Proof That Love Conquers A N Y T H I N G

Been looking for a reason to [maybe, sort of] believe in all of those melodramatic televised romance novels… that we all secretly love to watch? I’ve got good news for you… which I can guarantee is TRUE, if you consider People Mag a truth-telling source, and if you’ll accept that that guarantee holds only for this very moment in time… Jason and Molly from The Bachelor are actually really genuinely into one another.  And it turns out that Molly truly welcomes Jason’s beautiful beautiful beautiful… beautiful booooyyyy.

What’s the proof?

Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney


Jason, The Romantic: (I love this part, because it makes so much sense): According to People, a source close to the couple says they’ve returned to the site of Jason’s first proposal… you know, the one to the person he chose over Molly… so that he “can do what he should have done the last time he was here, and ask Molly to marry him.”  Yeah, that would be my dream proposal scenario.

Whoa, back up, right?  Wasn’t this relationship doomed for failure around the time that Jason was born a dbag?  I guess Molly’s public image suffered a self-respect blow around the time that she took him back after he rejected her on national television and proposed to a different person and road-tested the other woman and decided she was too clingy and humiliated her without warning before an audience and then within the same 40 minutes asked Molly if she wanted a piece.

I like to check in on what the masses are thinking when something like this hits the fan… check out People if you want to kill some time with this stuff.

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Love all of this...

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