PORTUGAL WEDDING WITH SUCCULENTS | … so it’s awesome. Plus: The Day I Realized Everyone Has Seen Me Naked. | By Brancoprata

Honey let me know something moderately horrifying the other day.

“The most interesting thing happened on my way home from the Cleaners just now” he said, gleefully hopping into the bathroom like a child on Christmas morning.   “I could see you while you were showering.”

“See me? my naked body??”

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Love all of this...

Wedding Styling Brilliance + Best Way for a Man to End An Argument. | Photography by André Teixeira of Brancoprata / Jose Villa Workshop {PART II} | Also, Bambo sits funny.

Happiest of Monday afternoons to your faces, my friends!  Actually, there are more things to greet…

Hi there, vibrant yellow bouquet in the foreground with ribbons the color of azure waters that I want to touch.  You flutter beautifully like the hair of Beyonce with child while she performs in high heels which is very dangerous!  Oh and hey- how’s the weather, extremely attractive couple caught in a moment of not exactly kissing, not exactly laughing?  Oohh and hello to you, too, billy ball decorated cake of on-trend wonder and astonishment.  Can I see you up close?

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Love all of this...

OH, NICE TO MEET YOU, WEDDING DRESS OF MY WILDEST DREAMS. | Images by André Teixeira of Brancoprata / Jose Villa Workshop, Mexico {PART I}

↑ like WHOA.

Happy Friday afternoon-almost-weekend you guys!  I sorries; I knowww it’s late even for me :) but most of today was spent working on some projects/some upcoming news of the personal variety – that yes, of course I’m going to share with you soon – and the remaining time was weirdly spent editing shots I took at a recent Vera Wang event because I feel bad I haven’t freaking SHAAARED them with you yet, jeez, but I promise they are coming, I promise promise promise.  Ok anyway I really wanna hear your deepest, darkest thoughts on the following, so here we go…

I think I’m telling a lot of people’s stories when I say this… so tell me if you’ve experienced this, too:

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Love all of this...