EASTER FINDS ❦ Cookie Cutter Creations + Treat Decorations + Personalized Aprons & More I Adore!

The cookie cutter awesomeness you see before you is available at Williams-Sonoma…

And it’s on sale…

Retail Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $13.99!!!

Want it?  Get it.

OF COURSE, now you need some decorations for those freshly-baked babies.  (There are a lot of things I like in this world, but an undressed holiday treat isn’t one of them.)  Here, put some clothes on those cookies:

Cookie Decorating Pens, Sugars & Pastes!

They’ll be wearing painted-on clothes.  Tee hee.

Here’s another terrific find that’ll feed that relentless, driving need to bake and decorate things:

A buttercup cakelet pan!

Got a little one who wants to help?  Throw an apron on him/her and get that kiddo to work…

Personalized Kid’s Gingham Easter Smock

I want to get this for my niece so badly. Unfortunately it’s too late, given how far from me she lives.  And I’ve just never been one to stockpile gifts in advance.  I like to wait until it’s become a burden and then almost miss the occasion entirely… or miss the occasion entirely.  I’m great, aren’t I?

Yeah, so anyway, that’s how you do Easter.

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There’s more Easter goodness coming your way.  Stay tuned!
You’re gonna love it.

Love all of this...