DIY + UNIQUE PROPOSAL + PUPPY | White & Gold Fringed Party Poms by Renee, A Day in the Life of Bambino, & A Must-See Stop Motion Proposal Video!

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but it’s the holiday season.  And everyone knows that the holiday season is made up of three main things besides the thing where you have to sort through the office politics of who gets to take Christmas eve/Christmas day off, and that’s:

  1. generous gift-giving,
  2. the opportunity to spend time with extended family whether or not you’re interested in that, and
  3. soundless intercourse in upstairs childhood bedrooms on the DL.  Some might call this disgusting but it is technically *fetish-adjacent* and not a full-fledged fetish, and therefore within the realm of acceptable human sexual desire.  So you’re safe.

But we’ll focus on #1 for today (sorry, I know #3′s the coolest one, but we always talk about #3…).  Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m over the moon about this post today, and that you will be too.  Let’s see, first there’s the fact that our resident master of the DIY Renee Hong is back, and she’s brought with her some gold tape, some tissue paper fringe, and a cute way to decorate your gift packages this season.  There’s also a proposal video thing I’ll be sharing with you today that’s just face-meltingly cool, so that’s neat.  And then last but not least, I’m putting a Bambino thingie in it.  Not in that order.  So.  All in all you’re gonna be happy you came. :) First I wanna start with the video, because omg this video.  It’s a little something a young man by the name of Eliu submitted to TKB a few of days ago, and it’s of a most special day in his life… It’s a sweet as can be stop motion proposal he made to propose to his girlfriend Marissa… and he wanted to share it with all of you!  So cool.  When I was watching it for the first time I got all verklempt – what? ‘verklempt’ isn’t in the wordpress dictionary? no way – but I should note that I’m just a few days out from my period, so.  A little emotional still. Here’s Eliu’s story:

I proposed to Marissa several days ago. She said ‘yes’ and we’re very excited…

It took more than 800 photos taken over 10 hours in two days.  It also included 4 boxes of crayons, a dollar bill, a load of change, a lump of coal and diamonds (not a broken bottle of salad dressing).  It also left me with two sore shoulders and a crick in the neck.  It was all worth it!  We’ve since been featured on our local news, 9news in Denver…

Thanks, Eliu!  And congrats to both Marissa and Eliu!!!  Aright – check it out guys: Don’t you just love sweet proposals?  Do they make your heart go pitter patter?  Or do they infuriate you, making steam come out of your ears like in the cartoons?  If you answered the second one- are you a dude? I honestly cannot imagine how much focus and willpower it took to make that video.  I’d get that special kind of perfectionism-frustrated within 10 frames and be angry at Honey for even inspiring the kind of love that causes a person to commit themselves to a job as hard as stop-motion proposing.  So I’m really glad I didn’t have to be the one proposing in this relationship, given that fact.  It is a TOUGH. JOB. no matter how you slice it, especially in this new era of high expectations and viral videos. I’m looking forward to 2020, when big huge proposals are no longer “hip” or “in,” and guys are instead encouraged to do extremely low-production, private proposals.  Nothing too labor-intensive/spendy. Wait did I say “I’m”?  I meant “All Guys” are looking forward to that.  Sorry, typo.

The other day, Bambino and I were walking like we so often do when he needs to make a poopie… when I noticed some adorably decorated miniature xmas trees outside one of our local flower shops in the city.  I tried to point out one of the mini trees to Bambino, assuming he’d appreciate it/enjoy sniffing it.  The whole thing blew up in my face, as most innocent gestures do, for mothers of adolescent boys.  This is what happened:


Moving on to our DIY of the day!

I’m having cuteness conniptions over these things Renee made for you guys today.  You know what would be a neat idea, actually?  Somebody should make approximately several million of these pom things, line an empty backyard pool with at least seven layers of only the most durable, top of the line egg crate available, and then just pitch all the handmade pom poms in and WHAMMO! you’ve got your very own Pinterest-worthy ball pit!  Perfect backdrop for wedding photos too, plus it can double as a catch-all babysitting pit!  Even better – just add friends and family and you’ve got your very own lawsuit waiting to happen!  Yesssss!  I love ball pits.  I miss them.  I want them back in my life.  Am I too old?  Do they have adult ball pits now?  If they don’t, BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! Enough out of me; take it away, Renee………… The DIY I’m about to show you all today is one of my absolute favorites. The holidays are full of projects and procrastination as it is, and this DIY is great because it’s quick and simple enough for you to make while sitting in front of the TV. It only requires only 3 tools and materials, all of which you should be able to find lying around the house. Not only is it easy, but it is super versatile and can be attached to a name tag, garland, place setting… or even to wear as an accessory! The perfect addition for a little last-minute excitement at your event! What you’ll need: – Tissue Paper – Scissors – Tape Step 1: Cut a stack of 10-12 layers of tissue paper, about 2×6 inches. Fringe the stack of rectangles all the way down. Step 2: Starting from one end, roll your stack of tissue paper and watch your pom begin to take shape! Focus on rolling the bottom edge tightly, while leaving the fringe part to spin through wildly. Step 3: Pinching the stem tightly, use tape to secure the pom. Fluff it up, cut off the excess stem and your party pom is finished!! A fun and easy way to add pop to any party! What do you think? xo Renee On the lookout for more fun things to do/read?  Go check out everything Renee’s created for readers of TKB since the beginning of time of when she started doing it.  Yeah!!!

1. Over on the Huffington Post, I read an article titled ‘I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother’: A Mom’s Perspective On The Mental Illness Conversation In America.  If you haven’t read it yet, I highly suggest it; it’s the most interesting and important POV I’ve heard so far, generally on the subject of last Friday’s events.  Feel free to let me know your thoughts on it, if you do end up reading it.

2. News today about Instagram now having the right to sell your personal photos for commercial use.  SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH.

Love to you all this holiday season,


FUN TIP: Totally at a loss for what to gift your guy?  What about a thoughtful gift?  No one’s ever been upset to receive a handmade mix CD of all the songs that have meant something at some point or another to the both of you, throughout your relationship…

If I were to make one for Honey, it would start off with Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream.’  But don’t tell Honey I revealed that to you guys.  Promise me.

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Love all of this...


  1. Ariana on December 18, 2012

    Love this! Is there a best way to perhaps make a garland out of these? I want to put them over my dessert table but I want to do it right :)

    Thanks for the cute project!

  2. Lena on December 18, 2012

    “soundless intercourse in upstairs childhood bedrooms on the DL”=crying/laughing/dying

  3. Zoe on December 18, 2012

    No judgment on “Teenage Dreams” – I’d probably have to include “Shots” on the one for my fiance. :)

  4. Olivia on December 19, 2012

    A successful blog needs unique, useful content that interests the readers just like me.

  5. Kirsty Deveney on December 20, 2012

    Great little DIY project. With so many unique ideas, no wonder so many brides are styling their wedding themselves. Great Post!!

  6. Bubbly Creations on March 7, 2013

    Great idea with the pom poms. The dog is very cute!


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