CYBER MONDAY DEALS FROM OUR SPONSORS | Hope you’re looking for smart, chic ways to spend your cyber money. Because they’re real, and they’re spectacular.

OMFG DO YOU HAVE ANY MONEY LEFT??!!  Because I’m hearing through the grapevine (read: news) that people are fully occupying Cyber Monday with the entire contents of their wallets.  But the important question is: are you getting a good deal?  I hope you’re not dropping your Benjamins on that lawn mower you started eying on Friday for the first time ever because it was going to be 50% off.  Because you live in the city, Alison.  You don’t NEEEEEED a riding lawn mower.  Especially not if you’re going to have to pay Manhattan Storage a monthly fee to store it until you move to the suburbs.  Which if you have your way, won’t be happening for at least 25 more years.

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ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE + COLOR | Proof you don’t need props to rock a killer shoot. Plus, *One Fedora Per Crew* rule, The Bachelorette, and OUR GIVEAWAY WINNER!

You’re probably expecting me to wax concussed on the topic of last night’s Bachelorette episode.  And believe me, I want nothing more than to flippantly mock the ins and outs of reality television right now, because anything’s better than thinking about the fact that Bambino is getting his balls chopped off tomorrow.  But friends, I hesitate, because my biggest pet peeve, ahead of women humiliating men by forcing them to wear pink boxing uniforms, and women forcing men to whom they’re moderately attracted to fight for their honor while they talk to cameramen about how much they miss other men who are not present… even ahead of women who orchestrate televised ultimate fighting matches in a public forum between gentleman callers who are made up entirely of equal parts testosterone and competitiveness and say “I hope they don’t take it too seriously“…. yes, even ahead of that… my biggest pet peeve is when a tv network teases the teaser.  And ABC teased it like a college girl at a frat party in a wet t-shirt contest with an iron-on across the back of her bikini bottom that reads “I go both ways.” {Continue reading…}

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GIVEAWAY | Tessa Kim Bridal Accessory Giveaway + Discount for All Knotty Readers!

Like WHOA.  A lot of giveaways up in the hizzy these days, eh?  Our Sarah Seven giveaway JUST WRAPPED UP a couple seconds ago at 12pm EST (winner will be announced next week!), and BAM, in your face with another fashion-focused giveaway, without even so much as a moment to catch your breath.  Sorry?  Y’know, I think it’s the changing of the seasons; sunny weather makes me want to shower you with freeness.

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VINTAGE WEDDING INSPIRATION ON A BUDGET | Once Upon a Wedding Shoot + Tips by Candice Benjamin

I’ve been so excited to share this shoot with you guys.  You don’t even know.  When Candice submitted it, I sort of leapt (a word?) out of my chair and spasmed a bit in a fit of glee (contrary to what you may be thinking, it wasn’t pretty). {Continue reading…}

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