GIRL TALK: The Single Most Essential Behavior to a Lasting Relationship. Do You Do It? PLUS: A DIY Rustic Vintage Teacup Wedding by Honey Honey, & LOL News Fit to Blog.

OMFGYOUGUYSTHISWEDDING.  <== no seriously this time.

But first, I have a little story for you about my personal relationship, because of course I do!  If you care to hear it I mean.  It has to do with the Girl Talk part of this post, but I don’t think I’ve ever brought up Honey’s and my sleeping preferences… because omg how boring that would be of me.

… so would you just excuse this one time that I’m going to do it in this post? :)


As bed sheets go we are fair weather fans.  Exhilarated/better lovers/life feels full of possibilities/sky is the limit when our bed sheets are freshly cleaned.  Hating the very existence of bed sheets at all, and cursing their name, when it’s time to change them out.  Honey and I are used to changing them as a team, and we’ve finally emerged from the period where you accidentally line up the fitted sheet the wrong way every single time that you guys do it together, and for several years.  But we’re beyond that stage now, so things are looking up on the *bare minimum necessary to maintaining a livable adult home* front.

Through this process, naturally, we’ve learned a lot about each other’s personal preferences insofar as bed sheeting goes.  One thing he’s learned about me is that I am devoid of personal preference when it comes to bed sheets.  One thing I’ve learned about him, is he likes to tuck them in with hospital corners.

So here’s something I do:

When I make the bed in the morning, I tuck up the side he sleeps on and I hospital corner the som’bitch.  Sometimes I do a bad job of the corner because I’ll have just remembered he’s on his way home.  Other times I’ll do it with the focus of the Jedi, weirdly testing my limits in the sport of sheeting a king size bed in a NYC apartment.  I can make hospital corners better than you’ve ever had in your life, given the proper amount of time.  I am good; that is what having an out-of-control obsession trying to perfect an act of love gets you- dominance in your sport.

The first time he noticed it, he said: “Aww you tucked in my side… that’s a sign of love.”

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese-filled cheesyness, I know.  But smiley face emoticon as well. :)


Question: what is one thing you do, to show your partner (or a different loved one) love?

Emma of Honey Honey Photography sent in this a lil bit rustic, a lil bit vintage wedding, and it’s equal parts girlishly charming and joyously colorful.  Oh my goodness wtf are these words that I’m using. girlishly charming? really?  Let me just get out of my own way and on to today’s tip…

Fun Tip for Your Ceremony Exit: why throw birdseed or rice, when you can go with a bowl of lavender for a comforting post-ceremony sprinkling?  Taking the lavender approach makes for a triple threat experience – it smells great, it always photographs beautifully, and it doesn’t take with it tiny pieces of your shoulder skin when the assholes the other side of the family invited start gunning it at the center of your face, as if they’re on the front lines of the nation’s War on Women.

Also THERE ARE TEACUPS.  I, like a lot of women in the world these days, am BEYOND beyond obsessed with teacups. omg I am so obsessed with them.  I’m *this close* to starting a hoarding affair with beautiful delicate teacups, that my unborn children can, one day, bring crashing down along with the glass menagerie I eventually will have had to buy to contain/display my insanely prolific and expensive teacup hoarding collection which has at this point become a fetish.

So, that said, I’m really into this wedding.

Emma shared some tidbits about Amanda’s various DIY elements:

Amanda wanted a vintage, rustic and romantic theme for her special day.  She had her dress custom made by Ivy & Aster and started collecting vintage plates and tea cups a whole year before the wedding.  Everything was DIY and made by love by her and her family.  She did all the typography & invitations (she’s an artist) plus her hand-beaded clutch.  Her friend made the cake topper and a family friend did the catering.  The ceremony was held at an adorable old church and the reception was at the fairgrounds.  Oh, did I mention her glittery shoes and vintage 20′s veil?!  All of this thanks to an ex who introduced them to each other!!

And here’s what the gorgeous bride, Amanda had to share with us about the day:

When Matt and I started planning our wedding we knew we wanted it to be about our friends and family having a good time.  We decided to hold the ceremony at the Haddam Neck Congregational Church and the reception at the Haddam Neck Fairgrounds both of which are in the town where Matt grew up.  The places were really special to Matt, they were affordable and they allowed us to have our wedding the way we wanted it.

My mom, sister, mother-in-law and I spent a year collecting glasses, plates, vases, silverware, and linens for the reception.  It was a great way to spend time together and now I have a collection of my favorites for our home.  I printed the save-the-dates and invitations using my little letterpress and I did all of the calligraphy.  My dear friend at Concarta made us the sweetest cake topper that matched my dress perfectly as well as Matt’s police uniform.  It was a big hit!

I was so lucky to win our flowers from and they were just lovely!  Two days before the wedding my Godmother and I prepared them and then she made all of the bouquets and arrangements.  During the days before the wedding the whole family got the fairgrounds in order, from cleaning to decorating.  I actually found it nice to have so much to do before the wedding so I didn’t sit around stressing.

Shortly after Matt and I met, I went to Spain for a summer and he came to visit.  We decided to have a Spanish inspired meal for our wedding to remember that trip.  Matt’s friend did our catering with tapas for cocktail hour and paella for dinner.  For drinks I made sangria and iced tea and we had a few kegs of different beers.

The day of the wedding was an absolutely perfect late spring day.  I was so nervous before the ceremony but once I saw Matt at the end of the aisle I just felt calm.  Our guests played lawn games and danced all night.  The evening ended with Matt and his friends taking over the music and I got to listen to my new husband play guitar.  It was great!

In other news:

This Thanksgiving comic by The Oatmeal, tweeted about by Susan Bond, is the funniest.

~ This comic I saw on boingboing (also by The Oatmeal)

..reaches me on a level so deep, it makes me uncomfortable.  And if you have the time, the comic in combination with the comments left on the post = the essence of the internet, and I found it worth sharing.

Ok, SO!  Per the story I shared today…

What’s one thing you do as a little (or big) sign of love?

xx!  Alison

Photography: Honey Honey Photography / Dress and Veil: Ivy and Aster from The White Dress by the Shore / Grooms Suit: Colin’s Tux Shop / Ceremony: Haddam Neck Congregational Church / Minister: James Simpson / Reception: Haddam Neck Fairgrounds, Cake Topper: Concarta / Catering: John Schwartz / Hair: Sarah Colonghi-Maziarz / Flowers: Fifty Flowers and Bride’s Godmother / Band:RSVP / Ceremony Music: Bride’s Uncle / Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan / Invitations: Bride / Submitted via: Two Bright Lights

Label(s): Color, Girl Talk, Green, Pink, Purple, White, {DIY + Freebies}, {Real Weddings}

Love all of this...


  1. beckie on November 20, 2012

    I am SO all about this post! My fiance and I are the exact same way with our sheet stylings. He wants everything neatly and perfectly tucked, I’m like, no way, keep it loose, don’t fence me in! We also try to make the bed together when laundry is fresh, even though no one wants the dreaded task of stuffing the duvet back into its cover.

    I’d have to say, though, that my biggest little act of love is lunch. I pack lunch for both of us every day and I always make sure he has a little note or candy or some other little treat in his so he knows I am thinking of him every day :)

    Also – this wedding is wildly romantic and gorgeous. Every element is just inspiringly pretty and has given me new enthusiasm in planning our upcoming wedding!

  2. Lena on November 20, 2012

    I was all, “Holy WEDDING” until I saw that she was wearing a tea length dress and then I screeeched, “EEEEEEEYEEEEAAAHHH!”

  3. Tracy on November 20, 2012

    OMGOSHHHHH~~~ So love this wedding!!! The teacups, napkin folding….so simple, classic, beautiful, and chic!!!

  4. gigi on November 20, 2012

    Lawn games. Lavender. Love it.

  5. Janna Lee on November 20, 2012

    I love this post! My fiance and I are opposite of you and yours! I have to have mine tucked in and we just kind of always made the bed that way depending on who is last one up! Every time I go grocery shopping I buy him some kind of food I know he loves but I find gross…like pickled herring.<- it's a real thing…bleh. He always arranges my favorite foods at a height in the cupboard I can reach!!! It took me years to notice.

  6. Kate on November 21, 2012

    I think I will simply have to have an entirely lavender-themed wedding. Also, I tuck in my sheet corner and leave his untucked!

    I can be way too picky about how I spend my time (‘no, I don’t want to see a late movie, I need to go to bed early!’ or ‘we’ve eaten out 2 times already this week, let’s just stay home’) and I feel like I’m always shooting his ideas down. So some days I just decide to say ‘yes’ to whatever ideas he has for our weekend or evening – whatever he picks for dinner, I agree to; if he suggests we see a movie, I say sure; if he wants to go play disc golf I go with him and just run around with the dog while he plays. It’s fun to just let go of control and float around with him and do whatever :)

    Also, I always pick up Trader Joe’s mango gummies for him when I go grocery shopping!

  7. Grace on November 26, 2012

    I really love the bride’s dress. It is a perfect way to do a short dress. This weeding was very sweet and thoughtfully put together!

  8. Valerie on November 27, 2012

    Love the photos! So many details! Lots of preparations for sure:)

  9. Weddings on December 4, 2012

    Every detail presented purely perfect. There is blend of both modern and vintage… Beautiful!!!

  10. foxgown on December 29, 2012

    beautiful white wedding dress

  11. margherita on January 24, 2013

    Beautiful to see you so happy, Amanda. smile often. It suits YOU!

  12. margherita on January 24, 2013

    …a work of art, is a thing forever”

  13. Rachel on February 11, 2013

    I LOVE THE TEACUPS. What do you do with them all afterwards though? theres a limit to how many tea light holders i need in my life lol. I love the sign posts too. Gorgeous wedding.

  14. Danisa Flowers on April 18, 2013

    Everything look so wonderful and amazing.So adorable.Thanks for sharing and keep posting for more.

  15. Jenny on June 6, 2013

    Such a perfect tea cup wedding, what a beautiful scene. Love the white lace Hankie for the Bride on her special day, just those keepsake touches make any Bride special. Just lovely, well done

  16. Kali Chandler on August 30, 2013

    Dude. That sign says “Rabbits” -nudge, nudge- If you know what I mean. They sure had a good honeymoon! ;D

    And with my man, every time he mentions something he wants anytime throughout the year, I write it down secretly and surprise him at the end of the year for Christmas with things he totally forgot he even wanted. His smile is so worth it. <3 Also, I love how both of us leave little notes for each other in random places to find as little reminders that we love each other. c:

  17. What a pretty wedding! Really love the dress and veil.

  18. Maya on February 15, 2016

    What a great showcase!

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