Fine Print


1. TKB is a community supportive of all human beings and their expressions of love.  There is no place for hateful, bigoted words, in tweets, in emails, in anything.  Since we cannot stop those who decide to express themselves in such a manner, we sadly have to assert here, that bigoted, hateful or otherwise inappropriate language will always result in disqualification in TKB contests/giveaways.

Crazy and sad that we had to add that up there, eh?  We know.

2. If you have submitted a question to our advice column, Dear TKB: though we try, we cannot guarantee that all questions submitted to alison {@} will be answered and featured on the blog, as we receive gads and gads.  We must leave room for breathing in air and walking the dog, or we’d simply go crazy and be rendered completely useless, advice-wise.  Nobody wants that, right?  We would like to state, however, that, in the case that you have submitted a question for advice to The Knotty Bride, your question may be chosen and featured (anonymously; all names/locations will be changed) on TKB and answered by the Editor.


Unless otherwise noted, does not hold the copyright to photographs displayed on our website.  Each photograph’s copyright belongs to the credited photographer.
Photographs displayed on are given proper credit wherever possible; in rare cases where credit cannot easily be found, the images are believed to be readily available in the public domain and are used under protection of the US. Copyright Fair Use Act.
If we have displayed a copyrighted photo of yours and you would like us to remove it, please write to us at theknottybride {@} gmail {dot} com.


We reserve the right to suspend an advertiser’s campaign if that campaign is found to conflict with our fair and honest standards.  Fortunately this has not happened yet, and we hope to continue this streak far into the future.