GLITTERY + SUCCULENT STYLED ELOPEMENT | Rustic Plaid Wedding Inspiration by Studio 516 Photography… Plus: How I Feel About That “Vine” App.

^^ what in the F.  this is F-ing gorgeous.  i have ascended into heaven >>

… how stunning is this, amirite?!  But FIRST:

Ever watched several minutes of people falling on their butts?  Today, you can say you have:

So today I have glitter shoes, golden planters, a pretty dotted bow veil, one lovely lace wedding dress, a bunch of succulents and some truly inspiring florals to get to, all thanks to an eye-popping submission from Natasja Vega of Studio 516 Photography.  But first, I need to talk about the Vine app for a minute.  (Vine like ‘swinging from a vine.’)  The new app lets you make little stop-motion home movies with your phone, and that’s using a loose interpretation of “stop-motion” so don’t tell anyone cool that I said something like that.

Well, I set up my profile and then explored a little and let me tell you; I could sit and explore other people’s videos for like at least one minute.  At least.  This app is positively seconds of fun.  It’s not even until around 20 or 30 seconds into exploring other people’s videos that I become completely exhausted and sick of it, unwilling to return for hours.  All in all a really enjoyable experience.

Having launched just days ago, understandably it was having (for me at least) a difficult time processing videos I was making, but fortunately it saves to your phone’s photo album so I uploaded a sample to YouTube, for anyone who hasn’t seen what Vine does.  This video (I uploaded it a day or two ago) is of our Frenchie Bambino coercing me into granting him the very treat I am using to court his attention (a win-win!):

Twitter is behind this brand new easy mini movie creator, and word on the street is it’s the hottest thing since spending even an iota of quality time with the people who matter in your life.  Aren’t you so glad we don’t have to do that anymore, spend quality time with our loved ones whom we used to hold so dear lmao?  I prefer hardly knowing my nuclear family.  It’s definitely easier wading blindly through life than bothering to know my parents on a deeper level and thereby nurturing my own personal growth by default.  And that absolute bare minimum we put into maintaining at least half of our friendships these days, omg I am loving it.  The Occasional Text Message Check In is the best thing that’s happened to me since giving a damn about anyone and anything.

For my first post (not seen here) on this newest of time wasters I shot a 6-7 second amateur film again starring Bambino.  In it Bambino smiles, is intrigued by a piggy toy, swats at and tries to mouth the toy, and just a whole lot of hilarity ensues.  Just kidding it’s 6-7 seconds long it’s pretty basic.  After I made it I was about to return to working on actual work like for my business (The Knotty Bride) when I casually switched my phone’s ringer off of mute.

That’s when I discovered it.

What I discovered was that Vine records SOUND, in addition to video.  When I discovered that Vine does this, I gasped so hard I inhaled some of the esophageal spit that lines my esophagus, almost killing me.  When the coughing subsided I found I still had enough strength left in me to place the tip of my forefinger onto the app, opening it.  As the app loaded on my phone I wondered, “what juicy tidbits of conversation between Honey and me did my first Vine video sneakily catch?”

To my complete relief, however, it turned out the single audible element on the clip was Bambino’s adorable face snorts.  Sweet baby Jesus in heaven, I was saved.

Bambino’s really got to kick that cocaine habit though, it’s a problem.  I know I should intervene as his mother but it’s just such a joy to see him happy you know?  So. very hard decision.

Anyway now that Vine exists, there’s no telling what the future holds as far as reality entertainment is concerned.  And that’s exciting.  I mean imagine the possibilities.  I’m certain we can look forward to some groundbreaking cinema coming out of this app, I for one can hardly wait.  Oscar-worthy?  Perhaps; too early to tell.  But one interesting thing I learned from this app already is that the adorable babies of Instagram actually cry and whine when featured in video form.  That was interesting!  I’ll be turning exclusively to Instagram for my baby fixes henceforth.

Look forward to many videos from me despite this scathing review, as you already know I can’t help myself.  Definitely won’t be as prolific as with Instagram basically because videos take time and you have to be cognizant of what’s in your surroundings.  The last thing I need is the pajamas and underwear I changed out of this morning to show up in a video about Bambino chasing his rope into the bedroom.  So you can look forward to many videos shot while we’re outside of the apartment living life.  I’m especially excited to bring you “A Knotty Birth: From Shitting On the Table to Shitting Out a Baby” and “Breastfeeding: Let’s Find Out If It Hurts” plus many more.  All time-lapsed inside of 7 seconds because YOLO!

Ok all joking aside the app is pretty neat and I’ve noticed some clever videos during my explorations.  I’m planning to bring you some next level creative shit similar to what I’ve seen so far; you know, like a time-lapse of a bowl of soup going from full, to empty.  Or a baby laying on the floor, wiggling, and cooing.  A dog being walked, looking at its owner, and walking again.  Or the view from an office building, which to others may be uninteresting but which I find totally worthy of having people sit through expecting more than just the view from an office building but getting only that.  And a row of dolls lining up, and then disappearing one by one.  And many, many more *creative* things.

I’m being a debbie downer about it.  It’s awesome, love the app, everybody join like I did.

Just no selfies, because this can happen to anyone:

Natasja of Studio 516 Photography teamed up with Mariana of Peplum Events to create this beyond chic styled shoot depicting a winter elopement.  Mariana and Natasja collaborated on floral style, design, and concept.  Here’s a bit on the inspiration from Natasja:

 I have been wanting to do an elopement inspiration for quite some time.  Having shared my inspiration with Mariana of Peplum Events, we set out to make it all happen.  We wanted to incorporate a woodsy theme, along with the festive feel that we finally had in Orlando, Fl, by adding holiday elements.  Given that, we wanted to keep the focus on elopement and adding details that would convey a personal feel. 


Have you jumped on board with the Vine app?  And is there anything you’d particularly like me to film?  Cause I mean I’ll probably do it.  I’ll probably do anything (I’ll probably regret saying that, too).

Also- you inspired by today’s shoot?  Look at how those succulents are alive, and not dead.  If I was styling this shoot they’d be dead in half the pictures because I’ve either watered too much, or not enough.


xx, Alison    By the way, how cute is this:

By the way, how dumb is this:

Photographer: Natasja Vega of Studio 516 Photography / Stylist: Mariana Cordero of Peplum Events / Submitted via Two Bright Lights / 8 minutes of slipping via Gothamist

Label(s): Color, Mr. McPuppyPants, White, {Bridal Market}, {Fashion}, {Inspiration Shoot}

Love all of this...


  1. Jelli (Marian) on January 31, 2013

    Thank you so much for this lovely feature and your sweet words! You totally made my morning!
    Alison, YOU ROCK! xoxo

  2. Lauren on January 31, 2013

    I became irritated with the Vine app when I saw a video including a flesh light, lotion, and porn…

  3. chandra ~ Oh Lovely Day on January 31, 2013

    I’m sort of annoyed by having yet another social media app I have to keep up with. and it is weird to have another way we have to share things with total strangers instead of, like you said, spending time with the people who we know and love. that being said, I am trying it out. but I’m not sure I’ll stick around.

  4. Lena on January 31, 2013

    Between Bamb’s face snorts and your straight talk about Vine (my first, second and third responses: uuuhgghhgh, not ANOTHER ONE) and then glitter and dots and plaid to wrap it up, I am very satisfied this Thursday morning.

  5. Deborah {Wedding Thingz} on January 31, 2013

    Luvin’ the gold shoes!

  6. Sandesh on February 1, 2013

    Yeah the shoes are pretty, loved the simple engraved engagement ring as well..

  7. Virginia Wedding Photographer on February 3, 2013

    Super pretty! Love the styling and the vintage feel!

  8. Bounce studios on February 4, 2013

    Love the glitter and the gold shoes! Love,love,love!

  9. Hannah on February 5, 2013

    Amazing shoot!!! Love the colours :)

  10. Gina Basin on February 7, 2013

    Love the red. Congrats

  11. Angie Wagner on February 8, 2013

    I just downloaded the vine app. I don’t think I know what to do with it! Love her lace dress!

  12. Beautiful inspirational shoot! Love all the details! And about the Vine app, i thought the same thing. We are in for some hilarious reality moments. :)

  13. Brittany Bellagala Intern on February 12, 2013

    That bouquet is gorgeous! The pop of color next to the greens is so beautiful!

  14. on February 22, 2013

    Live telecast your marriage event with your all loved ones…..

  15. Robe de mariée on March 18, 2013

    The stunning photography really tells a story.

  16. Susie on January 12, 2014

    The colors are amazing. The reds just pops!

  17. Rebecca Mackesty on February 25, 2014

    Those shoes are amazing!♥ Great concept!


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