Today, I love…

Cutely packaged cupcakes +

Lemon frozen yogurt and raspberry pops (reminds me of how I sometimes call my dad “Popsicle”) +

Design exercise for your brain (brings me back to my earliest drawings, which always started w/ some random squiggle on a blank page… inside of my history notebook… while spacing out in class) +


Check in first thing tomorrow for some seriously stellar bridal shower inspiration.  (This one had me at pink peonies… and closed the deal with chocolate ganache centered espresso macarons.  So, you know, check it out, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Love all of this...

Inspiration Board: Yellow and Brown Turn That Frown Upside Down!

Really loving on yellow, today.  Can you tell?  :)

Below, I brought together a few different shades of yellow; sorbet, gold and buttercream (mmm… it just melts off the tongue when you say that out loud).  Against the browns of a paper lunch bag, serving tray or card stock, any of these yellow shades will glow with shimmering beauty; coupled with the ivory white of your wedding dress and veil… it’s a vision to behold.

Yellow and brown turn that frown upside down!

Credits: Jessamyn Harris, Carla Ten Eyck, Dia Rao, Erin Hearts Court, La Partie Events, On Paper , ON PAPER (2), Cunningham Photography, Meagan

(Are you loving the pinks in those two center images as much as I am?  LOVE how they accent this color palette.)

Love all of this...