Guidelines for submitting images to The Knotty Bride

  • We like to keep things nice and fresh on The Knotty Bride, so we prefer to feature content that has not been picked up elsewhere.  We do, however, accept submissions that have been published in print.
  • Please be sure that your images are sans watermark, and at least 600px wide; this pertains to horizontal and individual vertical images.
  • We accept submission from photographers, planners and brides.  However, if you are a bride or planner and you are submitting a wedding or photo shoot, it is assumed that you have the permission of the photographer to have his/her work published.


Please send between 50 and 100 images (plus a write-up & vendor links if already obtained) in one of the following ways:

  • Email: alison{@}theknottybride{.}com – attach zip file of your images
  • Dropbox
  • Two Bright Lights

Wedding / Styled Shoot Submissions

Real wedding submissions and styled shoot submissions should be detail heavy and packed with clear, vivid imagery.  Did we say we love details?  Because we do.  We LOVE details.  A lot.  We also love wedding photography that tells a story, from the bride getting ready, to the ceremony, to the reception, and everything in between.

If your submission is accepted, you will need to provide a list of vendors with links to their sites, as well as a write-up discussing the details of the wedding or styled shoot.  The blurb can be as personal/detailed/hyperbolic as the one writing it wishes.  (Knotty readers LOVE personality, so feel free to be you!)  Here are some topics you might want to touch on:

  • style / inspiration
  • describe any DIY details (if applicable)
  • favorite part/moment of the day
  • first look or no first look?
  • song/musical choices
  • thoughts/tips for readers currently planning their weddings

Please note: in the case of real weddings, the write-up is preferably written by the bride (or groom).  In the case that the bride or groom is unable to pen a write-up, it can be written by the event planner or the submitting photographer if an event planner was not involved.  Also, please be sure to submit content that has not been previously published (though featured on your blog or in print is perfectly fine).

Engagement Shoot Submissions

We occasionally feature engagement shoots that pack a big punch detail-wise, or offer a creative spin.  Please refer to the “Wedding Submissions” instructions above; a list of vendors and their links will not be required.

DIY Submissions

We love DIY tutorials on TKB, so if you’d like to submit your own project (and/or free printable download) for consideration, we’re excited to hear from you!  In your submission, please include a blog-ready write-up of your DIY, which includes instructions and possible use(s) for your project.  Submissions should include at least four photos of the project.  Step-by-step images are encouraged, but not required.

Boudoir Submissions

We accept extremely high quality shoots that effectively show how gorgeous, tasteful and worth it a boudoir shoot can be.  We especially adore shoots that have some sort of unique approach, use interesting props (not THAT kind of prop, wink wink nudge nudge) or just have a mystique about them that simply must be seen by Knotty readers.

In addition to images, please submit a blurb written by the photographer or bride describing the experience in some way.  Ex.: why the bride wanted to do the shoot; what she loved about the shoot; meaningful, silly or cool details involved; tips for women considering their own shoot; and/or anything else that might be interesting to our readers.

Note: Due to the amount of submissions we receive on a daily basis, please understand that while I dream of responding to each and every one of them, it is just not possible for me to respond personally to every last one.  (Though believe me, I try; much to the chagrin of loved ones.)  So, with that said, if you have not heard back within one month, please either follow-up, or submit your shoot elsewhere.

Thank you for your interest in being featured on The Knotty Bride!

We leave you with some words from our hero, Betty White…

“Why do people say “grow some balls?”  Balls are weak and sensitive.  If you really want to get tough, grow a vagina.  Those things take a pounding.”