Honey and I ate a strawberry today that was so good, like it was so sugary and scrumptious, that we couldn’t even enjoy it for a second before jumping to conclusions about the strawberry being artificially flavored or genetically engineered to taste like that.  ”Probably added sugar to it. Bastards,” said Honey.  ”NO way is this naturally how a strawb (he calls them ‘strawbs’) would taste.”  Look at how jaded we’re getting, you guys.

I shared this anecdote with you not as a cry for help, but as a message to couples everywhere: this is how hard it’s become to genuinely impress us with a thing.

Enter, this wedding. 

Thanks to The Bird & The Bear (aka, Caryn and Bryan)‘s boundless talents in the areas of photography and film, and the bride Elena’s impeccable 6th sense for styling a wedding with eye-popping retina candy, today’s wedding is quite literally the wind beneath my wings.

That’s right- literally.

literally the definition of literally

You’re killin me informal definition.

As I was saying, Elena and Tony achieved what we, I thinkif I may speak in sweeping generalizations about the populace at large – all want to achieve, in our wedding days.  And that is a personal and visually intoxicating atmosphere that is also totes friendly and relaxed and easy to have fun in.

Elena - I am blown away by what you and your mother (and anyone else who helped that I am leaving out) made happen with the decor.  And the way you guys used the landscape… I’m jealous of your guests!

Random aside: My mom visited for a few hours while I was arranging this wedding and when she saw this photo

47 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear

she was like, “I would hang that photo in my house, I don’t care.  That photo is GORGEOUS.”  She added, “that girl should hang that photo in her house, maybe the living room even,” and “all brides should hire photographers like this who know how to take photos like these,” and I’d have to agree with her.

Readers have I sold you yet on this wedding and how great it is/how much I like it?  If not- may I present my pièce de résistance:

“Little Girls in Ruffled Dresses Holding Balloons the Size of Their Bodies, and Each Other’s Hands.”


Now check out what the newlyweds had to share with us about their Big Day…

1. Do you have any tips for readers about the wedding planning process or the wedding day?

I think one of the best tips would be to make yourself a dream board.  I had a large black project board that I would tape all my ideas on.  I had it sectioned off into different categories, and would take cuttings from magazines and tape them to it. There are so many ideas out there that you can get overwhelmed.  This helped me compare new ideas with the old ones, but most of all I could see an overall theme coming together.  It allowed the theme to develop organically rather than forcing it. I know you could argue that that is what Pinterest is for, but this helps with the magazine clippings.  Plus there is something about being able to see it all at one time, and being able to move it around.

The theme is a reflection of you, so go with your gut. This is your one shot to express your vision, so be organized and decisive and it will all come together perfectly.

2. Any personal meaning in the details you’d like to share?

A lot of the pieces at my wedding were very meaningful, from the flowers on my cake to the officiant.  My aunt married us, and it was a beautiful, happy and personal ceremony.

23 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear*

bohemian wedding inspiration the bird the bear photography_004

27 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear*

My mother has been collecting antiques for years, so many of the unique pieces were from her personal collection.

140 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear*


The porcelain flowers on my cake were a souvenir from a trip she took with her mother to Mexico.

3. Your favorite moment from the day?

My favorite moment of that day was the walk down the aisle.  


My dad and I were all smiles, the crowd was whistling and cheering and I finally got to see my handsome groom.

bohemian wedding inspiration the bird the bear photography_003


bohemian wedding inspiration the bird the bear photography_011



47 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear*


bohemian wedding inspiration the bird the bear photography_012

39 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear

bohemian wedding inspiration the bird the bear photography_006

bohemian wedding bouquet

bohemian wedding inspiration the bird the bear photography_007

diy wedding card suitcase

121 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear*


118 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear*

148 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear

Wait a second I DIDN’T SHOW YOU THE CRANES YET!!  Check it >>

bohemian wedding inspiration the bird the bear photography_009

64 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear*

bohemian wedding inspiration the bird the bear photography_010

32 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear


62 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear

Creative use of cranes, AMIRITE?

bohemian wedding inspiration the bird the bear photography_019

A little detail on the details, from The Bird & The Bear:

Elena and Tony’s bohemian, desert wedding was amazing!  They’ve traveled all over the world together, and the wedding truly reflects their eclectic style.  We love all the origami birds pinned to the cacti, and the maple syrup favors with hand written notes on each place setting.  Every tablescape was unique, with all different jewel tone scarves, and special details they’ve collected.



82 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear


77 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear




bohemian wedding inspiration the bird the bear photography_024

132 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear

Thank you, Elena and Tony, for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us!  It looks like it was freaking awesome and I’m super jeally I wasn’t there.  :)

xo Alison

p.s. cupcake close up:

139 bohemian desert wedding inspiration the bird the bear*

p.p.s. Elena and Tony’s wedding film (shot by the The Bird & The Bear)!!!!!! 



The Bird & The Bear Photography is a member of Vendor Love.  Explore more work here, in our guide.

Photo & Video: The Bird & The Bear / Museum: Quartermaster Depot State Park / Submission: Two Bright Lights / Coordinator: Erica Gonzales / Catering: Carla Renee / Dress: Monique Lhuilier / Groom’s Attire: J Crew / MUA: Marissa Alexander / Hair Stylist: Kelly Waclawczyk / Venue: Quarter Master Depot Museum / Decor: Bride and her mother’s collection

Label(s): Blue, Color, Green, Multi, Pink, Purple, {Real Weddings}

Love all of this...


  1. sweetquinceaneradress on August 24, 2013

    What a colourful and gorgeous wedding.

    • Chris on January 14, 2017

      I agree what a beautiful and coloful wedding. They did a great job capturing all of this within these photos. Definitely eye catching and I am sure the bride and groom were very pleased.

    • on March 29, 2017

      Very nice place.Good luck

  2. on August 25, 2013

    WOW. Made me speechless as I look at the photographs!Totally amazing!Thanks for sharing.

    • Chris on January 14, 2017

      Your right about that. The pictures really show how colorful the wedding really was! Great eye by the photographer!!

  3. Lena on August 25, 2013

    Use of the word “literally” in the definition of the informal use of the word “literally” LITERALLY made my day. This loveliness was just icing on top.

  4. Caryn on August 26, 2013

    Yippee! Thank you so much for featuring Elena & Tony’s uber gorgeous wedding!

  5. elena on August 26, 2013

    This was my wedding, I am Elena :) Your blog made my day! Thank you for the kind words! I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be featured on your site!
    Thank You!

    • Elena Curtis on August 27, 2013

      I am Elena”s Mom and a very beautiful blog and this also made my day, THANK YOU!!! I am so proud of my beautiful daughter and so fortunate that she had you to feature her wedding along with her fabulous photographers. And to you too Tony and my son who made the beautiful arch :-).

  6. Julia on August 26, 2013

    This was the best wedding I have ever attended, bar none. Elena and Tony love and respect one another in a way that is so pure and so contagious. It was my 12-year-old son’s first wedding, and he danced until midnight. I am so glad that you featured their special day. They are an amazing couple — one I feel so proud to know — and they both worked so hard to make the day a joy for everyone who attended.

  7. Bethany on August 27, 2013

    I was fortunate enough to attend my cousin’s beautiful wedding. It was very guest friendly and relaxing. I had a 3 year old with me and she loved having her face painted and the bathtub full of bottles of Coca Cola. The place settings were beautiful and I am so glad that the pictures taken of her wedding were able to do it justice.

  8. Expert DJ on August 27, 2013

    Looks like an awesome wedding, glad the sun was shining, couple look fantastic.

  9. Charmaine/ All in a Soiree on August 27, 2013

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  12. Kali Chandler on August 30, 2013

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