TRAVELER’S JOY + A GIVEAWAY! | Here’s my favorite way to reconnect as a couple, once the wedding is over…

New experiences bond couples.  It’s a fact.  Sharing a new experience, like traveling together to a foreign land or even just hiking up an unfamilar trail does something chemical in your brain, the result being that you feel happier to be with your partner and that much more connected to one another than before.  It’s science.  And I think that beats getting a blender any day.


I don’t know about you but honestly the last thing I want is a blender for my wedding.  I have a blender.  I have plates.  I have flatware.  We’ve been living together for a while, we have acquired the basic necessities of living an adult life.  What I don’t have is a sensational 7 night stay in St. Lucia for zero dollars out of pocket.  I WANT a 7 night stay in St. Lucia for zero dollars.  Or Bali.  Or Italy.  Or Greece!  Or all of the places all in a row.  And Traveler’s Joy can give this to me.  Therefore, I love Traveler’s Joy (and I’m far from the only one).

I’m inclined to think you’d agree, too, that make out sessions on the same old couch can get kinda boring.

french bulldog and frenchie puppy kissing

Bambino and Little Guy enjoying a makeout sesh on – where else? – the couch

A couple needs a change of scenery every once in a while.  Especially after they’ve gone through the emotional ups and downs of planning a wedding together.  That shit can get hectic.

So that’s where Traveler’s Joy comes in.  Traveler’s Joy let’s you have your cake and eat it, too.  It lets you go on a totally free-to-you dream vacation on the backs of your dear wedding guests.  This is a win-win situation, since nobody in their right mind actually wants to buy someone a blender to celebrate the fact that they got married.  What a SNORE.  I’d much rather contribute to a couple’s adventurous sexcapades on an island in the southern Aegean Sea…


You can go ahead and get started on your registry right now if you’d like: click here to get going.  It’s mighty easy and super fast.  Or click here to see some of the best and coolest honeymoon registries already crafted by other couples, for inspiration.  It’s arranged by region of the world.  ORRR, check out some of the most romantic honeymoon getaways possible.  I could spend all afternoon in there.

How it works: you can have a complete registry in just a matter of minutes.  Couples choose from a list of 50 theme based (think beach, cruise, or mountains) or location specific (think Italy, Hawaii or St. Lucia) item lists.  With one click, the items and experiences your hearts desire are added to your registry.  You can edit or delete any item at any time and/or add more later on.  And it’s not just the voyage you can register for; couples can register for physical items, like cameras and video-cameras.  Even flip-flops, people.

Btdubs, group gifting is what makes this so special: it’s easy to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable portions.  This way your guests can spend what they personally feel comfortable spending on you, while still contributing to what you really want.

But wait, there’s more!  If you dig giveaways you’ll want to sign up with the quickness, because between May 1st and October 31st of this year Traveler’s Joy is running a stellar special offer — every month they’ll pick one lucky couple on their wedding day and TRIPLE the honeymoon gifts they receive from their registry.  What?  WHAT?  It’s just too good a deal to pass up.  If you register by April 30th you’ll automatically be entered to win!!!

In closing, let me just say that at the tippy top of my list of fun things to do with my person are a) travel to amazing vacation spots and b) spend absolutely none of our own hard-earned money facilitating these travels.  Suffice it to say, the two rarely (never) go hand in hand.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY PEEPS.  I promise you, it’ll be the second best decision you ever made, second only to marrying your beloved.

*This is a partnered post.  Of course, I hand-pick all sponsors of TKB to make sure they’re a perfect fit for you guys and for the blog.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Happy Friday!  -Alison

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    This is a great idea. Thank you for the tip!

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    Smooching puppies just brightened a very long day.

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    Santorini, a paradise in earth!!!

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