Warriors in Pink: Your Bridal Party!

On Friday, October 16, The Martha Stewart Show was devoted to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This episode gave us a couple of great ideas (if we do say so ourselves) that you may want to employ for your wedding!

As you may already know, we here at The Knotty Bride are always looking for ways to infuse what we find to be wonderful things and ideas, into weddings. Well, this time it was a no-brainer and we’re SURE that your bridal party will be psyched over the first one.

So, getting to it: are you looking for a meaningful item to give to your bridesmaids that they’ll treasure, not just throw in a drawer when they get home? Maybe pink is integral to your wedding color scheme, and you’d like that to extend to your bridal party’s look as they walk… or dance, whatever floats your boat… up the aisle. Or maybe breast cancer has had an impact on your life or the lives of your friends and family, and you are looking for a way to show support and awareness in a way that will bring delight to your guests’ faces, and a feeling of happiness and warmth to their hearts.

If any of that applies to you, well then two things are happening here — 1) we love you! and 2) we’ve got the perfect gift for your bridal party, and anyone else to whom you’d like to give something truly special and incredibly meaningful…

Ford's 2009 Warrior Woven Scarf on Martha

Now imagine that diva-liciousness draped around the necks of your beautiful bridesmaids? They can also roll and tie the scarves around their necks, for a that sophisticated french look. Hard to pull off, but ah-mazing when done right.

Do you love a good DIY project?  Then may we suggest showing your support through your invitations!

we love the Warriors In Pink Stamping Kit!

Warriors In Pink - Warrior Stamping Kit Colors

For more information or if you’re interested in purchasing any of the Warriors in Pink items seen here, visit fordcares.com

Instructions for making a super special invitation or thank you card:

Tools and Materials
Notecard and envelope
“Symbols of the Warrior” stamping kit
Glue pen

Stationery How-To
1. Stamp notecard and let dry completely.
2. Use glue pen and glitter to embellish.
3. Decorate envelope, if desired.

Stamping kit from fordcares.com. You can find the additional tools and materials over at Martha Stewart Crafts.

Love all of this...