[NSFW] COUPLES BOUDOIR + RYAN GOSLING’S NEW HAIR >:O | Boudoir Styling Like You’ve Never Seen Before. AND: “31 Things I’m Thinking While On An Airplane.”

Debating whether to start recapping The Bachelor again.  For old time’s sake.  Lemme know if you want it.

RECAP UPDATE: On a scale of 1 to 10 it’s killing me.  But I’m almost done!  As always I thank you for your patience while I poop the thing out.  


I have to talk about Ryan Gosling’s hair for a minute.

I trust the person responsible for that dye job has since been let go. Yes?

I do not like the blonde hair I’M SORRY.  I know I may be alone in this.  But I really, really hate it.  I hate it so much.  It is like a built-in c**k blocker that prevents the mental and sometimes physical if I’m lucky orgasms I’m so accustomed to with each gaze upon his fancy, fancy face.

Tell me why.  Why is it blonde.  Did it need to be blonde?  Do you like the blonde?  Also- smoking cigarettes?  Also- way too tan.  WHERE DID MY BABY GOOSE GO?????

I’m just banking on the movie being worthwhile in spite of it, as I will undoubtedly be attending its first showing the night of its release, kleenex and change of underwear in hand.

Aright, now.  I got an email recently, from Nico of NLC Productions.  It said:

Sooo…. I just styled a super cool couples boudoir with photographer, Kurt Boomer… We did it in a fountain.. Its kind of edgy.. Nice tight, clean, sexy, sultry shots… When I got the images back… you were the first person I thought of… The only thing is.. There are some shots of her breasts that are very tastefully shot.. I am really looking for someone to feature the whole piece without a ton of content editing.. Hope you’re down.. its been awhile…

Obviously, I cannot wait to show you this feature.  BUT FIRST; we recently got back from a little New Year’s vacation time in Colorado, and it involved flying there, and then flying back.  Therefore, naturally… this list was made in the process because how else do you let off steam than via writing?  Trust me it works.  Hope you don’t think I’m terrible after you read this. :O

1. Oh great he’s coughing.
2. please. stop coughing. please stop.
3. I can’t believe this guy had the balls to get on this plane with that cough. like we wouldn’t mind.
4. Wait- is he even covering his mouth? No.
5. Omg that baby and how it cries.
6. Are there any extra open seats? No.
7. I really hope I don’t cough this whole flight. people will hate me.
8. It’s probably one of the better cries out there, as cries go. It could be worse.
10. Can someone pls deal with that crying baby?
11. Do you srsly not see your kid kicking the back of my seat like a soccer ball, DO YOU NOT
12. Yup turning off my phone. I’m turning it off right now, yeah.
13. (To own asshole) “I hope I can trust you with this one.”
14. That fart behaved in a way dissimilar to what I was expecting. Pls no one notice.
15. There should be a law against foot room like this.  Is congress working on this? no, bunch of lazy asses.
16. I can’t wait to see Les Mis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18. If someone doesn’t do something to settle down this child in the next five minutes, I will do nothing about it.
19. Where is the drink cart I MEAN REALLY
20. /rapid short angry breaths/
21. Thank god that baby is not near me.
23. I can’t feel my ass anymore.
24. I really should work out more.
25. Your knee is touching my knee.
26. Your knee is touching my knee and I am standing my ground.
27. Move your fucjinh knee. Move your knee.
28. /sleeps 5 hours/
29. With the price of tickets these days the least they could do is give us more leg room.
30. This flight attendant needs to drop the attitude.
31. I just got a lecture on why I can’t have the whole can of Cranberry Apple Juice. How much was this flight again?
32. [lands safely] I’M ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

… I leave out anything?

And now, the shoot!  I adore this shoot not just because of the interaction between the two involved, but because of the styling inspiration going on.  I am obsessed with those floating floral arrangements.

Also everyone’s really hott.  There’s always that.

From Nico:

Inspiration: I love styling boudoir shoots. The combination of pushing the boundaries between beautifully tasteful and naughty. I have been wanting to style a couple’s boudoir shoot forever, and when I  saw this fountain my vision was completed. Keeping the styling clean, tight and romantic was really important for me as I wanted the focus to be on the shapes of the body, skin tone, and energy of the couple. I loved the idea of using a vintage gold desk as a prop in the water to elevate the couple from the water. We made floating floral arrangements of white hydrangeas, roses, lotus pods and succulents and tossed orchid blooms to soften the water. Working with genius photographer, Kurt Boomer was also an asset to this shoot, as he is open and willing to add his artistry to every idea and every single frame that was shot.


I’m curious… would you ever do a shoot that’s a little bit *edgy* – much like the one we’ve featured today?  And are you loving the porcelain skin going on today?  Shows that a tan isn’t necessarily the key to a beautiful outcome, body-wise!

Hope you guys had a sufficiently satisfying New Year’s!  What did you do?  Tell me I wanna know!!  Sorry I didn’t mean to push.

xx!  Alison

Baby Goose, via pinterest

Photography: Kurt Boomer / Styling: Nico Cervantes / Hair and Make up: Luna Bella / Jewelry: Vintage Chanel Pearls, Coast to Coast Collection / Models: Katherine Rodriguez and Ross Gill

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Love all of this...


  1. Joy on January 7, 2013

    Bachelor recaps: is that even a question? Please God let me not be the only one who looks forward to these. It may or may not have been the original reason why I subscribed to your blog. FACT. The airplane bit: get out of my head.

    That boudoir shoot is gorgeous.

  2. Lauren on January 7, 2013

    I know your brain feels obliterated after Bacheor/Bachelorette recaps, but its like a horrible car/train/plane wreck, you can’t turn away! I look forward to the snarky comments accompanying this most recent recap with this new shiny, horny, poster child and his harem of crazies!

    The shoot is gorgeous! What does his tat say? I couldn’t figure it out!

    And planes make me claustrophobic, without fail, every time. Plane rides = torture.

  3. Lena on January 7, 2013

    I read this religious blogger talk about why she wouldn’t watch The Bachelor anymore because it wasn’t fair to the men of the world. To which I asked myself, “How do you type the sound for a raspberry?”

  4. Kelsey on January 7, 2013

    Please recap The Bachelor!! It’s so hilarious.

  5. Kelsey on January 7, 2013

    Oh and the shoot is gorgeous but they really could have taken the time to tuck in her bra tag. :)

  6. Stacey on January 8, 2013

    Recap! Recap! Recap!

  7. Marie on January 8, 2013

    Adore this shoot. Those arrangements are fabulous and the orchid blooms are a perfect addition. They really are a beautiful couple. You get a sense of comfort and intimacy which is really sweet, beautiful and natural. Love is awesome.

    Hate the Gosling dye job. No. Just no. It doesn’t look right. It is just a movie though and an actor does want these sort of morphing tools at their disposal right? Hair is just another part of the make up department. Meh. I wonder if he hates it just as much?

  8. Jessica on January 8, 2013

    So I’m casually scrolling down wondering how much exposed breast you will actual permit on this post, when I come upon that fountain pic. The one where the guy is lying on the desk and the fountain is…did no one else notice this?! Is something wrong with me?

  9. Jessica on January 8, 2013

    Ugh I meant *actually. I was excited, sorry.

    And please keep doing the recap. Thanks.

  10. Tierney @ The Preppy Leopard on January 9, 2013

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do the recaps. You are my favorite recapper ever in the history of the world.

  11. The Perfect Palette on January 9, 2013

    more, bachelor recaps, more, bachelor recaps! Okay, the masses have spoken, now get to it lady :) i need my fix.

  12. Only Bridesmaids on January 10, 2013

    Sexy photos and expresive couple, I like it:)

  13. Nicola Momberg on January 31, 2013

    Definitely a big NO on Ryan Gosling’s movie hair!!! Eeuuuwww! Love your piece about the plane – that is almost the exact thoughts that go through my mind when I fly:) Like the shoot just two comments: her bum should have been softened a little in the shots where she is sitting with her back to the camera and also the bra tag should have been tucked in but the rest is fab. Also saw the fountain:) hehe

  14. Hawaii Photographer on February 21, 2013

    Wow, what a unique shoot, very nice touch on the color temperature theme.

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  18. Malaya on May 2, 2013

    Airplane list = EXACTLY what goes on in my head. Porcelain skin? Flawless! If I had a bod like that, maybe I would do a shoot like that! However, I could never convince the better half to do it!

  19. Ryszard on November 6, 2014



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