan.  So in summary: WHAT. A. COLLAB. THAT IS. YOU GUYS.

But wait, there’s more!  More?  You can’t be serious.  I can!  And I am!  Two of my favorite kinds of things to happen in life are happening, and they’re specifically happening to you if you’re on the West coast.  They are:

  1. Jihan and Renee are teaching a party planning class for all of you fun-seekers out there!  It’s called **Golden Hour** and it’s in LA.  And the other thing is…
  2. They’re giving Knotty readers a special discount if you’re going with a friend!  So, as that new girl on the NYC Real Housewives says at the opening of the show, “HOL-LAAA!”

There are two classes- one on Saturday, August 25; the other on Sunday, August 26.  Renee and Jihan ”will be teaching hosting tips and party tricks and ways to make your event beautiful and fun and golden!”  Seriously, what could be better than an evening doing all of that stuff instead of watching Bravo TV. So if you like doing fun, memorable things – and skilled party planning – and you’re gonna sign up with a friend, huzzah!  $25 off for the BOTHA YUZ.  Just email the ladies ( with the code ==> KNOTTYGOLD25 <== to redeem your discount.  Easy peasy you’re not even queasy.  

Onwards, to Golden Thing #3….

You guys I love how today, Renee‘s got not just one, but two awesome things to share with Knotty readers that’ll take you guys into your weekends with a little extra shimmer all over everything.  (<== preferred way of entering your weekend.)  And this second awesome thing is none other than one stellar tutorial on gold leafing your initials for your wedding day decor, and it is the essence – nay, the embodiment – of awesomeness.  Here; you know how your mouth gleeks saliva sometimes weirdly onto your wrist, which is hilarrassing (combo of embarrassing and hilarious)?  Well, this DIY gleeks the aroma of Awesomesauce every few minutes, and you WANT it to accidentally gleek onto your wrist.  Lemme go farther– This DIY is such a source of Awesome, that if you needed to make a cologne and you couldn’t track down any naturally occurring sources where you could safely setup camp to mine large amounts of the – wait what is it called… Awesome Oil?  You know, the term for the thing in something that changes the scent of an experimental perfume in the business of perfuming/ery?  Shoot, ok my vocabulary in the area of perfume development and branding is limited.  Damnit where is a Kardashian when you need one.

–Which is never times, this would be the only time you’d need a Kardashian ever.

Okie dokie take it away, Renee…

This week’s project uses one of my favorite materials of all time: gold leaf! It is easy to use and can transform pretty much any material to be shiny and beautiful. People often ask me the difference between gold leaf and metallic gold spray paint (a little gold lesson about to go down here) — though metallic spray paint has the appeal of being super easy to use and does a relatively nice job, being that it is spray paint, true gold leaf is actual gold pieces that have been hammered into very thin sheets, giving a far more “expensive” looking finish. Of course, we’ll be using imitation gold leaf here — but you’ll get a really nice texture and even shine that will disguise your papier-mâché monogram as a solid wood piece. You can buy wooden gold leaf monograms at different home stores, but this DIY will show you how to add a pop of color to the traditional project for a fraction of the cost!

What you’ll need:
– Papier-mâché letter
– Gold leaf sheets
– Spray adhesive
– Acrylic paint (in color of choice)
– Paint brush
– Foam brush

Step 1:
Paint the sides of your letter with acrylic paint. Don’t worry too much about staying in the lines — you’ll be covering the rest of it later!

Step 2:
After your paint has dried, spray the face of the letter with adhesive spray. Be sure to maintain a good distance between the spray can and the letter to keep it from forming gluey clumps. Cover it well, but you won’t need to soak your letter in glue — the adhesive is strong and just a little bit will be enough to hold the gold leaf.

Step 3:
Gold leaf time! Stick your sheets of gold leaf onto the tacky part of the letter, press down lightly with foam brush, and peel off the gold sheet. The unused parts of gold can be used on the other uncovered areas of the letter — about a sheet and a half was enough for me to cover the letter. If you find missing areas after you peel off the leafing, just take another extra piece and press it in to fill in the spaces. Brush off any excess gold, repeat on the back side, and you’re finished!

Your finished piece makes a great centerpiece item or engagement shoot prop, and can even be used to decorate your bookshelf after your wedding!

xo Renee / with photos by Jenna Rae Photography

Thanks, Renee!  I have a deep, emotionally charged love for your DIYs, and that one up there is now a top fave.  I seriously bow down to your creativeness.

In other news: By now, surely, you’ve heard about the coloring book…

… yes?

Well, I mean I guess that’s Ryan Gosling…

Here he is looking extra creepy.

Jared Leto?

He looks like he’s taking a poop in this one.

It’s called “Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling” which means it’s British.  But don’t worry; it’s image-centric so the language barrier won’t be an issue for most.  Wait– British peoples do still speak in cheerios and bloody ‘ells and various other adorable old fashioned-ey British expressions that I hear on the BBC… right?  Ok just checking).  As I was saying, there’s an effing coloring book out now.  In the name of Canada-Born Verbal Brooklynite Ryan Gosling.  Sweet Jeezus this is happening.  In fact it’s happened already, and it’s still happening, right over in this spot, here.  I know, you’ve already heard, right?  Because it has GOT to be circulating wildly if the sheer amount of heads ups I got about it all week are any indication.  Oh but let me add to that, that I appreciated every single gahdamned one of those heads ups.  GIRL YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE.

PSA: If anyone gets me that coloring book please know ahead of time that I will be coloring in ONLY the penis areas.  I imagine it does not have a built-in outline of said areas, so I will have to go purely off of my imagination.  ANYBODY HAVE ANY EXTRA LARGE CRAYONS I CAN BORROW?  You know which colors.

(Note: it’s been quite a week here in Knottyland so if you’re one of ma peoples who shot me the word about that book this week, let me know in the comments; I just couldn’t get it together this week to give you a proper shout out up here.  I’m sorries.  Again, home buying.  THE WORST.  SO time-consuming!!!!!!)

Addendum: Just a little while ago my girl Chandra of Oh Lovely Day twitterooted me this delicious ridiculousness (which can be found here on Happy Place)…

… and so OBVIOUSLY I felt compelled to add it into this post.  Thanks, C.  You know just how to rouse me right.  Whatever that means.  (I honestly don’t know what that means, it’s late.)

Aright, so as I wrap up this here post, I’d love to know– what are you doing this weekend?  Anything good planned?  Sexual activity following by cuddling and 10 minutes later a slow but deliberate body separation so that you can both sleep comfortably, perhaps?  Oo, did you dig Renee’s gold leaf tutorial?  Or did you happen to see me at The Cream NY, the recap of which is coming first thing next week?  And is that coloring book making you– well I won’t say it.  But my mind has obviously taken it there.

See you in the comments, beaches. ;)

xoxo!  - Alison

P.S. – Friendly reminder that, if you’re one of the fortunate souls who has August 25 or 26 free to sign up for Golden Hour LA and subsequently learn party planning from two of the greats, go and get a friend involved and you’ll each save $25 big ones off the ticket price with code KNOTTYGOLD25.  yayYUH :)

The Cream images by Rebecca Hansen / Golden Hour LA + DIY Gold Leaf Monogram images by Jenna Rae Photography

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Love all of this...


  1. chandra ~ Oh Lovely Day on August 17, 2012

    First of all, I’m super bummed I can’t go to the Golden Hour here in LA, b/c I’ll be gone that weekend celebrating my anniversary. Is it wrong that I *almost* want to change weekends so I can go? If I didn’t have my mom flying in to watch le bebe I would consider it!

    Secondly, love that gold leaf DIY, and am loving all of the DIY’s Renee has been sharing! LOVE.

    Third – you know I know what you like, and when I see something that we both like as much as anything that involved RG I have to share the wealth. When we hunt him down we can literally share the wealth. (see how I did that? I brought it all back to the threesome intro…)

    love ya, mean it. xx

    • Alison on August 17, 2012

      I’m on board- threesomes are always better with besties WHAT WHO SAID THAT I’VE NEVER HAD A THREESOME MOM.

      (I actually truly haven’t. And I call myself a ‘New Yorker.’)

      • chandra ~ Oh Lovely Day on August 17, 2012

        Ha! Me neither, but for RG anything is possible. With the hubs approval of course. Sorry, Alison’s mom :)

    • Renee on August 18, 2012

      So bummed that you can’t make Golden Hour– there will be more in the future and we will keep you all updated :) But congrats on your anniversary, have an amazing time celebrating next weekend! x

  2. bridal girl on August 19, 2012

    I just had to find that Ryan Gosling Husband Pillow online. I was laughing for a bit. lol. Love the guy, but I would not pretend sleeping with him. lol!

  3. I believe it was I that dangled the coloring book as an early Christmas pressie!

    Can we talk though about how the woman in the Ryan pillow looks like a scary botoxed midwest version of Megan Mullally!? For that matter, ‘Ryan’ looks like a three way of its own between James Vanderbeek, Mark Paul Gosselaar & a touch of Ryan, right?

    Congrats on the house btw and the potential NYC jail break! :)

    • Alison on August 22, 2012

      YEEHAWW!!! We’re excited about the possibilites. Thanks! :)

  4. olya on August 22, 2012

    Wow! this is gorgious!

  5. megan on August 28, 2012

    Love those pillows of Ryan Gosling.


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