Vendor Love News | Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography | Grand Opening of 2nd Boudoir Exclusive Studio!

One of our newest members of Vendor Love, Jenny of Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography, has shared with us some pretty exciting news, and I thought I’d share it with you lovely ladies today, you know, in case any of you are looking to have an incredible 2013 via an exhilarating personal shoot that accentuates your best features (and hides your worst, DUH).

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Love all of this...

REAL WEDDING | Allison + John | Stunningly Chic Hotel Wedding in the Windy City by Amanda Wilcher

I am so excited to bring you this wedding.  There are just so many things I love about it, I hardly know where to start.  First off, the bride’s name is Allison.  So I love her already, obvs{Continue reading…}

Love all of this...