MY NEW FAVE DRESSES + MOMMY TALK | The truth about having a baby. Plus, Lhuillier’s Bliss Collection means affordable Lhuillier!

This post is about Monique Lhuillier’s Bliss collection but I have to talk about life as a new mom first.  Also, baby pics :)


So.  I’ve been raising this infant I made for a total of eight weeks now, and it’s been interesting.  Well not interesting.  My days consist of feeding, burping, holding and putting to bed a ten pound lump of flesh formed by bringing my bowels to a halt for ten months.  (I was so constipated I could barely walk.)  And because of the sleep deprivation I feel weirdly high at all times but not in a good ‘I’m floating’ way, in a ‘I shouldn’t be driving right now’ way.  But I love her, I do.  So much.  So much it hurts.  It HURTS. how much I love her.  (And this coming from someone who never really planned on having children.)  If you’re a parent or were like really instrumental in raising your younger sibling cause your parents weren’t around much (it happens) then you know what I mean.  There’s really nothing like those little moments with your tiny.  Like her first ‘social smile’.  Or those first coos.  Or when she finally falls asleep in your arms so you can put her the fuck down and get some work done.  Really it’s amazing.

A couple of pics of my cheeky little Miss O to start things off…  {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...