IN LUST WITH A BLACK WEDDING DRESS | Photos ❧ Jose Villa | Gowns ❧ b. Hughes Bridal

Remember that black dress I hinted about yesterday?  Well, I discovered it on a routine visit to Jose Villa‘s blog and it has given new life to the one shoulder gown – a style of which I’ve not always been a fan.

By the way, loving the cowboy boots, girlfriend.

This black beauty from Romona Keveza is going to appear in my dreams, I’m sure of it.  But, seeing as I’m 5’4″, hopefully I’ll be about 11 inches taller… otherwise I’m gonna look like a black cumulus cloud.  Not so much.

Here are a couple more from the shoot.  Just ’cause.

Jose Villa is kind of a big deal.  Click here to see one of my favorite real weddings, which he captured.  Villa shot the couple as they waded through lavender fields in Montecito, CA, and the results are stunning.  Truly, one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing.

(… And, since we’re on the topic of lavender, you MUST check out this wedding stationery suite, which was designed by Ceci New York.  Lavender, deep purple and blue have never looked so good together.)


Love all of this...

♡ WEDDING PARTY ♡ Second Installment ♡ ………..VERA WANG RUNWAY SHOW………..

Remember this sneak peek?  Of course you do – I haven’t experienced so much positive feedback since transitioning out of diapers.

Now, for this post, I’m gonna do something CRAZY.  And that’s cut the small talk.  Because this series of posts speaks volumes, and I don’t feel like shouting to share the stage.  ;) However, before we begin, here’s a quick word to the wise:

Bigger is always better…

So click on each photo if you want to feel like you were there with me.

Alright, without further adieu, I present to you… Vera.

Breathtaking, right?  When this show began, I remember becoming consumed by what was strutting immediately before me.  Unable to keep it inside, I turned to a friend seated next to me to whisper how I felt… “A sense of calm has washed over me.  I feel like I’m lazing in a spa, or floating on a thick cloud.  This is INTOXICATING.”

… Oh, and by the way, we are SO not done.

Love all of this...