DIY + PERSONAL | Metallic Tassel Party Envelopes By Renee, My Life In Instagram Pics, My New Favorite Jacket, + a Note On Bleeding Every Month.


We have a gas leak in the area.  Con Ed has been jackhammering day and night, literally 24 hours a day.  The smell is so strong we’ve had to keep our windows shut since last night, and there is visible gas all over the street.  The paramedic who parks his ambulance under our window every day is currently enjoying a cigarette a few yards from the drill site.  

So if you don’t hear from me, you’ll know what happened. UPDATE: We iz alive! :)

Resume regularly scheduled talking:

Happy Friday, faces!

The other day I told Honey it was time for me to write a really straightforward, grossly honest post here on the blog, listing out every single mother effing thing that makes Shark Week (<–menstruation, if you’re new here) kind of a drag.

He said, “Ok, cool.  Just let me know the publish date so that I can be sure to AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE.”

It isn’t today, Honey.  Full post is scheduled for next week.  Everyone else…. girrrrd yourrrr loiiinnnnnns.  Oo and if you have any of your own that you’d like me to include in the list, feel free to share them below.  And indicate if you want it to be anonymous, be offering it anonymously. :)

But anyway, back to today.

Before I get to the good stuff from our resident DIY blogger and party-improver-extraordinaire Renee Hong, I thought it’d be fun to share some ‘best moments’ from the mini-trip Honey and I embarked upon this week (even though I worked most of it because I CANNOT HELP MYSELF).  Plus I wanna share the best moment of all… which involves me meeting a loooong sought after piece of apparel and actually being able to afford it!  And you know I’m not one to shop a lot, so this was a HUGE purchase.  HUGE in terms of satisfaction, and NOT HUGE in terms of price.  WINNING!  (<– too soon?)

We visited a cool kitchen store for some design ideas, since we’re home hunting and all.  We also hung out with these ducks, during which time we realized we would like to adopt some ducks, because they are awesome.  Are you allowed to adopt ducks?

I really don’t mean to be superficial or anything, but I’ve been searching for a nicely fitting leather motorcycle jacket AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE for what feels like my entire life up to this point.  And finally I found it!  I’m not *in love* with the little zipper accents on the shoulders, but small potatoes compared to the rest of it.

I don’t know if anyone else is still looking for something similar, but if any of you want me to share all the specifics just lemme know below and as soon as I’m near my closet today I’ll be sure to let you know.


You guys.  YOU GUYS.  It was delicious.  I’m assuming they get it to glisten like that by adding oil to the water?  That’s happening from now on in our family.  In fact I might dip myself in oil before leaving the apartment from now on, since I was pretty attracted to that lobster when it came out.  It was the sexiest lobster I ever chowed down on.

Oh by the way, I show you a lot of pictures of Bambino on here, but I never show you the occasional attempts Honey makes at shielding his identity.  He just wants to protect his baby- I understand this.  Anyway, here’s me exploiting both of them for your enjoyment!

Okie dokie ENOUGH.  On to the DIY awesomeness part of this post.  Take it away, Renee….


Hi there readers!

Today I’ll be showing you a quick project to add a little pop to any plain old envelope.  It’ll transform your drab and generic card into its own little party!  This makes a great way to dress-up one of those last-minute thank you or birthday envelopes (don’t those always turn out to be last minute things?)… you’ll be finished making it in less than 10 minutes!

What you’ll need:
- Plain kraft envelope
- Metallic shreds (you can buy these at the craft store or make them yourself)
- Colored tissue paper shreds (I just cut strips on a rotary cutter)
- Gold string/ribbon
- Metallic/colored tape
- Glue

Step 1:
Take 7-10 shreds of tissue, line them up, fold in half and twist.  Use a metallic shred to tie a double-knot around the twist to secure and make a mini tassel.

Step 2:
Snip the ends of the tie (as well as the ends of your newly-made tassel, as needed) and repeat with various colors!

Step 3:
Set your tassels aside for now! Cut a short piece of ribbon or string and tape it to the back of your envelope somewhere near the top center.  Fold the end of the the string onto the other side and tape it down under the envelope flap.

Step 4:
Attach your tassels! You could tie the string around them, but I prefer to just glue them on. It’s far less of a hassle… tassel hassle.

That’s it — you can even add extra surprise by cutting up some confetti with your leftover tissue to put inside the envelope!

I’ve been thinking of making a bunch of these ahead of time to give out at those extra-last minute events!  What do you think?  Would you be excited to receive one of these colorful cards?!

xo Renee / photos by Renee

Label(s): Blue, Color, Pink, Yellow

Love all of this...


  1. Sarah on September 14, 2012

    I can’t be sure, but that plant you’re dying to know the name of? Possibly rosemary.

  2. Alison on September 14, 2012

    Sarah – I think you may be right, THANK YOU!!

  3. Jessica on September 14, 2012

    Love the tassel envelopes. Now I have something to do with my scraps from other projects (instead of obsessively collecting them in a jar for eternity). :)

    • Renee on September 14, 2012

      Oh gosh, I feel the exact same way. I have the hardest time throwing away my pretty little craft leftovers… luckily, they’re perfect for this project!!

  4. Lauren on September 15, 2012

    Try LIVING in MAINE…the Land O’ The Lobster!

    And a note on Shark Week: It is SUPER annoying how your emotions can jump from even keeled to TOTALLY NUTS in 4.8 seconds.

    Love the envelopes! Awesome DIY :)

  5. Sara on September 15, 2012

    this envelops looks awesome! love this idea :X

  6. Lena on September 17, 2012

    OH hello, lubed-up lobstahs, fabulous Boston snapshots, the perfect jacket and a little Bambs–to say nothing of gold and tassels and kraft. Monday is good.

  7. sarah on September 17, 2012

    would LOVE details about the jacket… can never find a good fit

  8. Alison on September 19, 2012

    Sarah – glad you like! It’s the Zara Basic line, and it’s a perfect fit!

  9. WifedUp on September 25, 2012

    OK my daughter is s-o-o-o-o gonna love this idea! She’s a creative little monster and can send her grandparents pics in these cute envelopes. Thanks for sharing!

  10. K on October 1, 2012

    Details about the jacket, please!!

  11. Mir on October 12, 2012

    could you share the specifics on the moto jacket? great find!

  12. Alison on October 12, 2012

    Sarah, K and Mir – I got it very recently at Zara on a trip to their DC store, it’s part of the Zara Basic collection!


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