REAL BOUDOIR + TIPS + M’PUPPY | Would you shoot a boudoir session in the middle of THIS PLACE? | Chelsea Maras Photography

Hey guys!  Happy Thursday afternoon to your entire collective face.  Ok so in this post we’ve got three things:

  • a boudoir shoot
  • tips for rocking it right
  • my puppy, Bambino Wigglestein McPuppypants, III, Esquire

I included my puppy because you guys like me to include pictures of my puppy, but also because: {Continue reading…}

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CHIC CORAL + GREY WEDDING | “Plan for a MARRIAGE not just a WEDDING.” | Antique Maps, Sparkly Brooches, and The Importance of Chemistry in a Relationship…

I am shocked – SHOCKED – that it is already Friday, people.  Oh, sorries, happy afternoon, everyone!  I forgot to say that.  Ok but seriously WHERE DID THIS WEEK GO.  So weird.  Feels like Wednesday to me.  Though that could just be because I’m in the mood to hump.  So…… yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh ok moving on.  I hope you’ve had a good week.  A nice, full week.

Before I get into it, let’s just telekinetically transmit a massive {Continue reading…}

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IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME + BAMBINO, PART DEUX | Also, hiccups will make you feel like you could kill a man.

AAAAHHHH HAPPY FRIDAY AFTERNOON, bubelas!  The weekend is nearly upon us, my darlings.  But I won’t let you go just yet, not without a fight.

I mean giveaway – not without a giveaway, is what I meant.  Hmmph, weird.

Quick side note though first… I just have to tell you that, last night, WAS THE WEIRDEST.  {Continue reading…}

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DIY OUTDOOR CALI WEDDING | This bride included her groom in on one of the biggest decisions of the wedding day. Also, she’s a wedding florist! Plus… Bambino returns :)

Ok, I’m going to put it out there that “a puppy licking the bottom of your foot right where your toes and your rest-of-foot (listen, I’m no podiatrist) meet” is quite possibly the most tickly (listen, I’m no grammatatist) feeling that exists in what I’ve found to be the crazy, limitless world of tickle potential.  Of course, I’m welcoming other proposals for ‘more tickly.’  Go ahead, bring ‘em on.  I do not have high expectations, however.

RIGHT.  Ok, moving swiftly along…

It’s hard for me to explain to you exactly the reasons why I love this wedding.  Maybe it’s the fact that {Continue reading…}

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DIY HOLLYWOOD WEDDING | Kassee + Aaron | The prettiest li’l wedding I ever did see. + Bambino blogs now.


It’s Friday afternoonish (at least in nyc), and the facts are in: Pippa *may not be* a strippa, but she does have a badonkadonk (sp?) envied the world over.  ESPECIALLY in the UK.  Oh, how do I know this?  Plastic surgeons in the UK have reported a 60% upswing in the number of clients requesting Pippa’s tushie.  Actually, let’s call it by its proper name: The Pip Package Perfect Posterior.  Yes, that’s a real thing and this is happening.  And yes, it’s $12,000.  So… go, society!  It’s good to see we’ve got our priorities in order. {Continue reading…}

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JOSE VILLA WORKSHOP | Lavender & Twine brings us stunning wedding inspiration that rivals that of the Royals. OH SNAP.

↑ yawn

Hey lovers!  After yesterday, you may be asking – how does one attempt to top a once-in-a-lifetime letterpress giveaway?  Surely this can’t be done.  And to that I’d say, uhhh, have you seen today’s shoot?  And don’t call me Shirley.  {Continue reading…}

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WEST COAST WEDDING LOVE | Darci + Blake | Ahhh, beach, balloons, sailboats, dusty miller and a dream dress… where am I… I’m not… I’m not in wedding heaven, am I?

So, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there were a couple of pieces of pretty redonkulous news this week… {Continue reading…}

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DIY WEDDING | Martha + Robert at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, CA | A couple tackles one of the toughest wedding color schemes around… in stride. Duh! Winning.

Hey, you guys!  Ok, so even though someone took an ish-nay in our stairwell the other day, I’m in great spirits!  Let’s hear it for that!  Here’s why: one of our wonderful vendors sent me a preview of her newest collection, and I ’bout DIED.  It’s really, really purty.  So, uhh, I’ll be sharing that loveliness with all of you quite soon, OBVS.

Ok, now, in other related news, I have an update on the *situation* going on in our building.  {Continue reading…}

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Wedding AND Photographer Spotlight: Jose Villa Captures a Lavender Field of Dreams in Montecito + Other Lavish Lavender Wedding Ideas

Recently, I came across a breathtaking wedding out of Montecito, California, while searching out inspiration for my own.  A common scenario, yes.  But this wedding, it’s far from common.  I’d say it’s among the most dreamy, ethereal wedding events I’ve EVER had the pleasure of viewing.  But it’s no wonder, since the couple chose none other than the brilliant, and highly sought after, Jose Villa, of Jose Villa Photography.

playing in a field of lavender

The wedding of Alissa and Ryan achieved perfection in what seems to be every single way possible.  All of the photographs – which are available for viewing on Jose Villa’s site – reveal a setting that whispers of a simplicity, elegance and comfortable beauty throughout.  Below is a sampling of his work; I’ve included the images I found to be most inspiring with regard to their powerful color and fine composition.  But each and every shot taken on that day is magic, if you ask me.  Villa easily sets the standard for modern day wedding photography.

If I had to single out one setting out of the entire shoot, it would have to be the field of lavender.  It’s as though Alissa and Ryan are blissfully floating together amid soft purple waves.  These images are unbelievable, and make me want to be there with them.  I recommend seeking out a location similar to this one if you can; the shots Villa captured are priceless, complementing the rest of the suite in a divine way.

field of lavender

field of lavender

paper and centerpiece

floral | seating

field of lavender

program | setting

parisols | favors


cake |seating

flower in hand

Aren’t those photos just darling?  So peaceful and sweet.  So intimate.  A truly special moment in time for Alissa and Ryan… one that I suspect will live on in the blogosphere for many years to come.


Loving lavender and want to make it a part of your wedding celebration?  Below are some lovely ways to make it a part of your day…

LOVE sign in lavender field

lavender field

the bride in lavender

guests in lavender

lavender bridesmaid bouquet

lavender WALL! by

lavender details

custom cozies for the bridal party via

lavender wedding

lavender satchet

lavender place setting www.bride.ca_wedding-ideas

lavender and orchids via

{1, 2, 3, 4}

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