EPIC VINTAGE DIY WEDDING | A Custom Lace Dress, Succulent Plants, Bridesmaids In Shades of Yellow & A Bride After My Heart… | Jonas Seaman Photography

me again.

So you know that thing where you feel like you’re alone in a feeling, and the feeling starts to take over your entire world, and you feel sort of stuck and hopeless?  And then out of nowhere you read something written by someone who’s gone through the same thing, and it makes you realize you’re actually *not* weird and alone, but instead totally normal to be feeling and thinking these things?  And then you feel all relaxed and free all of a sudden, ready to conquer it all?  That’s what happened to me when I read the write-up from Margaret, today’s bride, about how she first saw the task of planning her wedding.

I found him behind the couch today, doing high kicks?

Anybody else’s male dog raise his leg inside just for kicks, but when it’s time to pee looks like this?

Ok, back to the wedding.  Here’s a little something from Jonas Seaman, the person to thank for submitting this hella amaze wedding situation:

Hi Knotty Bride! I’m so excited to submit this one to you! Margaret & Bridger live in Hollywood where they work in the entertainment industry. They decided to have a destination wedding in one of their favorite spots… the middle of nowhere, Utah. Actually, it’s a little town called Boulder… but really, it’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s a 4 hour drive from SLC into canyon country. They had the ceremony itself in an even more remote spot just off a mountain highway in a grove which overlooks a valley of canyons below. This is not a place labelled on any map. It’s a spot they had wandered into one day and said, “Yes. When we get married… this is were it will be.” In fact, the only way guests could get there was by walking up the mountain highway from a rest stop further down. They built a wedding aisle from tree branches. Margaret told her bridesmaids that the color pallet was yellow and to choose their own dresses to fit that theme. The Bridesmaids all walked barefoot down the aisle. The reception was held further down the road at the Hell’s Backbone Grill. They laid long tables end to end to make one huge single dinner table. Small lights and chandeliers were strung up into the trees. They decorated with plants and succulents they brought from home. They also decorated another table with kick-knacks, an antique typewriter, and gift boxes boxes full of favors for the guests. Some more DIY elements- Margaret designed her wedding dress for the day and had it made for her by ReVamp Vintage. One of her best friends designed the beaded headpiece that Margaret wore. It was such a beautiful evening!

From Margaret:

i never thought i would have it in me to organize/create/execute a wedding like the ones i had been to or even one that i’d be excited to call mine/ours. my friends have been getting married since i was 18 years old. i’ve been to so many. the thought of it was simply too overwhelming to actually consider. from both a financial standpoint as well as a creative standpoint. being unique is important to both myself and bridger and to think of all that goes into planning a wedding – all the details that are really important from the music, to the vows….it was just too much for me to wrap my mind around. so i always thought i’d just have a simple party at a beautiful restaurant with a few cherished family and friends.

things changed after we got engaged. i would stumble upon wedding blogs or spreads in magazines bc i just couldn’t help myself and begin to realize that there are so many creative ways to get around the obstacles. that there are so many countless other couples out there who are just like me with the same worries as i have. so i just took it one step at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. we started big picture and honed from there. i began to think of all the thoughts i had about logistics of other weddings i had been to that i would have done differently….for example – it made me sad that, as a bridesmaid, i couldn’t ever see the bride’s face. while it was lovely to have a perfect view of her partner, what i really wanted was to see the look on my fabulous friends’ faces as they committed to forever and always. so i knew i wanted my bridesmaids to stand on the grooms side so that they could see my face and i could see theirs as well. i also thought it would be funny to hand my bouquet to one of the groomsmen and make him stand there with it throughout the ceremony. made for a fun photo! we knew we wanted our wedding to be unique and memorable because of those unique details – we knew that both of us were a less traditional couple – so i googled alternative brides/weddings and i happened upon a site where i read an article about an insanely rad photographer who would become our wedding photographer – Jonas Seaman. i still get comments from people about how truly amazing Jonas was. how awesome the photos were and how intimate and EPIC it looked. things like that were really what got me going and fueled me throughout the process. i told my friends/bridesmaids what ideas i had and they were supremely helpful in sending me pictures and inspiration…honestly, blogs really helped. bridger, my husband, is so creative in all aspects of the word. he was also super involved which is a blessing in so many ways. if you are lucky enough to be marrying a man who wants to participate in the planning, my advice is to let go of control and let him create with you. it makes it all so much more special doing it together and after it’s all over with, to both feel like you created this amazing party/event/memory TOGETHER.

our wedding was in a very remote place in southern utah called Boulder Town. We not only chose this place for the amazing scenery, but because we fell in love with a local restaurant called “The Hell’s Backbone Grill.” They catered our reception, and did an amazing job. The restaurant is attached to the Boulder Mountain Lodge which had perfect grounds for the event and was also where the entire bridal party stayed for the weekend. I have always been in love with succulents and because of the hot arid climate in Boulder we decided to make them part of our arrangements. bridger and i went to a huge flea mkt in pasadena and found 60 baby succulents for $50. we bought them in february and potted them in inexpensive ceramic pots, painted the pots as we wished and grew them until our wedding in august. by that time, they were huge and really quite beautiful! those doubled as center pieces as well as thank you gifts for guests to take home. i also loved that they were a labor of love both bridger and i worked on together. saved us a bundle too. i did the same for my bridal bouquet. i am in love with the dark purple/almost black aeonium succulents. i purchased a plant and potted it in february and by august, i had all kinds of smaller buds as well as one huge bud flower to work with. i cut off enough for all my bouquets and maintained them by wrapping the stems in wet cloths and keeping them damp. worked beautifully. to supplement all those, i decided to take advantage of the city i live in. los angeles has a wonderful wholesale flower mkt – so i would go on sat mornings and buy wholesale and put together different bouquets and arrangements myself to hone in on my stlye – i made a girls night out of it with friends who wanted to help. turns out i really loved flowers that looked vintage and simple – and also dried nicely. so about 3 weeks out, i purchased various flowers like billy balls and air plants in seed pods, aeonium succulents and dried them myself. i ended up only spending about $130 on fresh flowers which were picked up a few days before by my lovely parents and preserved in water in their really cold hotel room until our wedding day came. worked like a charm. We also slowly over this time began collecting old small glass bottles from flea markets and garage sales to function as bud vases for the reception. Bridger really wanted the reception dinner to feel communal so we decided to arrange all of the tables end to end to create one giant long table for everyone to eat at together. We bought a bulk roll of burlap online and used it as a runner down the center of the table to but all the small vases and succulents on. The table numbers were antique price flags from the inside of an old cash register that we stuck into the soil of the potted succulents, also courtesy of a flea market. The wooden benches from the dinner table doubled as seating for the ceremony.

one unique way i kept tabs on rsvps was this: i knew i wanted a little sweet treat by everyone’s plate during reception dinner. i bought small kraft boxes from etsy /amazon and a stamp that had each letter of the alphabet and each time someone’s rsvp came, i’d stamp their name onto the box and set aside. once everyone rsvp’d, i had my list of guests as well as their sweet treat container made. 2 in 1!

we got married in a lovely little clearing on a mountaintop surrounded by aspens. because of this, i had no place to sit unseen by bridger before the ceremony with all my ladies. this was very important for me – to be able to toast bubbly with my girls before getting married. in a perfect world, i would have been able to afford the $5K stunning white carnival style tent. but we couldn’t. so bridger decided to make one. he borrowed a friends ‘pop-up tent’ and bought some white canvas online for ~ $180 to drape over it, and some inexpensive curtain panels from Ikea. he and his friends put it up the day before the event and some of my more creative friends decorated it with things they made for me as a surprise. it couldn’t have been more perfect! the fact that it was all a collective effort by all our friends and family made it so much more special than the one i originally wanted.

hilarious/emotional happenings: i didn’t get two steps down the aisle before i was uncontrollably crying. i was so overwhelmed by seeing Bridger and all my favorite people there before me, father at my side….it was just so emotional for me! However, i am not a beautiful crier so it needed to stop quick! well, that wasn’t happening so, my hilarious cousin Edgar -doubling as our fabulous officiant- decided to quote one of my favorite movies and lines of all time – “Mawwage” from The Princess Bride. it made everyone laugh, but most importantly, it cracked me up and really cut the tension and helped me breathe and calm down. that kind of laughter at the very beginning filled me up so much …. there’s really nothing better than laughter through tears. i’m so so so grateful to him for having the presence of mind and sense of humor to step in and do that. it couldn’t have been more perfect. it also tied in so well with our desire for a non-traditional / memorable feel.

bridger and have friends and family who don’t share the same views on religion. to be respectful of everyone, including ourselves, we passed around our rings among the guests and asked them to bless the rings in any way they wanted to -prayer/chant/thought/wish – that way, they were able to feel connected and involved in our ceremony in the way they identified most with.

I told all my bridesmaids that i wanted each of them to dress in the outfit of their choosing. i just gave them a choice of 1 or 2 colors to wear. i love each of them for their unique style and personality so i really wanted them to look like themselves as opposed to being uniform.

groomsmen were asked to wear dark gray pants, white button shirts, suspenders and bowties of their choosing. bridger provided their footwear compliments of converse with their initials on them. a rad touch and their thank you gift!

i knew i wanted my dress to be mine and only mine. i knew i wanted it to be lace and have a vintage look/feel. while I enjoyed drinking wine and being pampered w/ all my girls at super upscale wedding dress salons, I didn’t care much for the pushiness and just couldn’t afford the prices that accompanied them. I simply did a google search for vintage dress shops/makers in los angeles and voila! Annemarie von Firley of ReVamp Vintage was my first and last stop. I also loved the idea of designing my own dress! she was exactly what I was looking for. she made me feel way less overwhelmed by offering style suggestions for my body and explaining precisely how the fit would look and recommended great fabric stores once we settled on the design. her prices were extremely reasonable and I felt absolutely beautiful in the dress she made for me! what i loved the most about her is that she will create your design first out of an inexpensive muslin so you can tweak as many times as you need. Then once you’ve decided, she will take the final fabric and begin. This way, you’re 100% settled on the design and know and can SEE what it will look like before she gets started. i purchased the lace from Sposabella lace in NYC. this was a purchase done over the phone after grilling the owner for quite some time about the different lace he had and the look i was going for. i was uber nervous purchasing something as important as my wedding dress fabric sight unseen, but the gods smiled down upon me and it ended up being exactly what i wanted if not better…

i knew i wanted my shoes to be as comfortable as possible, yet still stylish and affordable. (Seychelles)

my headpiece was something one of my bridesmaids made for me. I gave her a picture of this Jenny Packham headpiece and asked her to do her thing! we literally went to michael’s, purchased the beads and other necessary ingredients and voila! she is extremely creative and makes all kinds of wonderful crafty gifts. her name is Shannon Foley and she’s on etsy.

bridger had his suit made by a tailor in los angeles and it was perfectly handsome.

colors: mustard yellow and gray with some tiny accents of poppy red.

You guys.  I’m crushing so hard on this wedding that it’s unhealthy.  I need to take a breather so it’s your turn to talk..

What think you?  And did you read her write-up because you should, it’s GOOD.

much love and hugs,


Photography: Jonas Seaman Photography / Submitted via: Two Bright Lights / Caterer: Hell’s Backbone Grill / Event Coordinator: Day Of Gal  / Reception Venue: Hell’s Backbone Grill / Dress Designer: ReVamp Vintage / Headpiece: Shannon Foley (bridesmaid) / Bride & Groom rings + engagement ring: Single Stone / Footwear: Seychelles / Second Shooter: Mary Williamson

Label(s): Color, Mr. McPuppyPants, Yellow, {Real Weddings}

Love all of this...


  1. Beautiful wedding, clearly reflective of the happy couple! Smiling and nodding at her write up of the hilarious/emotional happenings – those are always the best wedding memories. I love that he made her a tent so the first look could be as intended! That’s love!

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    I so LOVE the vibe of this wedding. I mean I actually am speechless. I just love it. And all this DIY is amazing. I love the boxes and the wrapped flowers, the outdoor tent and lamps, the long table is my dream and want it not only at my wedding but at EVERy party. That lace dressing is stunning!

    P.S. You are dog is the cutest thing EVER!

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    Love the photographer work, he caught very well the whole vintage idea and presented it in a very attractive way. Love the colors and over all the idea! Thumbs up Knotty Bride, for more adorable weddings like this :)

  26. Kate Hamilton on April 16, 2013

    I think I can agree with most people here that the photographer did an amazing job, some of these pictures look like they are right out of a magazine. As a wedding planner, I am unbelievably impressed with how this wedding turned out. It took a ton of creativity, and there is so much here that I am dying to try! People oftentimes use the word “unique” not really realizing what the word means, and for all of those people- this is what “unique” really is. I know a lot of people that would pay big bucks for a wedding like this.

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  32. Malaya on April 26, 2013

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The bride couldn’t have looked better in her stunning lace gown — seriously to die for! The bridesmaids looked amazing in their mismatched yellow dresses; I’m obsessed with this new trend! The groom & his groomsmen look amazing too! The venue, the flowers, the details — perfection! I absolutely LOVED her idea of putting together the guests little boxes as she got the RSVPS! What a great way to keep yourself from getting too overwhelmed! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Tulle & Chantilly on May 14, 2013

    It’s so romantic to say ‘I do’ on a mountaintop surrounded by aspens! Perfect shoot! Also like the yellow bridesmaid dresses.

  34. bft mitto 2 remote gate fob on July 26, 2013

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    I love this outdoor wedding! Everything looks absolutely stunning!

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    The rustic/vintage vibe to this wedding is apparent throughout, in every slight detail – this bride should have and award for her planning and DIY skills! And that dress, just wow – I am in love with a dress, it is sheer perfection!

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    sweet wedding…I can feel that warm feeling

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    Your lace dress is stunning! It’s what I wish mine would have looked like!

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    Really fun wedding photography. As wedding photographer I see a lot of DIY efforts. This was done very well.

    The wedding photos are fantastic. Great picks


  40. Krysta Bellagala Intern on February 7, 2014

    Such a romantic, intimate wedding! Props to the bride and groom for making so many DIY elements like the sweet boxes look bought and brand new!!

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  46. Izella on May 3, 2015

    Where is this location?

  47. Lauren on June 26, 2015

    I love everything about your wedding photos, especially your dress. Would you mind telling me where you got it? I’m having trouble find a lace one that I love and I think I love yours!

  48. Wedding in Greece on September 7, 2015


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