I have to talk about what happened today. Just for a minute…


It’s 7pm and I wasn’t going to write anything else today.  Not beyond the post that went up this morning, but – and if you follow me on Twitter you know this – it got to a point where I couldn’t not do it.  I couldn’t not write something.  Here is all I was going to say the moment I decided to say at least something,

==> This is some patronizing-sounding advice but hug someone you love today.  I hugged Bambino, above.  He never hugs me back but I like to think he would if he could.  Who are you gonna hug?

But then I started watching cable news coverage because I like doing things that shorten my life expectancy.  I’m a lefty, so that’s apparently nine years deducted from my life expectancy.  Also I smoked 63 cigarettes my junior year of college, which doesn’t sound like a lot but then I tell you I have bad asthma and that’s when you’re like, “ohhh…. she’s an idiot.”  So with that said, the years I’ll lose as a direct result of visceral anger-as-a-result-of-cable-news-reporting is probably small potatoes compared to the brutal impact of left-handedness, which apparently God hates so much, combined with the asthma probs.  And on a scale of 1 to 10, I am like throwing up at how lefty I am – it’s a dangerous amount of lefty, my handedness.  I mean, I throw like a girl from my right hand.

Aright anyway here’s what made me mad about the national discussion going on today after what happened to these poor children.  I call the following conversation: ”Everything we *shouldn’t* be fighting over or ignoring/changing the topic about, within the first 24-48 hours:”

GIULIANI: “All of us who are parents, you know, this is a nightmare that you live through.  This has to be a total complete traumatic blow to the community.  It’s also one of these things where you’re not gonna get any easy answers–there are no easy answers to this.  Anybody who tries to present easy answers to this, is just ignoring the problem.  We need to really examine *why* this happens… is it happening more *frequently*… How can we *reduce* it.  Maybe we can never end it, but reduce it.  Everything- everything needs to be on the table.  You can’t be an advocate of one social or political view or the other.  This lies deep in the human personality.  The factors that indicate this, science hasn’t figured it out yet, you can’t predict this, you can’t see it with any kind of certitude.

But we have to look at: are there better ways to predict it, we have to look at whether there are better ways to secure these schools.  I mean, he did just walk in at one point, with apparently what I’m hearing was a fairly large weapon.  So.  How did that happen?  Can you secure against things like this.  What do we do about weapons.  We should have a non-political humble discussion..” - WHEN HE IS SUDDENLY INTERRUPTED BY NEIL CAVUTO.  Why?  Perhaps Neil was getting sick of waiting to be the one talking again.  He likes it so much.  Or maybe it was his ties with gun lobbyists.  Maybe he had Mexican for lunch and the runs had dropped their luggage in Cavuto’s ass, and it was flying through the large baggage claim to the small baggage claim, and at record speeds, showing no signs of willingness to wait for the segment to run its course.  We’ll never know what prompted his interruption at that moment.  But here’s what he interrupted with:

CAVUTO: “–yeah, yeah that one we’ll leave aside for now, cause that–but yeah- umm, I see what you’re saying…”

GIULIANI: “Everything should be on the table.  And everyone should have some humility, because we don’t have the answers to this…”

CAVUTO (interrupting): “BUT, what about just guarding……… remember, like, after Columbine there, they, they put metal detectors in some schools? and… they still had some shootings, and… it didn’t stop… Virginia Tech, and….” blah, blah, blah, etc.   But then Giuliani speaks again.

GIULIANI: ”What I’d like to see is maybe, eventually, this country, with everybody laying aside their prejudices, and whatever thing they’re committed to the most.  And just having some humility about this.”

Cavuto changes the subject.

That conversation speaks to what’s going on in America right now.  We’re not supposed to talk about the stuff the lobbyists don’t want us to talk about.  It’s killing us.  It’s like literally killing us.

So.  I liked Giuliani for the first time again, today.



One more thing.  I went to Twitter before publishing this post, as is common with compulsions left unchecked.  I randomly read one tweet in my feed before clicking ‘Publish.’  The tweet is below, and it made me laugh.

Here’s the thing.  Today is one of those terrible, terrible, horrible days!  It is going down in our history as just that.  100% bad news.  Second most fatal school shooting, after Virginia Tech.  Children, dead.  Senseless violence.  A country that is having trouble figuring out the right way to deal properly with its mentally ill.  A country deeply split on what causes these things, if we can even know, ever.  So today is only a sad day, it’s not for laughter and happy thoughts.. right?

I honestly don’t know.  I’ve never been sure of the official right way to react to these things.

But my dad once told me something that I deemed important and worth remembering – and I don’t remember much, so.  Here’s the thing he said:

“It’s ok to smile and laugh a little bit, even on a day like this.  How will you ever be able to bring an end to anything bad on a large scale, if you’re spending all your time crying and talking about how terrible and sad it is?  Get the emotions out early; keep strength stored up for the long fight towards peacefulness on Earth.”

That’s not verbatim because I am not Rain Man but that was very, very close to the conversation we had at 6pm, the night before finals in my senior year of college.  I remember it really vividly because I was having the closest thing I’ve ever had to a panic attack; I didn’t think I had studied enough, we were living with someone who was starting to behave very irrationally in the home with us, and to boot I had a mean case of bed bugs and nobody was believing me that I had the bed bugs even though I was covered in bed bug bites.

Full Disclosure: I had purchased my unwrapped, used mattress from the inside of a rotting, backyard shed, 30 minutes outside of Raleigh-Durham.  My best friend and roommate at the time had given me the “hot tip,” about discount mattresses.  The things we do in college.

Love to you all.  Have a heartwarming weekend.  Hug someone, too – I was serious about that.

- Alison

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  1. Gina_AcuteDesigns on December 14, 2012

    Well said, I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Steph on December 14, 2012

    Just hugged my husband. Thanks for this post. And I feel ya on the lefty thing.

  3. Elizabeth on December 14, 2012

    I’m with you… On like everything you said. I disliked Giuliani for a while there, but kudos to him today! And thank you to your father. His words are wise. While I did have a panic attack (not common during the day) today, I would willingly feel like I’m dying every single day for the rest of my life to make this not have happened – I have still found a puppy to hug, many people to be thankful for, and fuel to fire my passion for children, education, and mental health. With all that being said, thank you Alison! I feel so sad, I’m grieving, and I don’t know how to put words together in the way you do. I want to so badly it hurts, so THANK YOU! We can’t not talk about this! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Prayers for the country because all of us are feeling things we can’t quite process. Here’s a virtual hug for you, and of course Bam was hugging you back in his own way. Love! – Elizabeth

  4. Marie on December 15, 2012

    Spent today with my family. Made my great grandmother’s orange cookie recipe from the original typed up index card. Lots of hugs and love to give and much given. Such a tragedy but my hope is that when we love and care for those around us the world will be a better place. Treasuring the time we have Love to you and your family Alison.

  5. CL on December 19, 2012

    What a great article this is.

  6. Kari on December 21, 2012

    Just read your post and wish I’d seen it sooner. I really appreciate the reminder, and your Dad’s quote, about remembering to smile and laugh even on that day.
    Not to take any focus away from such a tragedy, but when it also happens to be your 30th birthday, you can’t help but be in a weird place. So thank you for letting the few who have other reasons to smile know that it’s more than OK to enjoy the happiness and love around you!

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