The Story of The Knotty Bride

Alison has always dreamed of the day when she could craft a brief bio about herself – something modest, smart, approachable, but also funny and exemplary of her personality.  She’s glad to see the opportunity has finally arisen, and she strives to make the brief journey she’s offering you into her life and work a pleasurable one.

If you’d like to know more about Alison, how this blog came to be, and what it aspires to accomplish, please, read on.

If you’d rather look at pictures of her puppy, Bambino Whittlestein McPuppypants, III, Esq., be sure to visit ==> his category <== but please do prepare to throw up a little in your mouth from his cuteness.

I love creating and collecting the absolute best of what’s going on in the world of weddings.  I’m all about the *wow* factor. What wows me?  Color palettes I covet, attractive ways to employ a theme, awe-inspiring innovation, dreamy decor and DIY (do it yourself) projects that range from darling to daring.

If you’re anything like me, brilliant photos inspire you and beautiful, new ideas instill in you a craving to create.  So when I’m not doing it myself, I’m searching out everything stylish, special, sweet, sensational and, in the case of DIYs, simple… then bringing all that delicious eye candy here to you.  And I’ve crashed my hard-drive enough times to know that what I’ve needed all along is a house on the internet where all good ideas come to live and thrive; one peachy place for planning perfection.  So here it is; a world of inspiration and all the answers you’ll need to make your wedding the ultimate celebration of who you are.

Back when I first decided to create this wedding blog, I was just starting out with my own wedding planning.  I never imagined it would be as much work — though I can’t complain :) — as it turned out to be.  And I’m not even close to done, yet!

Long story short, I wanted to keep it simple, and keep it real.

Why create The Knotty Bride? Thanks for asking!  The facts:

#1.  I’m always researching my eventual tying of the knot (hence, 1/2 the reasoning behind the title, “The Knot-ty Bride”… stay tuned for the other 1/2…)

#2.  I’ve learned that I have a slightly different perspective from most brides, in that I never dreamed about my wedding and didn’t discover what an IMMENSE THRILL it would be until I actually dug in and started exploring my options.  So, I’m the kind of person who truly has to start from scratch, and has discovered so much about who I am and what gets me revved…

#3.  Speaking of revved… that brings us to the other 1/2…

Say “knotty” out loud for me.  What does it sound like?  … Sounds almost exactly like naughty, right?  Well, that’s on purpose, friends, and it’s the remaining 1/2 of the reasoning behind the title.

Early on, I started to notice something peculiar… something that seemed a little naughty… whenever I click on a wedding-related image that tickles my fancy — whether it be table toppers that twinkle, a brand new line of designer gowns, freshly bundled bouquets, pretty much every wedding wow factor I’ve seen (and likely brought back here for your viewing pleasure) — something happens in my brain… and I admit, I like it.

Few have dared to utter this truth… but many if not all experience it… it’s blissful, it’s titillating, you can’t stop staring…

Ever heard of the “Girlfriend Experience?”

Well, ladies, we’ll call this phenomenon: “The Wedding Planning Experience.”

Wedding Planning will do whatever you want it to do.  It’ll hold your hand.  It’ll make you feel great and, if you want it to, it’ll make you the center of attention.

And if you pay it enough?  It’ll do anything for you.       ;)