GIRL TALK + BRIDAL BOUDOIR | “I’m ~30 Years Old & These Are My New Year’s Resolutions.” AND: If You Think You Have to Get Nakey for Your Boudoir Session, Think Again.. By The Boudoir Divas. ALSO: French Bulldog Bunny?

ski bunny that is!  guys? guys where’d you go…

I feel like before you read this I should warn you that things got a little out of hand in this post.  I do that sometimes- please just go with it.

To start: my jeans appear to be cutting off blood flow to my feet today, so – I think I’ve got this *girl* thing down.  

Ok, SO!  Here’s what goodies I’ve stuffed in here today:

A) Marissa Boucher & Kimberlee West of The Boudoir Divas stop by, and they came bearing the gift of a dreamy, unspeakably gorgeous boudoir shoot set in the chilly outdoors.  I find it to be excellent proof that a strong lip can kick your face-awesomeness into high gear in these shoots.  Especially the outdoors kind.

B) Bambino McPuppypants III, Esq. drops by as well.  He brought his face, which is gift enough.

Fun Fact: Bambino and I are the same ski-goggle head size.

C) I don’t know how much of a present this last item is, but I’ve crafted a brief list of New Year’s Resolutions I’m considering, as a woman in her late-20s-to-early-30s living in the city.

Post officially starts now.

Before Christmas, Bambino nailed down and executed on some Teletubby time with his best friend Albi, the brown one if this is your first time here.  Albi does this thing where he tries to bone Bambino directly in the asshole.  It’s really cute you should see it.

It’s possible they’re a couple but they’ve never shared that with us, and we’re taking a “don’t ask don’t tell” approach to it, so.. should work out well in the end I imagine.  Just kidding I plan to badger them about it daily because I’m his mother and I want DETAILS.

Interesting fact: I knew the day I looked deep into my itty bitty baby Bambino’s eyes, that he was a bottom.  Or was it when he was neutered and eternally robbed of his drive to reproduce, that I knew.

Love you sweetheart.


Bambino got this dog-in-a-noose thing for Christmas which I thought was pretty neat.  Here it is against the only white backdrop I could find, our ceiling.  Ceilings can really come in handy if you blog from home and don’t feel like “handling it professionally.”

Here it is in a Christmas tree!

Here is a creepshot of the dog from underneath:

Here is what Bambino thinks of it:

He’d rather play with the old rope from an old toy he obliterated last year that had a rope in it.  Idiot.

Then Christmas Eve came.

I dressed him up as a whiddle skibunny because we’re finally treating ourselves to a ski trip over New Year’s, and dogs dressed in cute outfits = page views, so.  Oh– I will be snowboarding because I can’t get the hang of skiing ever since I dropped it for snowboarding, back when I was like 9 or something.  I should note here that I’ve both skied and snowboarded a total of, what- 5, 6 times? in my life?  Visiting ski resorts is the Ivy League of activities involving unconscionable spending on what is 45% falling down a hill looking like Maggie Simpson in the wintertime episodes.

So anyways it was totally worth him hating me for a couple minutes.  Wook how coot he is.

Worth it amirite?

>>Animal lovers: Bambino McPuppypants was in no way harmed/tortured in the making of the above photos.  So no letters, please.  I’M TALKING TO YOU, ANN COULTER.

As an aside; you guys should see some of the CRAZY s**t some of these Instagrammers with dogs post on their Instagrams.
I mean, I’ll be looking at these dogs in these outfits and I’ll be like- “WTF IS THIS? wtf why am I looking at this?” but then I’ll be like, I THINK I’LL GO THROUGH THIS FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPY’S ENTIRE PHOTO GALLERY FOR THE NEXT 20 MINUTES.  omg I love it.  I think half the people I follow on Instagram are French Bulldog puppies.

Anyway these are some of our ornaments (hope you weren’t expecting a transition).  Super simple to make so if you’re thinking of trying I included a list of materials.  wedding note: they’d make adorbs place cards or escort cards for your reception.  Mini pretty animals are HUGE right now in weddings!  FALL IN LINE.

Ok, enough of our holiday experience.  It’s time for me to transition as smoothly as possible into this next completely unrelated segment.  Here goes nothing-

Did it work?? ?

Oh Boudoir Divas, how I love thee.  Shall I count the ways?  No? just show us the pictures and shut the F up already? Oh ok.  Sorry.

I’m sorry; I just have to show you these blown up.  298×298 simply does not do any of these images justice…

No seriously; look at this FACE:

I am blown away by the beauty of this shoot.

Thank you Boudoir Divas; your pictures are what I see in my dreams.

So, I’m saying I dream about beautiful brides getting changed in their boudoirs.  But not in like a weird way; the normal way.

I must say; gorgeousness is something I’ve come to expect every time these ladies send me one of their shoots, and they’ve literally never disappointed me.  And I literally do not use the word ‘literally,’ all that often.  So.

OHMYGOODNESS I just checked my watch and it said it’s time for my resolutions!!!!!!111111 >>>>

^ Seriously, don’t.

Here are my New Year’s Resolutions thus far.  Mind you- it’s definitely a work in progress (I’ll whittle it down to ~zero resolutions by December 31st for sure).  But still, after you’ve read/skimmed through/totally skipped mine, I wanna hear one or two of yours if that’s cool.  Or more than that, W-EVS.  ANYWAY the list:

1. Refrigerate morning salads once one hour has passed without you having a bite of your salad because you’re so wrapped in work from the effing moment you wake up that you delay eating several hours, and for no good reason at all, you insane person (I think this is common).

2. No matter how hard you try, guests are going to use not just one, not two, but all of the towels in your bathroom when they wash their hands.  Commit to buying designated hand towels for guests.  Have: “after you pee, use only me; after you poo, use another lavatory because holy shit what are you doing shitting in our bathroom” embroidered in a particularly pretty font that will take you hours to decide upon.

3. Buy Bambino a new coat; one that changes his attitude to “I can handle snow” from “I’m willing to become septic to avoid all weather challenges.”

4. When wasting time on the internet, stop clicking on related posts that catch attention, like “women with lips you have to see to believe” or, “you won’t believe how many bananas can fit down this girl’s throat” or, “click to see what she can do with her mouth.”  I mean I could go on.

5. Floss nightly; more than three cavities is too many cavities for the daughter of a dentist and a hygienist.

6. Stop inadvertently letting people know that my parents met while working late at my dad’s dental practice.

7. Pee more often – this should be #1.  The endless typeface options of Photoshop will wait, and will still be endless, when you get back.

8. Actually eat more than 6 bites of the salads mentioned in Item #1.  YOU’RE JUST WASTING MONEY.

9. When writing, make better use of the following pages on the internet:

10. Teach Bambino how to fetch the Bailey’s Irish Cream.

11. Get plastic surgery to look like the girl in that boudoir shoot I just featured.

Ok– were those Resolutions?  Cuz I think I did something different with that list than originally intended.  Real Talk: HERE is my Real Resolutions List.

Resolution #1: Do more volunteer work.

Resolution #2: Stop trying to handle too many things at one time, so you won’t ultimately get so overwhelmed by the very projects you were originally so excited about starting.

Resolution #3: Stop “feeling like you have to look pretty” for things.

Resolution #4: Embrace the feeling that you are worth personal success, and stop feeling so undeserving when someone complements you on something.

Resolution #4: Take a dedicated lunch break to make time for an increase in daily inspiration and fresh air intake.

Resolution #5: Make more time for friends, and having couple friends over.  Getting together at one another’s homes is so fun – I always plan to have more people over, whenever we do it.  Really do it this year.

Resolution #6: Learn to be less sensitive.

Resolution #7: Eat a bit healther, Alison.

Resolution #8: Allow myself to take breaks more often, and let the phone calls with friends, siblings, mom, dad, whomever.. go longer than I usually let them go, just to get back to work.

Resolution #9: Write shorter lists.

Resolution #10: Open less tabs.


P.S. – Hope you don’t think I smoke crack-cocaine in alleyways after reading this post.  Like I said I realize it was a little out of hand but I owed you some Bambino photos.

xo’s to you all.  much love.


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Love all of this...


  1. Meghan on December 28, 2012

    Oh ALISON. You are my kindred spirit. With both your first round of resolutions, and your second. We would be friends in real life if we didn’t live on different sides of the continent. And, as usual, thanks for the Bam pics. I can now rest peacefully ;)

  2. Zoe on December 29, 2012

    Fewer tabs? Impossible. For me, at least.

    Mine are:

    1. Think and act less selfishly.
    2. Develop new hobbies.
    3. Be better to my fiance.
    4. Be more active.

  3. Lena on December 30, 2012

    I may have a little winter cold, but laughter, and Bambs, is the best medicine.

  4. Marie on January 1, 2013

    I am always amazed at your talents Alison. I think it is unfair to others that you have so much and I love it because I get to be entertained by your endless well of creativity. As I write this I am thinking you are thinking of how hard you work to provide this feast of fun. I can only imagine. You DESERVE all your success and I think everybody here wants to see you take care of yourself and fear less (talking #3 here). Go do it Alison!!! We are counting on you!

  5. on January 6, 2013

    cute dog! really want to have one which can play with me!

  6. Dorothy on January 10, 2013

    Aww I love Frenchies! :) So cute. I love his outfits. I just started my own wedding planning blog, and there is DEFINITELY a section dedicated to my doggies, Noah, Lamb, and Emery. :) I love your blog! It’s so much fun.


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