TRENDS + REAL TALK | 5 Chic Wedding Trends In One Inspiration Shoot! PLUS: 5 Things About Me That I Like To Keep Secret. | AK Studio & Design

Today’s my b-day.  I have no idea what to say so I decided to be honest about life and just say what came to mind.  Also I got my period yesterday, which usually means things get pretty emotional pretty fast.  So this post is two parts wedding trends and inspiration, one part deep truths from inside my soul.  Enjoy..?

1. Even though I’ve heard my significant other tell me {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

CASUAL CHIC DIY WEDDING + SEXY BABIES? | Succulents + Tats + Fights + Goats = This Killer Wedding. Also, Open Letter to Toddlers & Tiaras By Me & Tom Hanks.

↑ the “fighting” part of the title… ceremony fan creatively used as weapon – but flowers are no defense!  someone tell him!

Happy evening, peoples!  What is it, like 10:45pm EST?  Whew, YEAH it is.  Today was sort of, umm… today was pretty busy, y’all.

I just wrapped up taping The Bachelor which means I have been AVOIDING TWITTER AT ALL COSTS, so if you happened to {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

RUSTIC BOHEMIAN PICNIC WEDDING | A Veritable Where’s Waldo for Cat Lovers! Plus, Muscle-Bound Bambino. | By Love Light Images

Happy Friday eeeeeeeeevuhningk, munchkinos!  Before you start reading i just wanna make sure I note here that things got really out of hand in this post and I apologize.  I think the no heat/no hot water situation forced my body into survival mode and resources that are typically so in abundance, instead became luxuries.  Like for example, a sufficient quantity of blood, getting pumped like clockwork into my brain.  Ok WE BEGIN, armed with that knowledge.

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Love all of this...