EVENT INSPIRATION | Recap #1: The Cream New York… Plus, Update on the Tatadra (Dream House) Hunt.

There are myriad ways to begin your week.

One is to start it all off with the use of myriad, making you a winner at writing.  (Srsly tho, I need to start reading more thesauruses.  ..Thesaurus’?  Wait maybe it’s thesauri?  Crap, does anyone know a synonym for “thesaurus?”)  Another, is to be negotiating the purchase of your Tatadra** only to discover there’s probably mold in all of the walls.  Still another (3) is to sit down, sip a mug of your favorite morning beverage and, eyes peeled and naked with anticipation, begin scrolling through image after image of srsly inspiring eye candy.  (Doesn’t it make more sense for that phrase to mean balls of candied eyes? wow ANYWHOOO.)

Yeah so guess which one Honey and I got?  If you said a combination of #1. Myriad and #2. moldy dream house, congratulations.  You fished out my attempt at fishing for sympathy.  Now, fortunately for you, you all fall into category #3, which is that you get to be sitting down and scrolling through pretty pictures whilst sipping on a delicious drink of your choice.  Please note that if it’s alcoholic you better be reading this after 5pm, Everyone-who-is-reading-this-including-Myself.  No but seriously? – on a serious note? – you guys lucked out in comparison to me.  Because aren’t work weeks a little bit better when you get to start them off with inspiration, and not with thinking about the progressive worsening of your asthma symptoms should you proceed with moving into your moldy dream home (which is actually within a strict budget and also *dream* a relative term)?

ANYWHOOOO that’s enough of that.  Now– this might look familiar, but trust me, ’tis new… and then just you wait, because later?  Part twooooo!  Speaking of Dr. Seuss-ease…

The Cream recapsicle…..

intro collage: top + bottom rows: Rebecca Hansen; middle row: Julia of our labor of love

image of Dr. Seuss quote: Rebecca Hansen

As you well know by now if you read this blog, something called The Cream happened here in my stomping grounds of NYC.  Bash Please threw it, and stellar vendors from all over participated in it.  And I’ve got a shitload to show you about it.  What were once only sneak peeks now evolve into fully fleshed out peeks – making them the farthest thing from a ‘peek’ actually.  Am I piquing your interest?  Or has your interest reached its peak?  (I’m experimenting with more subtle, unoffensive spelling lessons.)  Anyway, I’m assuming you want to see ALL OF THE THINGS.  Yes?  Oh good!  Good.  Phew, that’s good to hear, because that’s what’s happening.  Oh but first this thing about shyness, because why not!  Even though it is completely out of place.

Maybe you’re like me.  I, Alison, tend to have two emotions whenever I leave an event or a party — or in this case, an event-party-combopack.  One of the emotions is to be really delighted.  Let me explain; some of you guys might think being a full-time blogger is a super chill lifestyle, brimming with brunch meetings, mimosa sipping and Pinterest ‘research.’  And you’d be right, I’m not saying you’re wrong.  But that’s, like, 11% of the whole enchilada.  And the mimosa sipping?  Can’t imagine it’s more than 5%.  So, in actuality, I spend the Vast Majority of my time working at my desk, writing and writing and writing and ANSWERING EMAILS and working in photoshop to arrange images and then A LOT MORE EMAIL CONVERSING and then reviewing more submissions, and then the occasional amazing colleague party-time event like The Cream.  So, as you can imagine, these industry events are one of the major fun parts of the work.  And then you add in having a TKB table at the event, where brides can just come up to me, and we can chill and talk, about weddings and also life?  The volume on the really delighted emotion turns all the way up to eleven.  Good times.

But then there’s the other emotion I get after an event.  It’s a small part of the overall experience, but still relevant.  It’s the regret.  Especially when the experience involves so many of the people I’ve either spoken with only on Twitter and have yet to meet in person or never even had a chance to converse with, but admire from a distance.  The regret kicks in when I’ve left the space without introducing myself to every. single. one of them.

That’s something I don’t know if I’ve shared about myself on this blog.  I’m a little apprehensive in party situations.  ’Course once you get me going, it’s all good – it’s just the approach part of meeting new people.  I remember in high school I had a really tough time approaching people.  For some reason I often assumed they *didn’t* want to talk to me.  Like, the default for me when I was a teenager was that someone is probably not going to want to chill so I shouldn’t go over there and start up a chat.  Isn’t that terrible?  Anyway, I’m a lot different from the way I was in high school, but there’s always gonna be a little of that leftover.  I don’t know exactly what you’d call it.  The point is, I tend to feel a little bit of regret every time I leave one of these things, because it’s like, why didn’t I talk to her? or that group that handles the music who I’ve admired for a while? or this person who seems just as shy as I am right now?

Aright Bambino, promise I’m almost done blabbing.  I was just trying to lead into this:

Fun Tip of the day time!  =  The lesson I keep learning over and over again:

  • Do your best not to assume people *won’t* want you to come up and talk to them.  Assume they would LOVE IT if you started up a conversation (exceptions: pick-up artists).  Assume they’ve been just standing there, waiting for the exact same thing to happen to them.  Or whatever.  Just quit it with the hesitation and remind yourself that everyone just wants to connect when they come to a party.  That’s the idea–connecting.  DUH, right?  I know; I don’t understand how I forget that sometimes.

That shit right there means I missed out on a wholllle number of new people to meet, and all just because I’m not a big *approacher.*  ’Course since, like most, I had a table with my blog’s name all over it, it wasn’t really that hard to introduce myself when people walked right up to my face expecting a verbal response.  It’s almost *cheating,* that way.  It is- it is cheating.

But so anyway, this means I met a swimmer’s-wingspan-load (it was much more than a buttload) of new faces.  And I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that you all looked positively fabulous, dahlinks.  And those shoes!  Loved those shoes!

I LOVE how that blanket compliment actually has relevance for every single person I met at the Cream.  Y’all sure do know how to dress fabulously for a good NYC event party combopack.

Speaking of GUEST ATTIRE…

above images: Julia of our labor of love 

By the way – these ladies are drinking the UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS CONCOCTIONS provided at the table where Morris Kitchen and Pharmacie teamed up (Morris Kitchen makes drop dead amazing syrups for drinks; take-home favors, anyone?) to get errrbody quality wasted.  Quality wasted is what I call it when there are no accompanying headaches.  Fanfrikintastic.  Hire them.

‘Course, there’ll be more on them in the nearby second recap, which I’m calling “The Human Nourishment + Papery, Florally, Table Toppity Details Recap of Excitement and Also Food Babies!”  You think I’m kidding?  I’m probably kidding, actually.  I’m now officially kidding because that is absurd.

A little peek at what I’ve decided to call ”Part 2″ (Miss Jackson if you’re hungry)….

↑ A ‘taste’ of Lael Cakes.

above images: Julia of our labor of love 

above images: Julia of our labor of love 

Duchess Clothier

above images: Samm Blake

There are lots of Sharks and Pigs across these great States, but what’s important to know at this time is that they all work together, and that I’ve never actually met any of them.  But I’m like 99.9% sure the dapper dude in the dotted knot above is one Geoff Boothby, or Landshark, of SharkPig.

Check his buttons, SON –

They look sorta like our bubbuhbear Bambino ;)

Tree of Life Films in the hizzy, with some pretty little packets…

above images: Julia of our labor of love

Oh speaking of loud photograph-worthy accessories, SEQUIN/GLITZY/SPARKLY STUFF mostly from BAN.DO

above images: Julia of our labor of love 

Speaking of sparkly shiny things- check it out, GLOW BRACELETS (I know, the transitions aren’t working today, please leave it alone if you have any mercy in you)…

above images: clockwise from top – Julia of our labor of love (1, 2); Samm Blake; maself; Samm Blake


Speaking of MUSIC / THE DANCE FLOOR, it was ballstastic…

… amazing performances by Elan Artists

^ A touch of feathery, garland magic courtesy of Bramble Workshop makes the view above WAY less bare Though that’s not really a fair jab on my part at Mr. Elevaty McFreight, a machine with responsibilities that go beyond *looking the part.*  That was a long way of saying, hi Jessica Pezella, I love how you made the freight elevator nice with that feather-inspired chandelier.

above images: Julia of our labor of love 

Some great people other than myself – I don’t mean it like that – were around, which made it all the more fun!

Amanda of Ruffled brought her killer signage to the partay.  Quite a lot of love and time went into that baby.  Worth it, right?

The super fun ladies of Brides Magazine were in attendance, and their setup was too lovely *not* to sit down in, as you can see…

That’s their setup; it was like a really good episode on HGTV, when they makeover a sitting room and it actually turns out really nicely.

above images: Julia of our labor of love

I think this means they need to moonlight as set directors on a cable television home makeover show.  Ladies- wanna squeeze that into your 3 minutes of free time every week?

In sparklier news… Vané, who obviously knows exactly what every girl wants, rocked a friggin Confetti Bar at her Brooklyn Bride table!

So great it hurts!  The *hurts* part of it = I didn’t take home one of her bags of confetti. ;)  Vané, it has become my biggest regret, by far.

above image: Samm Blake


The Cream Event NYC from Tree of Life Films

above images: Julia of our labor of love 

Oh wait, speaking of CONFETTI CANONS…

above images: Rebecca Hansen

Speaking of FEATHERS… (we weren’t you’re right)…

Electric Love and Fox Fodder Farm had these AMAAAAZING dreamcatchers you see on the wall.  OMGOSH they were incred.

above images: Julia of our labor of love 

Incredibly gorgeous and earthy setup by Vintage Patina Rentals

I wish you could have seen these gowns by in person, ladies…

above image: Rebecca Hansen

… they were in abundance, thanks to  the lovelies of Winifred Bean

above images: Julia of our labor of love 

ALSO ALSO, chalkboard trend alert, found predominantly in the crazy gorgeous setups of Kelly Makeup and Gabriella

above images: Rebecca Hansen

The Good Cheer Co. even served their delicious itty bitty treats on chalkboard-esque thingamajigs! (Sorry I’m not good with food vernacular.)

above; last image of collage: Julia of our labor of love; rest of collage: Rebecca Hansen

The art installations going on at this thing were GAAAANGSTA.  In such cool geometric shapes and colors!

↑ did a little sleuthing and found these were created by Bramble Workshop; images: Rebecca Hansen

Here’s how it looks with a pretty model under it…

And here is how the things (the rope part at least) look with I think that’s Michael Antonia of The Flashdance pumping up the crowd (I had down, “fist pumping up the crowd,” and then “pumping up the crowd with his fists” but it kept sounding weirdly sexual..?)

above images: Samm Blake

As you can see, I’m obsessed with that art installation of colorful rope + various-shapes-of-wood garlandy situation.  So it might shock you – in fact I’m almost ashamed to share – that I didn’t even notice them while I was there.  And I was like, on that floor.  It’s not even “like;” I was on the floor-my table was there.  Did I seriously never look up?  Am I some sort of Clydesdale?  Or is that I… forgot them?  What the hell is wrong with me?  *schedules doctor’s appointment*  *considers she could possibly be deficient in certain vitamins and hormones, perhaps of the sperm-delivered variety*  *realizes that’s a hilarious notion*


above images: Julia of our labor of love 

Speaking of the totes… look here, check out the hosts!  Paige Appel and Kelly Harris of Bash Please, below…

above images: Samm Blake

Speaking of ends to Part 1…

That wraps up the first bit.  Sit tight; like I said there’s that second recap coming up quickly and it’s all about the food + desserts, pics I got of my table!!, and naturally, the little details – paper, table scapes, flowers, and other stuff I can’t remember at the moment because the process of emotional-footprint of Tatadra hunting is resulting in a lot of burnt synapses.

Stay tuned…

xoxo!  - Alison

**personal favorite name for desirable housing, ever since it’s introduction (written on the door of Ashley’s Tatadra, or, *dream house*) on ‘The Bachelorette: The Dr. Ashley Chronicles.’ 

Photographers: Rebecca Hansen WeddingsJulia of our labor of loveSamm Blake, Moss and Isaac, Cava Weddings, Les Loups / Film: Tree of Life Films, Hi-Society Productions, Sharkpig, Landshark (Geoff Boothby), Hello Super 8, McKenzie Miller Films, Open Eye Media, Go Flip Yourself / Photoboothery: Smilebooth / Event Designers: Alison Events, Bramble WorkshopGlitter + Rye, Michelle Edgemont, Hatch Creative Studio, Firefly Events / Blogs + Mags: Brooklyn Bride, RuffledThe Knotty BrideBrides Magazine / Fashion: Ban.doDuchess ClothierGabriella, Winifred Bean / Makeup: Kerry Makeup / Stationery: Postscript Brooklyn, Paper + Cup, Red Table Stationery / Rentals + Decor: Vintage Patina Rentals, La Tavola Linens, Hatch Creative Studio, Olam / Food + Beverages: Brooklyn BreweryLandhaus, The Good Cheer Co., Morris Kitchen, Pharmacie, Swanson Vineyards, Tito’s Vodka, Voss Water / Desserts: Lael Cakes, Bee’s Knees Baking Co., Van Leeuwen / Floral: Fox Fodder Farm, Violet & VerdePeartreePoppies and Posies / Music: Elan ArtistsThe Flashdance Apps: Appy Couple, Postable / Venue: Center 548

Label(s): {Art + Design}

Love all of this...


  1. Yair Haim on August 23, 2012

    Great post. Thank you!

  2. Rhiannon on August 27, 2012

    Whoa! Wish I was there real bad :) Looks like one rad party!

    • Alison on August 27, 2012

      Rhi! It woulda been so great!

  3. Marie on August 27, 2012

    Wish I could have come!!!

    • Alison on August 27, 2012

      Marie – if only, wifey. If only.

  4. Meghan on August 27, 2012

    Okay, I have a confession. When you post, I immediately scroll through the whole thing for Bam photos, and then I go back and read. The picture in this post…well…every picture, let’s be honest… just continues to prove that he might be the cutest thing on four legs. K, now I’m going back to the top to read the post. xo

  5. Alison on August 27, 2012

    Meghan – I don’t think you’re the only one who does that :) I hope you like Bam and then like errrthing else if you were able to get through all that MFing writing I do.

    Also, thanks for reminding me to re-rev up my inclusion of Mr. Bambino Wigglestein McPuppypants III, Esq. in more blog posts again. I have been slack about that! Silly wedding blogger, not including my french bulldog in every post. Gotta get that FIXED! ;)

  6. Annalisa on August 27, 2012

    the best party ever :X congrats

  7. Tessy on August 27, 2012

    Wish I was there! LOVE LURVE LLUURRRVVVEE your posts, you write the way I think. A million miles an hour!

  8. Alison on August 27, 2012

    Tessy – thank you so much :) Is it really that obvious that my mind is going a million mph..? I didn’t realize I was that obvious about being a nut :)

  9. Thom on August 27, 2012

    This shit is outstanding.

  10. Alison on August 27, 2012

    Thom – high five!

  11. Koru Kate {Koru Wedding} on August 27, 2012

    I am still so very sad that I missed the event due to a family matter :-( But thanks for the great recap- I almost feel like I was there!

  12. Lena on August 28, 2012

    I really don’t know if I can handle all the adorable, sparkling, chic, krafty goodness–or more specifically, the fact that I don’t live in NYC so I could be there. Damn you, scientists–make teleportation happen!

  13. Amy on August 29, 2012

    Would have loved to get a peak at the Bean gowns–stunning!

  14. WifedUp on September 1, 2012

    I love the gold confetti falling everywhere. You can’t really be in a bad mood with confetti falling in your face and hair!!!

  15. Wedding Photographer Chicago on September 14, 2012

    Really amazing photos. I love the vintage style!

  16. jordan on September 18, 2012

    I really liked your blog post. Really Great.

  17. lauren on September 26, 2012

    Those cakes look amazing.


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