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Considering cake toppers?  Many of us go back and forth on the subject, and I’m no exception. I think I like the idea of a cake topper but, so far, I haven’t really liked my options.  For the most part, the ones I’ve seen are just so kitschy – and not even the good, hip kind of kitschy… the bad, crappy kind of kitschy that “kitsch” is actually meant to denote.

This all changed today.

Today, I drove out to Pasadena, CA, and met with my lovely and quite fabulously dressed wedding photographer for the first time in person.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m vacationing in southern CA for a family reunion of sorts and, since my photographer lives out here, we arranged to kick it for a few.  SO glad we got a chance to meet face to face at least once before go-time.  I feel much more confident about this whole crazy arrangement now.  I’m quite aware of the downsides to choosing a vendor from far, far way, but here’s the thing about me: when I get a feeling about someone/something, I go with it. 

Anywho, after spending some QT with the talented young lady and her soon-to-be sister-in-law, I headed straight to a nearby bookstore and beelined it to the wedding magazines.  (You know – because I’m planning a wedding and magazines are like pages of ice cream filled with idea sprinkles.  I’m this close to licking them right there in the store.)  So there I am, face to face with the usual suspects, but find myself looking for something different – something new, or at least something local.  

I end up passing on everything local, mostly due to the inverse ratio of ads to actual magazine content (it’s getting worse than MTV programming these days – what?  No, I don’t watch MTV programming).  About ready to leave, I decided to pick up an unknown.  At least I’d never seen a copy of it in NY.  It’s called Weddingstar, and as I flipped through this 400 page behemoth I fell instantly in love.  The ads seemed nonexistent, but in fact they’re just seamlessly rolled in.  Me likey.

In exchange for an Alexander Hamilton, the book – because it’s a book, not a magazine; nothing 400 pages long can be considered a magazine – was mine.  

Alright now… here’s one of the reasons it stood out from the rest and became today’s Fab Find:

An AH. MAZ. ING. cake toppers feature.  

Check it below, girlfriends and boyfriends.  In honor of the movie I just watched tonight – Away We Go…

Beginning with my big three; these are my top toppers.

This one somehow makes me feel happy about getting married…

And these next two represent what I’m absolutely sure are his top two dream wedding scenarios…

I know my nephew would love this one.  (My nephew’s 3 years old.)

These Love Birds are darling to the nth degree…


Man, the set design on these is brilliant, is it not?

This one is especially romantic, in my opinion…

And then there’s your grab-a-butt topper…

Watch out, it goes both ways:


So, as you’ve seen, there are some lovely options out there these days.  I have just one request.  Please, don’t go with this one.  Not a good start to the whole union thing.

Of course, to each his own.

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Love all of this...


  1. Lindsey on February 20, 2015

    I love love love the cake topper with the bride and groom grabbing each other’s booties while lovingly looking at each other!! Where can I buy this? Thank you for responding, hopefully.


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