PEEKS, LOLS & COOKIE CUPS | Suggested Blogs + Have You Noticed This Odd Trend in Weddings?

It’s Friday.

And a lot of people are going to be asking you if you’re planning on “getting down.”  

Listen, errbody knows you gotta get down on Friday-that’s not the issue.  The issue is,  the front seat?   Or back seat?  Which one will you choose?  Some things to keep in mind: yesterday was Thursday, Thursday.  Tuuh-day ii-iss Fri-day, Fri-day.  And Sunday comes after….wards.

YES, ALL COMMON KNOWLEDGE.  I see you have brains.

But.  Thinkkhaboutfun…yoouuu knnoww whadidis.          …Aright, REALLY.  That’s enough of that.  Why- why do you indulge me?

Here’s whussup.  Cheyenne of Duchess and the Rabbit submitted today’s super excellent wedding, and in this itta bitta pre-post (the full post is coming later today) I found myself compelled to share something with you.  Bambo, did you notice this?

Oh, sorry Bam.  I didn’t see that you were mouth-banging your tennis ball rope, like you do.

How bout you guys- just see if you notice what I’m talking about… It actually has nothing to do with images – rather, it’s a particularly intriguing bit from this snippet out of the gorgeous bride’s write-up.  Look for what I’m talking about and tell me if you catch it:

“The whole wedding was a labor of love from our family and friends.  My sister made our delicious cake and baked everything on our overflowing dessert table.  … His brother is a brewer… he created a beer especially for our wedding.  A bottle for each guest ended up being the coolest wedding favor.  My dad, the groomsmen and my cousins were amazing – they were hanging lanterns, trimming tree branches and setting out the ceremony chairs all morning.  My mother is the most amazing artist and a problem-solver extraordinaire.  DIY is a lifestyle for her – she can do anything.  She sewed white pillows for the patio, painted clay pots and planted flowers in them, bought bushels of flowers from the market to do all of the centerpieces and the bouquets.  She helped me scour flea markets and thrift stores [and] spent many evenings making tissue paper flowers… I couldn’t have had such a beautiful wedding without her.  My husband was so completely excited about the organization and planning of the day.  He is passionate about–” <=== ok STOP, right there.. do you see it?

—- Apparently there is an interesting trend developing in the wedding world, and that is the increasing prevalence of husbands who apparently care about wedding details.  Seems a good thing..  WE WILL DISCUSS LATER TODAY.  Also, an entire gorgeous wedding.  Actually that- the wedding, that’ll be the dominant factor in the post.

So obvs stay tuned for later.  Or not, w-evs.  Not really gonna make or break me either way so, honestly, just do whatever brings you pleasure in the moment.  That.  That is my wish for you.  (No but seriously come back ok?  ok, cool.)

In the meantime, if you’re looking for ways to continue avoiding that 9 to 5, here’s the LOLs part of this post…

  • Enjoy a little sense of entitlement… even if only by proxy.  ’Enjoy’ is probably a strong word.
  • I also encourage you to visit a fave = fynct.  Possibly NSFW-ish?  Just lots of F Word usage but you do read this site, so…  Anyway a good place to go if you’ve ever found yourself confused by the more popular home decor choices circulating these days.  –If that sentiment resonates for you, this place should help you to feel less alone.  (Without this site, I would have never known there are such things as terrariumansions.  Or bike walls.  Actually these chevron blinds are kind of cool.  But then it’s like, chopped wood door decals?  Or these, which are equally without reason to exist?  This, this, and this.  See– the site’s an amazing way to flit away some down time.)
  • Leave the internet for a little bit and eat a delicious cookie cup.

See you shortly, punks!

Seacrest out

All photography: Duchess and the Rabbit / Rebecca Black screen grab: Youtube

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Love all of this...


  1. Allie on August 24, 2012

    Hmmm… The only things my fiancé is “passionate” about regarding our wedding (next week!!!!!) is the dessert, recessing to the end title from Star Wars Ep IV, and getting me back to the hotel that night ;)

    • Alison on August 24, 2012

      Holy crap congrats! That’s awesome. You must be all the emotions of the rainbow right now :)

  2. Lorri on August 24, 2012

    Allie, ours is next week too – congratulations!

    I agree with the grooms being involved thing. Especially as weddings trend back to the basics and not the unattainable. My fiance totally got into all the DIY details of our wedding, he has made so many projects for the big day, and even sat down and painted table numbers the other night. He is a blessing in so many ways. I think the trick is to get them started on a job, ask them to do you a favor… Men love a challenge, a damsel in distress, and getting recognition for doing something. The perks grow from there!

    I mean, it’s like when you clean the house on a daily basis, but the one day HE does the dishes, he thinks he is god’s gift to domestication. It’s that man-mind-notion you have to play off of. And in the end, they end up enjoying it!

    • Alison on August 24, 2012

      You, Lorri, are good. Real good. :)

      Thanks for sharing!

    • Anni on August 24, 2012

      Love this. Except I’m definitely the one who does dishes or a random load of laundry, and thinks I’m all that. He does it on a day-to-day basis.

      I promise that’s not the only reason I married him. It’s just a crazy awesome bonus.

      • Lena on August 24, 2012

        GENIUS, Lorri. Although, like Anni, I am also blessed to have a sweetheart who has his own special floor wash. When I manage to sweep, he’s totally gleeful. So maybe he should start man-minding me…

  3. Erin on August 24, 2012

    My fiancé is that way! I was really into it at first, but (and this is going to sound bad, but) I wouldn’t mind getting the control back. I love that our wedding is going to be really meaningful/ unique to us, I do, but sometimes I just want more pink. Sue me.

    I still feel really lucky though, he’s great. ;).
    Can’t wait to see the wedding!

  4. HS on September 16, 2012

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  6. foxgown on December 29, 2012

    I like Odd Trend in Weddings

  7. Malaya on April 30, 2013

    I’m going to just toss it out there — I’m obsessed with that puppy & I kind of want one of my own now!

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