WHEN A WEDDING IS CALLED OFF | Editor’s Notes on Love & Relationships | Planning Your Wedding Is Not >= Cultivating Your Love.

Well well well… would ya take a look at that.  It’s Wednesday evening already.  8PM EST, to be exact.  Yep, that’s what happens when… well, you’ll see in a second.  So yeah, other than teaching our inbox a hell of a lesson today, guess what we’ve been occupied with for MOST OF THIS MORNING AND AFTERNOON?  {Continue reading…}

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E-SESSION FASHION + CREATIVITY | Ingredients: your proposal story + Izze drinks + super cute, super *affordable* dresses. Also, I was right; Hayden P. has a tiny vahiny.

Because sex with a human chipmunk seems hot on paper but in reality it’s an unforgiving game of just-the-tip for the rest of your life, diminutive actress Hayden Paahhneehtiehrrhe and professional huge person/boxer Wladimir Klitschko have called it splitsville today. {Continue reading…}

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WILL YOU MARRY ME? | the great cake lollie proposal…

Bakerella does some amazing things with a little bit of flour, sugar and some lollie sticks.  But this project takes the cake.

It goes on, as you can imagine…

But, here’s the beauty part:

And, stop right there. That’s it – that’s where I start to tear up.


Find out what prompted all of this and more, over at Bakerella.  If you have feelings, the story will touch your heart like crazy.  I tear up a bit every time I read it.  I have never met these people, and I tear up a bit.  You want to make fun of me?  Go ahead.  I may be ridiculous, but at least I have copious amounts of feelings that cannot be contained.

Happy Thursday, to all.


P.S. – Want more stuff related to engagements/proposals?  Here’s a whole category for you.  Enjoy!

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CELEBRITY ENGAGEMENTS | Carrie Underwood + Mike Fisher… Sooo… That Would Make Her Name Carrie Fisher, Right?

All signs point to yes on this one, ladies and gents…

~ PLUS ~


It has been confirmed that Ottawa Senators center Mike Fisher, 29, proposed to country music superstar Carrie Underwood, 26, this past Sunday, December 20th.  She said yes!  Love it.  My fiancé and I have serious love for Carrie Underwood… different kinds of love, but love for her, all the same.  She’s got quite a voice, and the face to go with it.  I can’t blame him.  ;)

Look at them.  They’re kind of GORGEOUS together, no?

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