E!’s Bridal Plasty + *Moderately Dope* Giveaways courtesy of Vendor Love members + Glittery Holiday Fun!

Happy Friday, pretties!  We had to do some back-end testing this morning for some, ehhem, *things* we’ll be bringing to you next week or thereabouts, so here’s a pretty little post comin’ atcha faces, afternoon-style.

What we shall address today… Issue #1: Bridal Plasty.  Issue #2: Card and Vendor Love Photography Giveaways.  Issue #3: Miscellaneous.

But first, a miniature glittery Christmas Village {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

REAL WEDDING, INTERNATIONAL | Tânia + Ricardo’s soft, detail-rich nuptials in Santa Comba Dão, Portugal | by Brancoprata

I was thinking about speaking on the topic of E!’s Bridal Plasty today but, somehow, discussing soul crushing, emotionally vacant, body manipulation competitions is not the direction in which I want to take today’s post.  Maybe tomorrow.  Plus, I haven’t sat through the wretchedness as of yet.  It’s sitting in my DVR, waiting to torture me with its wrongness.

So, instead, I’m going to talk about something AWESOME, also known as today’s wedding. :)  Note my special titling for International Real Weddings.  Yes, there’s a heavy influence coming from HGTV’s House Hunters therein.  No shame in my game.

Now… remember this sneak peek?

Well, it came from today’s Real Wedding.  And believe you me, I’ve got a whooooole lotta love for this wedding – and not only because it’s a golden pastel wonderland of pretty pretty prettiness with jimmies on top.  Even though that would be sufficient qualification, if you know me.  Aaaaand ya do.  But yeah, reason number one why I love this wedding is {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...