NEON + PASTEL DIY COUNTRY BEACH WEDDING | Good luck ever loving your own dog again, after you see the face of the French Bulldog in this Wedding. | Pure 7 Studios

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In other news…

Here is what newlyweds Alyson and Zac said they were going for, with their wedding:

-a laid back feel with minimal décor.

-romantic without feeling stuffy.

-We wanted people to leave with the feeling that they had just been to an awesome concert with the album and poster to remember it by.

Here is what I heard:

Today’s feature, submitted by Pure 7 Studios, got me where the heart is… and not just because they call one another Honey. It’s also not just because they have a Frenchie (even though the frenchie thing is definitely part of it). And it’s not just because they had an adorbs photo booth at their wedding with adorbs friends who dressed up adorbs-ably because that’s how you do at a wedding (take note, friends of engaged couples). Oh and it’s CERTAINLY not because Alyson is a hottie. Because that would be super chauvinist of me, to like her and this wedding for that alone. For her hotness. Which I don’t see. Like with race.

So nope, it’s none of those things! It’s this first quote:

My favorite quote from the groom (Zac) = “After we began dating, we took a trip down to Florida… walking down the beach late one afternoon… it was the perfect quiet day and I was happy.  It was a simple happy and I was whole.  I knew then she was the one.”


My favorite quote from the bride (Alyson) = “We fill our lives with the sound of music so we wanted to incorporate that in our wedding.”

Take it away, you two…

In the Beginning

(Alyson:)  We met through mutual friends in the summer of 05’ but were both in other relationships so we remained friends for the next 5 years.  Then one day it clicked and we decided to try for more and it took!  We talk about it now and wonder why it took so long but we know that it was in Gods plan for us to grow as individuals and create a strong friendship. We are best friends now and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  He’s the best man I know and I love him to pieces!

(Alyson:)  Zac proposed on family vacation to the Caymans.  His mother hired a professional photographer to take family photos on the beach.  After every couple had their photo taken it was our turn.  At the perfect moment he whispered in my ear “this next one will be a wall hanger” and it was!  It was right at sunset and a total surprise.  It was a true “precious moment” and we have it all on film!

(Zac:)  As Alyson said, we knew each other thru mutual friends and we had known each other for several years.  I have always enjoyed being around her.  She can always make me laugh.  She is the kind of person that you just enjoy being with.  How could I not fall in love with her?!
After we began dating, we took a trip down to Florida.  Her and I and our two dogs were walking down the beach late one afternoon.  It was the perfect quiet day and I was happy.  It was a simple happy and I was whole.  I knew then she was the one.

The Big Day

Carillon Beach, Florida

Colors – Oranges, blues, turquoise, purples, pinks
We chose not to have bridesmaids and groomsman because it was a destination wedding.
(Alyson:)  Theme – Both Zac and I really love listening to old vinyl, discovering new bands, and checking out live shows.  We fill our lives with the sound of music so we wanted to incorporate that in our wedding.  We had our guests sign some of our records instead of a book and we hired a blues band to play at the reception.  The band is a ligit blues band from Memphis so they haven’t played many weddings.  Needless to say it was interesting but they are great musicians.  We also gave gift bags and filled them with personalized cd’s that looked like old 45’s and posters with everyone of our guests names on them.  The bags were plain brown bags from Hobby Lobby so I wanted to give them a little flair.  I bought different kinds of fabric and cut them into strips.  I also used glitter ribbon and a rope like material.  I punched holes in the bags and tied the ribbon, rope, & fabric into bows on the bags.  It gave it a personal touch!  We wanted people to leave with the feeling that they had just been to an awesome concert with the album and poster to remember it by.

What we wanted overall was a laid back feel with minimal décor.  I wanted it to be romantic without feeling stuffy.  The ceremony took place in a small white chapel next to the reception green.  We didn’t trust the weather at the beach so we chose the chapel instead but we did have pictures taken on the beach and they are perfect.  We had an open-air reception overlooking the Carillon Lake with tons of lights in the trees. The tables were covered with white linen table clothes & turquoise pales filled with colorful zinnias, dahlias, lisianthus, & hydrangeas. We also had a homemade photo booth with tons of awesome props.  Our florist was amazing and captured exactly what we wanted.   It was country, beach chic.  J

(Alyson:)  I loved my dress!  I wanted it to feel light and match the beach atmosphere.  I really just wanted to be comfortable but still feel like a bride.

We honeymooned in Anguilla but didn’t go until November.  I’m glad we chose to wait because we were well rested and the excitement wasn’t over in just a weekend.  We had our honeymoon to look forward too!  We also got married on a Friday so we spent the next day on the beach with our friends.  It was perfect.

Borrowed, Blue, & New
(borrowed) I wore my mother’s shoes from when she married my dad.  (new) My parents bought me pearl earrings.  (blue) I cut a piece of my diseased grandfathers blue shirt in the shape of a heart and had it sown into my dress over my heart.  We were very close and it was really important for me to include a piece of him.  He would have loved Zac.

Behind the Scenes

We couldn’t have worked with better planners, photographers, caterers, videographers, or florists!  There are a lot of details that go into a wedding and they are truly the best at what they do.

Thanks, Alyson and Zac for sharing your incredible day with us!  Let’s get this party started…

Btw – this wedding does not get an…

… that’s just their beautiful moss-covered married name initial. (Harr dee harr harrrr I know, I know..)


Ok so here’s my question…

xx, Alison

Photographer: Pure 7 Studios / Wedding Planners: Victoria & Avis – Carillon Weddings / Caterer: Townsend Catering / Florist: Nouveau Flowers / Gown: Lowe’s Bridal / Cupcakes: Confections on the Coast / Ceremony: Carillon Beach, Meeting House / Reception: Carillon Beach, Main Green / Entertainment: Daddy Mack Blues Band / Makeup: Jamie Gummere / Invitations: Wedding Wire / Submission via Two Bright Lights

Label(s): Blue, Color, Green, Multi, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, {Real Weddings}

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    {Carillon Weddings®}

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