MEGAN FOX’S WEDDING DRESS | Also, why I think Megan and Brian are attracted to one another…

So, I’m sure you’ve heard the news, right?  Brian put a ring on it!  On June 24 in Hawaii, 24-year-old Megan Fox married 36-year-old Brian Austin Green, the slender, sorta cute-ish boy, aka my third choice (it went Brandon, Dylan, then David, my distant third – did you even remember his name was David?  I had to look it up) from everyone’s favorite ’90s teen drama, Beverly Hills 90210.  They were wed by a Hawaiian priest, and Brian’s son, Kassius (… ok), served as their only witness.  Yeah yeah yeah… but have you seen her dress?  Because it was totally NOT what I expected Megan Fox to wear on Megan Fox’s wedding day.  Totally.  Not.  What I expected.

First of all, it was white.  OMG that was horrible I didn’t mean it.  I really like Megan Fox, honest.  Ok, getting serious now, here’s what I expected: tight-fitting, glitzy, snug, low-cut, curve-hugging, and sleek.  I guessed completely wrong, except for that last detail.  It was definitely sleek.  But tight-fitting, snug and curve-hugging (which all mean the same thing because I was trying to drive home a point)?  Not really.  And the glitz and glam factor?  Not even close.  Here’s Armani’s artistic rendering of what she wore: {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

E-SESSION BEAUTY ❦ kissin’ in the water ❦ Jose Villa Photography

I love Jose Villa and everything he ever does at any time with his camera.  But what makes this shoot extra special for moi is the fact that I also love rompers, 50s bathing suits AND all over wetness in my photography.  Ehhem, all over EXTERNAL wetness.  No that doesn’t make it sound any less sexual, does it.  In fact it just makes it sound MORE sexual, like, at a more sexually advanced stage.  I should probably hover, highlight and delete everything I just wrote BUT I’M NOT GON’ DO IT.

Let’s hear it for stream of consciousness, unedited blogging!  Getting otherwise verbally appropriate young women in trouble since the early 2000s.

I think I’m going to tell my Dad to stop reading this blog.

* * *

A couple more things I love, since I’m on such a roll: her attitude and his everything.  WORK. IT.

Here’s a fun fact that may or may not totally piss you off: I *thought* this was an inspiration session, because I didn’t realize two people as hot as this could actually find one another and become a real couple.  AKA live the dream.  So, just so you know, these two are really together, in real life.  (I know, right?!!  I can’t believe it either.)

By the way, I seem to see some sort of vintage camera in every single e-session I’ve seen for the past six months.  But you know what?  I don’t hate it (yet).

Ok, STOP.  How awesome is that ROMPERRRRRR!

See the rest of this romper-tastic e-sesh on Jose’s blog.

By Jose Villa + Joy Thigpen

Love all of this...