Wedding Cake Fabulosity, Just Across the Pond

We came across these wedding cake wonders and immediately had to bring the visual ecstasy back here to you.


We’re going to take liberties here and assume you are a fan of a good cake.  That said, how much do you love these?!?  We think they are top-notch prize winners.  If there was a Nobel Cake Prize, and Maisie Fantaisie had opened its doors a week and a half prior to the nominee decision deadline, we would expect the award to go to Maisie.

May Clee-Cadman

Located in London, Maisie Fantaisie is a cake company started in 2003 by May Clee-Cadman, a young woman with a passion for baking that is exceeded only by her talent for creating drool-inducing wedding cakes like that one, pictured above… and we haven’t even TASTED IT YET!

Love all of this...