Inspiration Board: Yellow, White, Grey & Bordeaux

The seasons are changing.  It’s dreary, grey and a bit bare outside today, with yellowed leaves snapping off their trees and coasting on the brisk winds that took them.  It begs the question here at tKB: sad, cold day… or uniquely inspiring color palette?  The latter, of course!

I worked up the below after some lingering stares through my window…

Yellow, white and grey with bordeaux hints

Credits: Michelle Photography, Cake Stands by Raise the Cake, Jose Villa, Jose Villa Photography (2), Jose Villa, Brett Buchanan (2), Harper Ferguson (2), Linda Chaja

Interesting how a brisk fall landscape brought about what I deem to be a divine marriage of stark grey shades and soft, buttery colors that are nothing short of ideal for a summertime wedding party!

Love all of this...