DIY | If You Love Pretty Holiday Packaging, You Will Want to Check This Out.

It’s the holiday season, and what does that mean?  Inexplicably, gifts.  Lots of them- like multiple gifts.  But you have to give them, too.. so.  Meh.

Jk.  BEST SEASON OF THE YEAR.  Your argument is invalid.

The catch: you have to *wrap* the gifts.  And if you’re not an expert crafter, or you’re All Guys, you are just totally intimidated by the whole process; especially these days.  Don’t worry, I am too.  Fortunately, there are people who can help you: 

DIY Pretty Holiday Packaging Class
Monday, December 10, 5:00-6:00 PM PST (official release hour of the online class; students can enroll for access anytime)
A brief description of what will go down:
Add statement pops of color and spark to your holiday gifts this year with our DIY packaging class!  These simple yet unique projects make for beautiful, cost-effective and practical solutions during the holiday rush.  In this class, we’ll be focusing on minimalist designs by repurposing common materials to create eye-catching packaging ensembles.

Pssst… recognize the young lady on the left?  It’s our beloved Renee Hong, who contributes those outtasight DIY projects you guys see here on TKB.  Wheeeee!

Renee Hong is a freelance designer and event stylist residing in Northern California.  She has worked in the design industry for six years and is graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Design from SUNY Empire State College.  She is a DIY columnist on popular wedding blog The Knotty Bride, graphics and brand designer of Geronimo Balloon-Troopers and designer for Sous Style by Elle.  Renee is also co-founder of Golden Hour, a party-planning workshop in the downtown arts district of Los Angeles. Visit her website.

Ali Nelson makes things.  A self-described Utility Creative: freelance designer, writer, gypsy and artist most recently residing in a RV traveling the country as the Creative Director of the Better Together Tour.  She has worked in the art and design industries for seven years and studied Fine Art at School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois.  She spent three years on the visual team at Anthropologie, designs for Seer Outfitters (a clothing line by NBA player Kyle Korver), and hand-letters her way through life.  Ali has done various installations, staging, eventing, and design work for clients such as CNN Latin America, Kutoa Health Bars, Project: Living Well, numerous professional athletes and musicians, nonprofit organizations, churches, commercial and retail spaces.  Visit her website.


If you’re thinking of enrolling in Renee’s class, here are some ways I recommend you experience it:

  1. you can choose to focus on the learning aspect of the course, and acquire some kickass techniques/inspiring ideas directly from a couple of pros, or;
  2. you can pop a fresh bag of popcorn and get your Jedi focus on with all that retinally-delicious eye candy getting made.  Your choice.  However what you’re not gonna wanna do is both at the same time, because you’ll end up ruining everything with your popcorn-butter-hand, you nincompoop.  In the off chance that you’re a perfectionist, this will not please you.  (How to tell if you’re a perfectionist: you would go through a full stack of stationery before mailing a single card with a scribbled out word on it.  ..I know this because I aaaammmmm thiiiiiiisss.)

WHATEVER you choose to do, have a wonderful time doing it.

Hope everybody’s having a sufficiently pleasurable weekend!

xx, Alison

On the lookout for more fun things to do/read?  Go check out everything Renee’s created for readers of TKB since the beginning of time of when she started doing it.  AAAAHHH that reminds me!  I have a holiday DIY from Renee coming soon that is seriously my new favorite thing.  Which 50/50 chance means it’s gonna be yours, too.  Thas probability, bitches.

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