“One of the most exciting + frustrating parts of planning was picking a photographer.” | By Jessica, Real Bride Bloggista

Hey you guys, happy Wednesday to your collective faces!  Hope you’re having a nice start to your day.  As you can see, Jessica’s back with us today, and she’s sharing a MAJOR UPDATE OF PROPORTIONS THAT ARE SIGNIFICANT.  That’s right, I already told you in the title so it’s kind of no big deal now but still I’m gonna build it up…… she chose her wedding photographer!  Her latest story is coming shortly, below.  Now, since we’re about to be on the topic, I’ll note here that I’m a big proponent of allowing yourself to blow your budget on your wedding photographer.  It’s just something I believe in; you don’t have to agree with it.  It’s how I’m approaching my own wedding this year, and I’ll probably be telling my grandkids to do it until the day I die.  (… While I force them to scroll through my wedding album and look at how young and supple their grandma used to be… thanks IN LARGE PART to the expert photographer(s) she was so lucky to have snapping her picture.  You pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?  FYI, I have more to say on this at the very bottom of this post.  I hope you’ll read it.)  But aside from the issue of budget busting, Jessica addresses some pretty important factors in making your decision, and she makes some very salient points regarding the search, regardless of who anyone chooses in the end.  So if you’re on the search for your own photographer right now, I really suggest you pay attention. :)

Now, as always, I have something to slip in here before we get to the main course.  Some of you may remember; I used to make it a sort of habit here on the blog to share snippets from my in-real-life conversations with Honey, because their typical oddness is outdone only by their inherent typicalness.  If that makes sense.  So {Continue reading…}

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SAVE-THE-DATES + WEDDING PLANNING SNAFUS… | By Jessica, Real Bride Bloggista

Happy Thursday, amazefaces!  Jessica our Real Bride Bloggista is bizzack, and with some pretty insane wedding drama going on.  In fact – Jess I’ve gotta tell them – her original title for this piece, was “Jessica’s wedding eats doo doo,” SOOOOOO you get the drift.  But her good news is, she’s sharing her totally killer save-the-dates with us today!   I’m excited for you to see them.  SO. UNIQUE.  Ok, take it away, Jess…    {Continue reading…}

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FINDING THE DRESS | “Engaged in December, planning a September wedding… I thought this was completely reasonable.” | By Jessica, Real Bride Bloggista

Happy Monday afternoon, my dears!  It’s good to have you back, tucked safely within my loving embrace.  …. only to be dropkicked without warning into Bloggista Jessica’s loving embrace, for today at least.  But don’t worry; she’s very loving, and being a mother already, she has actual real world experience with loving embraces.  High kick, woot!  You’re in good hands. ;)

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