FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS ❦ stylish wedding looks ❦ A Perfectly Altered Dress + A Timeless ‘Do

When I saw the wedding of Shannon and Pratap, shot by Sara of OneLove Photography, I got really excited.

I just LOVE this wedding; the details make me so incredibly happy.  The little Ferrero Rocher gold-foil wrapped chocolates (a childhood fave of mine) marking each guest’s seat at the table, the bride’s big, magnificent jewelry, the simplicity and skillful use of color… and, most of all… HER DRESS.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is how a dress should fit.  You know and I know that it really does all come down to that.  (Well, aside from all the love and happiness stuff, but you follow me.)

The thing is, if your dress fits properly, you own the day.  Simple as that.  No worries about photos marred by your constant need to lift a falling strapless gown – which happens waaaaay too often.  No unsightly gathering or bulging at the waste when you sit down to eat (that is, if you sit down to eat).  Proper fit is important, and I advise you to go out and get it.  But don’t fret; it’s not a requirement that you spend copious amounts of your earnings on alterations.  You may need to do a little sleuthing, but I’m confident that someone you know, somewhere, has the 411 on a stellar seamstress who’s well-versed in making dress dreams come true.

Doesn’t she look phenomenal?!!  A perfect fit will leave you looking stylish and sexy, but still completely appropriate.  Which is pretty much my definition of the ideal wedding day look.

Now, check out a bride with what I consider a fab, simple ‘do, also shot by Sara.  Her name’s Julie, and while she’s stunning head to toe, I especially admired what she did up top on her wedding day.  So basic; half-up, half-down.  But the classic, timeless beauty of the look she has accomplished makes me swoon!

And she’s single-handedly made me a believer in cascading bouquets.

Photos: OneLove Photography {Weddings 1 & 2}

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Aaaand one last thing.  Kat of Rock ‘n Roll Bride tweeted this find, which was discovered by her husband.  It is just too funny not to share with you guys.  Enjoy!


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Love all of this...


  1. dognbird on April 23, 2010

    Love the name cards – this whole event has great style!

  2. Caroline on April 23, 2010

    Love Julie's bouquet and Shannon's dazzling necklace! I want that necklace :D

  3. UIDA on April 24, 2010

    I love her dresses. I wish my sister could wear one and still look cute.

  4. Amberdawn on April 25, 2010

    That dress DOES fit her perfectly. It's gorgeous. And I love those Ferraro Rocher too :D If I wasn't worried about the chocolate melting in August I'd definitely have those at my wedding.

  5. on April 26, 2010

    Beautiful wedding! love the old camera prop!

  6. Brit @ Landlocked Bride on April 27, 2010

    Man, her dress is gorgeous. The details with the camera are very sweet.

  7. Brit @ Landlocked Bride on April 27, 2010

    Man, her dress is gorgeous. The details with the camera are very sweet.


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