PINTEREST, BEST CAKE EVER & PHOTO CREDITING | Editor’s Notes + Bambino, The Credit Mascot | Also, I can no longer say, “I’ve never seen a porn star in Vera Wang.”

FYI, ↑ these cakes ↑ have got me by the balls.

First things first – happy weekend, folks!  An early Saturday morning post is happening right now.  Yes, literally.  It’s like midnight.  This is happening, in part, because I feel like communicating with you all before we inevitably lose power this weekend, but mostly because something happened yesterday that blew my Friday RIGHT UP.  So, among other things, here’s that story.

All I’ve been able to do is think about two major situations that are impacting the virtual world, and the physical world, respectively: One has to do with Pinterest, and the other is this goshforsaken Hurricane Irene that’s about to slam into my face.  And that’s when I realized something.   {Continue reading…}

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THEMED BRIDAL SHOWER WIN ~ What I’d want my shower to look like. … and you know I rarely if ever feature bridal showers, so… | Also, Who Doesn’t Wanna Boink Ryan Gosling?

I’m sure you’ve seen me express my love and affection for Ryan Gosling over the time you and I have known one another.  Especially if you use Twitter, because on Twitter you know I do it on a regular basis.  Because I love Gosling like McAdams loves Gosling. That’s right I’m Alison, that girl who tweets about Ryan Gosling and also weddings.  In fact my Gosling tweets are like in my top five most retweeted, so you’ve given me no reason to put a stop to this.  Fun fact: coitus- and kindess-related tweets are in the top five, too.  Coitus and kindness, they go hand in hand!  Or minimally so.  And kindness has no place at all if you’re kinky.  I’m moving on.  {Continue reading…}

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DIY BEACHY WEDDING | Part II | Exactly how much fun I’d want my wedding to be. No more, no less. Also, an ice cream tricycle. Plus, the Shark Week/Woman Connection.

Happy Tuesday afternoon, friends! All I have is this wedding’s cake display on my mind right now, but I’m trying to compose myself so wish me luck. So… hard… to… simma… down… nah…

Ok so AS PER USUAL I have a little aside before we get into it.  It’s, umm, kinda unintentionally on a hella serious note, but since I just saw a “teaser” that reminded me of it all, I felt compelled to mention it here real quick-like, surprisingly at the outset of a beautiful wedding part two.  Weird placement?  Perhaps.  But I just kinda feel like I need to say it, and then we’ll move right along.  {Continue reading…}

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WEDDING INSPIRATION LOVE | My Number 2 All Time Favorite Flower In the World for Wedding Bouquets, love bird love, lace wedding cake love… and your Friday Puppy.

SHARK WEEK!  WOOOooooOOOOOoooOOOO!  Nah, just kidding I couldn’t care less.  Hahaahaah.  Yeah.

Ok so here we go… happy Friday afternoon, friendlies!  How goes it?  Is it feelin’ hot hot hot where you are?  Because it’s 101 degrees of caliente here and so IT’S KIND OF A LITTLE INTENSE.  If I had alls-bay, they would probably be completely en fuego.  (Haha, I pig Latin’d balls, even though I unabashedly started out yesterday’s post with the very word in all its glory.  Hmph.  Odd.)  Anyway my focus is elsewhere, because our building sometimes *vibrates* for some unapparent and most likely harmful reason, however I’m sitting here in my vibrating chair and… not minding it so much?  In fact, I’m kind of enjoying it ifyaknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo.  Sing it with me… I’m pickin’ up goooood viiiiiibraaaaations.  Yeah ok I need some water; maybe that’ll get the crazy out.  I beg you to blame the heat for any further instances of crazy.  Ok?  Please?  I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you’re on board.  Great. {Continue reading…}

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CHIC DIY WEDDING IDEAS ON A BUDGET | XOXO & Flag Cake Topper Set! | by The Inspired Bride

Hello everyone!  My name is Maddy, and I write the wedding design blog the Inspired Bride.  I’m really happy to help out Alison while she’s out of town.

There’s been a lot of conversations lately about styled shoots, and what’s really feasible for brides.  I think as bloggers, it’s really easy for us to get caught up in “The Pretty”.  I don’t exclude myself from this.  As much as I love them and think they’re still completely relevant, styled shoots don’t have real world budgets and are often pretty tough to replicate {Continue reading…}

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WEDDING + HOLIDAY CONFECTION SUGGESTIONS | edible art edition | You want pretty? You got pretty.

I have a new obsession. The only problem is that, for it, I have very few words.  (“I have no words” isn’t in my vocabulary.)  {Continue reading…}

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HOLIDAY DECOR SPARKLINESS | Ribbons, garland, cake, and a feathered tree all add up to one seriously dreamy holiday shoot!

You.  Guys.  Even though we have massive photography giveaways, an incredible letterpress giveaway, and accessories to give away, I can’t get my mind off of this… so it comes first ’cause that’s how my brain works:

How phenomenal is all of this?  It was shot by the ridiculously talented {Continue reading…}

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FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS™ | Love for: Bridal Market, Dresses, Shoes, Cake, Decor, Glee, Succulents… and a wee bit on the new site!

It’s Friday, and I’m in love… with everything.

Le sigh.  We’ll get to those in a bit… {Continue reading…}

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RUSTIC WEDDING IDEAS | Anthropologie centerpiece mugs | Those details you wanted from my Style Me Pretty guest post! (+ my MacBook Pro review)

Hmm.  My titles are getting too long.

Ok, so, as many of you know, I recently purchased a hella expensive, hella worth it MacBook Pro.  Yup, all 17″ of it – worth it.  Except for one thing.  {Continue reading…}

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FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS™ | August 13 | DIY succulent place cards, ruffled bridesmaid dresses, a ruffled love bird cake, simple decor, a new guestbook idea, a stained glass cake, cookies, cool wedding invites…

Happy Friday, my little buttermilk pancakes!  I’m gonna jump right into it if you don’t mind, ’cause I’ve got a lot of ‘em today… for example:

I’m lovin’ on those bridesmaid dresses, aren’t you?  They’re by {Continue reading…}

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FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS™ | August 6 | OMG I LOVE THESE DRESSES, these ruffled heels are rad, here’s a free monogram crest, succulents, mason jars and my brother is going to be a gorilla for the rest of his life.

Ok, so my sweetheart and I have another salsa lesson tonight and I think it’s safe to say that we’re overconfident.  Let me explain: I don’t know who caught the finale of Bethenny Getting Married last night, but you know how {Continue reading…}

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“THE NEW MONOGAMY” | Wonder What Your Partner Is Thinking? | Also, “The New Wedding Cake!”

Update from the Editor (that’s me!)…

This post has garnered a lot of attention, as one might expect.  It’s quite a digression from what I typically post (well, save for the cuppie-cake aspect).  However, as we plan one of the most exciting and personal days of our lives, we can’t allow ourselves to ignore one very important thing.  How do we – as a couple – define our relationship?  It’s likely the most critical conversation to have with your significant other… whether or not you think you know how s/he feels.

The concept of monogamy is one that affects each and every one of us on a highly personal level, and the very thought that its traditional definition is being threatened can shake us to our cores.  Your comments on the topic have been so deeply thought out and so incredibly serious that I decided to give this post another day of life above the fold.  Let’s keep the conversation going…

* * *

Ok, so yesterday I randomly came upon quite the blog-worthy item.  It has little to do with wedding planning, but it has everything to do with love and relationships, which is of equal importance… some might even say greater importance.  Let’s begin.

{Continue reading…}

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I LOVE BEAUTIFUL THINGS … {especially after the morning I’ve had} … Which is Why I {Heart} Elizabeth Messina

Happy Thursday, my friends.  I just escorted a HUGE bug to the other side of the street, and it was disgusting.  Though my 6-year-old niece and 3-year old nephew seem to think it’s “cooooooool” which I get, but my niece in particular kept calling it “pretty.”  Pretty?  It was an inch and a half (for serious) and it had two sets of mouth talons, because I guess it needs a backup set of mouth talons if the first set of mouth talons somehow fail him in his taloning pursuits.  (Makes me seriously wonder what I must look like to her, since she likes to call me pretty, too.)  Anyway, I needed some color lovin’ to try and forget about this morning’s experience.  This did the trick:

{Photo Board: Elizabeth Messina}

{Chewing the Cud / Xandra Zamora / Monkeys Always Look / Twigs & Honey / Icing Designs / Modern Press}

Thoughts?  Is this inspiring or is this inspiring?  Elizabeth Messina makes my heart pump more blood throughout my body, and at a faster pace, which simulates the feeling of being in love with her.  I’m feeling very confused, but I kinda like it.

xoxo!  - Alison

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RICE KRISPIE TREATS LOVE | wedding cake creativity | I Mean, Why Not?

I went to the grocery store on an empty stomach today, so naturally I left with mini marshmallows so I could make a childhood favorite – sweet, delicious Rice Krispie Treats.

When I got home, I thought, “Rice Krispie Treat wedding cake.  I know somebody has done this.”  And I googled it.  Here’s what I found.


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Today, I love…

Cutely packaged cupcakes +

Lemon frozen yogurt and raspberry pops (reminds me of how I sometimes call my dad “Popsicle”) +

Design exercise for your brain (brings me back to my earliest drawings, which always started w/ some random squiggle on a blank page… inside of my history notebook… while spacing out in class) +


Check in first thing tomorrow for some seriously stellar bridal shower inspiration.  (This one had me at pink peonies… and closed the deal with chocolate ganache centered espresso macarons.  So, you know, check it out, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

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Cake Toppers: Tacky or Tasteful?

There are a lot of opinions out there regarding the issue of to top or not to top, but one thing’s for sure: when we saw this vintage cake topper spread from project wedding, we fell in love all over again with the idea…

Soft and pretty pastels combine with vintage cake toppers

Those pretty pastels, alone, draw me in and don’t let go… maybe that’s what’s got me on the side of toppers, today? Hmm, I think that means the jury’s still out, friends.

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