What Barely-Clothed Version of a Celebrity Will You Be Dressing As This Halloween? Plus: OMG,You Guys. There Are Halloween-Inspired Shoots That Don’t Suck!

Good evening, friends!  Happy almost Halloween!  Though not so happy for me.  *cue the violins*

You know this already, but I’m from New York.  I’ve spent my whole life here, save for a truly fabulous, don’t get me wrong four year stint spent in North Carolina during two of the hugest ice storms that state has ever seen in its LIFE.  Shut down the entire state.  Good news is, North Carolina has approximately one snow plow and five-on-a-good-day ConEd workers keeping things running statewide, or at least it would appear that way.  Which translates to shit gets f**ked up beyond belief in North Carolina when bad weather comes.  Shit gets effed in the F.  I could tell you a story about the time my Mom visited me and we lost all power/heat/running water that weekend and we had to hold one another for warmth until the paramedics came but I don’t want to sit here and regurgitate depressing memories.  Not when I’ve successfully blocked them for the better part of a decade.

My point is: Halloween in NY – if you’re a young girl fallen prey to societal expectations of you – means walking around your friends’ neighborhoods half-naked in 30 degree weather, trying to look sexy while clear snot drips from your nostrils.  So I haven’t been what you would call a traditional fan of Halloween since around the time it occurred to me that being outside for long periods of time trespassing every property in your town in the freezing cold darkness of it all while wearing whatever slut leotard I’ve chosen to wear that year is actually not a great way to spend a night.  (Who knew?)

Not to poop on Halloween.  Sorry.  I’m pooping all over Halloween, I’m a terrible person.  Don’t be sore at me.**  I think it’s awesome that people like Halloween; I actually wish I was less of a lover of warmth and being comfortable and generally out of costume.  I’m just not a big camper.  (Camper is a catchall I’m using for a person who looks forward to roughing it when more amenable conditions exist and are readily available.)

ANYWAAAAAAAAYS just wanted to give you a miniature taste of some of what you’ll be seeing next week.  Unlike a lot of Halloween-inspired shoots, I actually liked this one.  A lot.

Succulents are involved.

Tell me, are you excited for Halloween?  I’m looking to hear some of the reasons people like it; contrary to what you’re thinking after having read this post, I’m not a closed-minded individual and am open to being turned into a fan of this holiday.

Oo and what are you getting dressed up as?  We’ll probably be Mr & Mrs Snuggie.

xoxo  - Alison

Photography: Izzy Hudgins Photography

**Anybody remember those Jerky Boys prank call cds?  The one reason I’m sad to see landlines go the way of the Dodo.

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Love all of this...


  1. Kristen on October 26, 2012

    Halloween in Colorado is pretty much the same freezing, snot inducing, kids flashing their costumes at you from underneath their snow gear sort of deal. My son is eight and every year we have had to work a costume around his puffy winter wear. When you peer at the kids through the window they look like the little brother from “Christmas Story,” but when you open your door, you get the costume flash along with your, “trick or treat!” Nothing like the Halloween’s I grew up with in San Diego full of sunshine and standing in line for haunted houses without freezing your bits off. I’m an old goth and so for me Halloween holds a special place in my little black heart. Despite the cold and runny noses and the costume flashers at my door, I live for it. It’s the one time of year my weirdness is accepted and it’s okay for me to have my skeleton collection on display, including my skeleton flamingos on my wee patio.

    • Jennifer on December 2, 2012

      Dude, the Hershey’s miniatures rock! The Special Chocolate is the best. Then the Mr. Goodbar. Luckily most pelope don’t like Mr. Goodbar, so I end up getting more of those. Then the plain milk chocolate and the Krackle Bar last. Jolly Ranchers are good too. I like the grape and the lemon. And Smarties are the freaking bomb!

  2. Wedding Gowns on October 27, 2012

    It’s fun the Halloween to be the wedding theme but it steals the chance to have the white fairy tale day. This holiday is each year, your wedding once.

  3. Caleigh on October 30, 2012

    Love Halloween :) Here in Manitoba it’s almost always cold, but we just dress for it. When I was a kid I used to have 2 costumes a year. One for school (we had our costume parade and class parties) and one for trick or treating. Who doesn’t love having 2 costumes?

    Slut costumes are not really big here in MB… It just doesn’t go well with cold weather, so why go there? Unless we can put tights or something under it and a sweater over it, it’s useless lol.

    I would have LOVED to have a Halloween wedding :) I can envision white pumpkins and gourds, with sparkle and green leaves. But our date is set for June so I’ll have to get over that. Le Sigh.

  4. Wedding Beauty on November 1, 2012

    A Halloween themed wedding has numerous styles and it is totally unconventional though it shouldn’t scare the guests, right? A tough task after all….

  5. Pradae on November 13, 2012

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