OF DRESSES AND FACIALS | Bridal Fashion Week: World’s Most Shocking Frock + Would You Wear a Mullet Dress?

Happiest of evenings to you, peeps.

Bambino pic right off the bat, because I listen to my readers.  And apparently most of you prefer my frenchie to me.  So, yay.  

Before we get to the dresses, I have an Open Letter to a certain part of the industry that sends me things I didn’t ask them to send me:

Dear PR person who sent me an email with the title “DIY Pumpkin Cream Pie Facial.”

First let me say, thanks so much for adding me to your mass email list without permission.  It is always a treat, when that happens.  But moving beyond that; I would probably vote down an Equal Pay for Equal Work bill before I would want to receive an email about a Cream Pie Facial.  I mean really.  All the best to the creator of said treatment, but what in the world.  I want to know if this is a joke.  Is this a joke?  I am asking sincerely.  One thing you have to understand, is that if you’re going to add me to your PR list, and I’m going to have to suffer through emails I never asked to receive, and you’re going to add on top of that a skin treatment that sounds like the offspring of the two things I dislike most in this world – Pumpkin Spice Lattes and guys coming on faces - I mean, just please understand that you will ultimately live to regret your decision.

Ok, on a completely unrelated note, it’s time for the first round of my fave dress picks fresh from the runway!  I narrowly avoided accidentally launching Bridge while in Photoshop this whole week so thanks to that I was able to wrap up my bridal market editing a day early (I budget in approx. 17 hours of accidental ‘Launch Bridge’ clicks per session).  Good times.  So without further adieu, here’s my *haul* from the JLM Couture runway show WHICH WAS F**KING PHENOMENAL BTW.  It was the official runway presentation of their Spring 2013 Collections: Lazaro, Hayley Paige, Alvina Valenta and Jim Hjelm.  I am totally in love with every bit of fabric and embellishment that walked its way down that slightly-problematic-with-regard-to-taking-photos-from-my-seat path.  Enjoy.

^ And the Most Shocking Dress Award goes to:

So… what say you about those dresses?  And where, may I ask, do you stand on the *pouf* debate?  Love big poufs?  Don’t love big poufs but more power to those who do?  Kill all poufy dress lovers until their blood runs cold in the streets?  And the mullet dress… thoughts?  And finally, that Shocker of Shockers, the almost-completely-nude wedding dress which is both immensely beautiful and totally too scandalous SIMULTANE.

FYI: Much more to come, you guys.  And by more, I mean ruffles and sparkles and gems and poufs, and Bambino McPuppypants, and hates, and loves, and personal issues I naturally discuss with reckless abandon on a worldwide blog in between pictures of attractive people, and also…

… the specific thing I want to murder about Bridal Market.  Oh yes.

So, hide ya kids and ya wife.  Husbands, too.

xoxo  - Alison

P.S. – a shoot inspired by The Notebook, coming up on TKB.  Because that kind of shoot is what dreams are made of, and I am in the business of showcasing other people’s dreams while talking about random s**t in between.  So basically, I slightly tarnish dreams with talking.  #Winning

Photos: m’self  with Instagram. So, Instagram.

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Love all of this...


  1. Mindy on October 17, 2012

    LOL so much at that f’in ipad. Who brings an ipad to a bridal show, I mean really. The camera is really crappy, you know that, right ipad owner? Anyway, I pinned that “shocker” dress on Pinterest earlier today with the caption “:-/”

  2. Wedding Wardrobe on October 18, 2012

    You made my day…wedding dresses presentation is always a pleasure to watch

  3. Elaine on October 18, 2012

    the first dress is awesome :X beautiful model

  4. Casey on October 18, 2012

    Hahaha – don’t even get me started on ipad photo takers. But those gowns! Soooo good. I would legit wear all but the mullet dress (too trendy and would look a bit crazy in photos years from now) and the see-through unders-showing dress (too not appropriate for grandma’s viewing).

  5. Jennie on October 18, 2012

    *LOVE* the blush dress…love the bow, the tulle, the fact that it’s blush…and is that a hint of a peplum? Adorable.

    Immediately need more information on the off the shoulder, sexy back pouf dress. Full frontal, side angles, close up detail, I want it all! I mean the POUF makes the dress but it leaves me wanting more!! Will be scouring instagram in search of it!

    And as for the shocker. Two things come to mind:
    1. That bridal shower game you play to make bridal dresses out of toilet paper that tear apart the second they start walking.
    2. With all the beauty concerns of brides (hair, skin, makeup, toned upper arms, svelt waist), do they really want to focus on their thighs for their wedding too?!

    I could go on, but this is a comment not a novel. :) Cheers and thanks for the great collection of shots!

  6. Sandy on October 18, 2012

    OMG. I totally launch the Bridge all the time too, and it takes flipping foreverrrrr. That cracked me up!

    And DEF both the blush and the V-neck dresses FTW! Luuurve!

  7. isabelle on October 18, 2012

    Well… on the iPad debate I say a resound OMG.STOP!! Please stop taking photos with your iPad. They are HUGE.

    I recently shot a wedding where on an extremely narrow aisle a person pulled out their iPad to take a photo so… needless to say… father/daughter walking down the aisle was ruined.

    I love the dresses though!!

  8. Tailored Engagements on October 18, 2012

    Blush dresses are becoming the latest trend, but a blue dress? Who knew! I wonder if the mullet dress is going to be a hit in 2013?!

  9. Amanda, MagnetStreet Weddings on October 18, 2012

    I’m so insanely jealous that you were at this show. I CAN’T. GET. ENOUGH. of the blush AND the blue dress! LOVE!

  10. Avid Thinker on October 19, 2012

    Love the dresses and so inspiring! :=)

  11. Lena on October 21, 2012

    My eyeballs have popped out of my head. I’d like to meet the bride who pulls off wearing sequined undergarments and a tulle bodysuit to her wedding.

  12. Grace on October 22, 2012

    I adore the dress with the gold waistband and the dramatic mermaid shape! Bravo JLM Couture!

  13. Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses on October 22, 2012

    looove the wedding dresses! very sophisticated and elegant

  14. Simon Says I Do on October 29, 2012

    Wow…A good half of these are just all kinds of awful. Ask yourself, would I be disgusted if my groom showed up to my wedding sporting a mullet? Case closed!


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