GIRL TALK + WINNERS | Appy Couple Custom Designs + Princess Kate’s Royal TenenBoobs and Me: My (Embarrassing) Personal Story.

Happy late evening, bubbuhbears!  I just called you guys what we call Bambino, AWWWWWW.  I think that means I love you.

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Love all of this...

IN THE SPIRIT OF BOUDOIR… | My Reactions – and there are many – to Cosmopolitan’s “50 Great Things to Do with Your Breasts.” … Yes, this is happening.

I’ve got my sexy face on this afternoon.  It’s on my mind in a very real way.  I’ll be the first to admit it.  Of course, given the fact that we just launched our boudoir photography giveaway yesterday afternoon, I’m hardly surprised.  So today?  I’m having fun with my thoughts.  And so I pray that you are able to have fun with my thoughts, too.  Because here come my thoughts…  {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...