PARTY + GLITTER = FUN | DIY Party Favor + Place Card + Necklace… In One! Plus: A Note About ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette,’ Which Premiered Last Night. Plus Bambino.

At the risk of sounding famous (because I’m not) I once hung out in an airport with Dave Matthews.  He approached me.

Let me set the stage: I’m de-boarding a plane.  The face I see when I’m having sex with my college boyfriend is walking towards me.  Initially the beauty of this moment is lost on me – I start searching for the pretty girl he’s looking at just over my shoulder.  I notice only my friends are behind me, no offense.  He stops a foot in front of me.. reaches out his hand, and opens his mouth.  It speaks.  The syllables are vaguely familiar…


My mom had noticed him seated at my gate — she’d remembered his likeness from the area of ceiling over my bed.  He must be someone special.

Summoning the superhuman motherstrength that comes out in situations where your child could possibly be elated for a few seconds because of something you did, she very casually strikes up a conversation with Dave Matthews, nbd.  “Your biggest fan is getting off that plane in a minute – she even has a poster of you over her bed..” how I imagine it went.  She says it didn’t go that way but I know what she’s like.

He ends up talking to me for 20 minutes.  And from the moment he says “Alison?” to the end where he says “nice meeting you Alison, goodbye” I literally did not speak one word and he was asking me questions.  Too in awe (or I was involuntarily c**ming and had to really really focus (ladies you know how it is!)  Anywho.  What I did offer him was a few breathy grunts, and a highly alert look of shock on my face for the duration (like what happens when you see a too large penis in front of you and you start freaking out because, uh oh, that’s not going to fit in my vagina.  But then you “feel bad” and have sex with him anyway and it’s amazing, and you get engaged).  I went that mute.

I was more speechless than that you guys, after last night’s Bachelorette premiere.

The recap of which is coming up after this lovely DIY project Kindred made for you guys.  High kicks, woot!

By the way somehow Kindred made today’s project not only full of glitter BUT ALSO a totes respectable piece of jewelry you can wear outdoors.  Say, to a wedding.

That’s right folks, it’s time for Kindred to take it away, so.. take it away, Kindred!  And I’m sorry that that rhymes!  It kind of really undercuts your professionalism!  Ok NOW take it away–

Today’s DIY makes a perfect bridal shower favor or favor for any gathering with close girl friends. It’s a pretty little gift that can be personalized with a message or just worn as a small sparkly accessory!

What you’ll need:
– Mini corked glass vial
– Gold wire
– Wire tool/plier
– Gold ball chain
– Glitter

Step 1:
Turn your glass vial into a pendant! do this by making a tiny loop with the gold wire, twisting it into a stem at the end. Use the pliers to tighten and shape your loop — then twist the stem of the wire piece into the cork.

Step 2:
Fill the vial with glitter! A mini funnel helps… you can also make one out of a paper cone!  Close the bottle with the cork stopper, and use super glue if you need to reinforce the cork.

Step 3:
Thread the bottle onto the ball chain and it’s ready to go! 

… you can also add in a message along with the sparkles, or have the favor double as a place card by attaching a name to the necklace! 

(Here’s a simplified tutorial for safekeeping..)

Pretty, simple and fun!  What do you think?


Thank you to the women of Kindred for yet another stunning and fun-packed tutorial.  Really adoring what happens when your creativity hops over into the wearable realm.  Killing it, ladies!

One last thing before I slam some shots of Crown Royal and hunker down for the final leg of this Bachelorette recap…

I hurt my ankie recently, gave me an excuse to accept a foot licksage from the bobabear.  Guilt-/weirdness-free!  The only way to experience a foot licksage.  (I wonder if my feet smell like Fritos, too?)

Alrighty.  Hope you aren’t so weirded out by me right now that you decide not to leave a comment for Renee and her crew on the DIY.. don’t punish them for what are exclusively my errors.

Be back with the recap sooner than you can accept that .GIF is pronounced Jiff.  Much love to you, dearies…

xo, Alison

Glitter favor images: Jenna Rae Photography & Kindred / Bambino: taken with my iphone while in a zen, relaxed state

Label(s): Color, Mr. McPuppyPants, Renee, Yellow, {DIY + Freebies}

Love all of this...


  1. Lena on May 28, 2013

    More than Dave Matthews SAYING YOUR NAME? I have GOT to get on watching that thing, so that I can enjoy what’s sure to be a magical recap.

    • Alison on May 29, 2013

      Haha, yep :) Can’t wait for you to see the recap, Miss Lena!

  2. Ghene on May 30, 2013

    That’s an excellent idea, thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Bridepower on May 30, 2013

    Wait. How did Dave Matthews knows your name!?

  4. Nell Roberts on June 2, 2013

    What a great idea!!

  5. This is attention-grabbing, You’re an exceedingly specialized writer. I’ve joined the rss and look toward throughout goal of additional of the excellent publish. Additionally, I have embraced your website within my social support systems

  6. Merylruby_UK on June 19, 2013

    Superb …………… nice imagination

  7. wedding videographers Durban on June 25, 2013

    This is pretty! Such a lovely idea for a vintagey wedding, to use as name tags/place cards. Really unique

  8. Spree-Liebe Hochzeitsfotografie on December 11, 2013

    This is such a great idea for a wedding-party and also for other parties. The last wedding i photographed there was something similar, diy confetti-tubes. I love it when the couple has such individual and personal decoration ideas. :-)

  9. Dana Therrian on June 17, 2016

    Hi there, I love this favor! I see this is an old post but am wondering if you can tell me the size of glass vial used here?




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